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Rеgulаr rеviеws of the mоst prоmising аnd interesting IСО projects.
Oбзоры и aналитика по актуальным и перспективным IСО.
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ICO Calendar for the week 17 December – 23 December by @IcoReview

17 December
Social Good Project - Cryptocurrency for a better society

18 December
RigoBlock - Blockchain protocol powering the future of decentralized asset management

19 December
EcoStart - Platform for creating applications and software solutions on an open blockchain for supporting ecological projects

21 December
idap.io - Complete crypto derivatives exchange

23 December
433Token - Shattering the barrier between football superstars, young talents and their fans

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ICO Calendar for the week 10 December – 16 December by @IcoReview

10 December
iCumulate - Social trading platform enabling multi asset execution, investment portfolio creation, education and talent discovery
Minion Coin - Builds mini-games to extract behavioral pattern data from economics and market research
GOTPAY - Decentralized international market ecosystem
BOTXCOIN - Future Token for financial freedom

12 December
Selfie GO - Augmented reality social network with cryptocurrency environment
Clash & GO - Augmented reality strategy game with blockchain integrated

14 December
FidelityHouse - High quality User Generated contents and blockchain technology

15 December
Orbis - New way to perform crypto transactions at home or in your local Orbis branches, STO
VION - Electric charging stations network development
GreatBritishPoundToken - Accessible to global markets
Smart Trade Coin - Works with four official bank connections to make sure that you have your crypto in less than 3 working days
Citowise - Developing cryptopayments infrastructure and business globalization platform

16 December
iTrue - BaaS platform that provides unprecedented security, privacy and controlled gains through biometric authentication and data exchange
Alpha-X - Marketplace Ecosystem
STIPS - Decentralized crypto-finance ecosystem for smart investing and asset management based on EOS, powered by IBM
GastroAdvisor - First gblobal recommendation platform for restaurants and dining venues based on blockchain

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ICO Calendar for the week 3 December – 9 December by @IcoReview

3 December
Ydentity - Token of neuroscience project that captures cognitive and emotional response through a series of quiestions
NAMEK - Airdrop and bounties platform
Intrachain - Process mining software with integrated blockchain

5 December
shamrock - Blockchain based lottery

8 December
One Solution - Decentralized fund for ICO investments which is administrated by the community participants

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ICO Calendar for the week 26 November – 2 December by @IcoReview

26 November
Coinchase - Blockchain crowdfunding platform with no-fee c2c trading
WHIRL - Socially driven "pay it forward" crowdfunding built on the blockchain
Wide Energy - A blockchain based platform to grow and develop green energy in the world

28 November
newera - Cryptocurrency exchange market and online stores in future

29 November
BrikBit - Blockchain Lisk-based ecosystem for real estate trading

30 November
GG World Lottery - Government-regulated national and global online lotteries with TRNG technology on blockchain with quarterly-paid dividends
Venus - New currency of Broomstickk

1 December
Veridium - Automating the world's carbon markets
ZenSports - Decentralized P2P sports betting marketplace where anyone can create and accept sports bets
Dench Music - Merges the music industry and blockchain together
EndChain - Patent-pending blockchain utility company that is focused on bringing mass adoption of blockchain tracking to all markets
Kikicoin - Business directory platform on the blockchain
MinedBlock - Hosted crypto mining service which allows token holders to earn crypto each month
Support Chain - Decentralized service delivery platform
Masternode Invest - Allowing people to invest on cryptocurrency masternode
Remittance Token - Tokenized money transfer platform with unparalleled speed
Buying - E-commerce platform that allows online stores and consumers to buy directly from manufacturers
Pantercon - Next generation start-up and business network
MOBU - The future of security tokens

2 December
Tenzorum - Full benefits of decentralization without compromising on user-experience or security
Blockhipo - Decentralized marketplace based Ethereum Blockchain

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COTI (#coti)

Web: https://coti.io/
Telegram: @COTInetwork
Whitepaper: Read
Token: COTI (0.1 USD = 1.0 COTI)
Hard Cap: 30 Million USD
ICO Date: 1 February - 15 February 2019

🇺🇸Quick overview:
COTI is a payments transaction network supported by a native digital currency. By combining the best of traditional payments with the best of distributed ledger technology, COTI aims to set the standard for how payments should work in the digital currency era. At COTI they're not only built a digital currency, but an entire digital payment ecosystem. COTI’s DAG-based consensus model, Trust Scoring Engine, Mediation System, currency exchange and decentralised governance are all hallmarks to the functioning of the COTI network. COTI payments network was designed to take over where traditional payment systems left off, namely with instantaneous transfers, low-to-zero fees and cost effective buyer-seller protections. This is a major advantage for consumers and merchants alike as compared to traditional banking, credit cards and P2P platforms.

🇷🇺Краткий обзор:
COTI - это сеть транзакций платежей, поддерживаемая собственной цифровой валютой. Комбинируя лучшее из традиционных платежей с лучшими из распространенных книг, COTI стремится установить стандарт того, как платежи должны работать в эпоху цифровых валют. В COTI не только создали цифровую валюту, но и всю экосистему цифровых платежей. Консенсусная модель COTI, основанная на DAG, Trust Scoring Engine, система посредничества, обмен валюты и децентрализованное управление - все это является признаком функционирования сети COTI. Сеть платежей COTI была спроектирована таким образом, чтобы прекратить использование традиционных платежных систем такими преимуществами как мгновенными переводами, с низкими тарифами и экономичной защитой покупателя-продавца. Это важное преимущество для потребителей и торговцев по сравнению с традиционными банковскими, кредитными картами и платформами P2P.

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Сложно посчитать профит, если торгуешь на многих биржах. Торгуй и настраивай торговую стратегию на шести топовых биржах (Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, KuCoin и HitBTC) в два клика. В Trade Santa это можно сделать быстро, удобно и безопасно.
Присоединяйся http://bit.ly/2KoVFDp
ICO Calendar for the week 19 November – 25 November by @IcoReview

19 November
Soar - Decentralised platform for high-quality drone content that connects customers with content creators in a secure, trustless and distributed blockchain community
VLUX - P2P Energy and Data trading protocol
Digipay Network - Online payments

20 November
Fusea Network - Real world rewards for virtual currencies
SISHUB - Developing anonymous messenger SIM
Paytomat - Decentralized Franchise, Loyalty Program and DAO for crypto payments
Terra Virtua - Blockchain driven virtual reality entertainment platform
EzCash - C2C Blockchain marketplace that connects individuals to do business with each other on a secure and P2P blockchain network

21 November
Stem Cell - Changing the face of health care by expanding access to stem cell research, development and treatments around the world using blockchain technology
PlayChip - The universal gaming token

22 November
Nodvix - 24-hour video broadcasting platform built on the Ethereum blockchain

23 November
B21 - Personal wealth manager for cryptoassets

24 November
Core Token - The merger of cryptocurrency and the world today

25 November
Aqua Intelligence - Empowering the Trust Economy

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ICO Calendar for the week 12 November – 18 November by @IcoReview

12 November
Lyfe - Rewards and gamification platform for health and wellness
Inmusik - Platform for music streaming industry
ServAdvisor - Decentralized services recommendation platform designed for local service consumers and travelers

13 November
healthbank - Revolutionising how personal health data is exchanged, stored and monetized
Lightyears - Decentralized P2P digital asset
Hara Token - Empowering billions by utilizing a global and transparent data exchange
AMOS - Fitness technology solution, integrating distributed AI computing analysis and blockchain

14 November
Utile Network - Bringing it all together for cryptocurrency asset investment management
Cryptyk - Decentralized cloud storage with blockchain security
LUCRE - Exclusive automated trading system for cryptocurrencies

15 November
Virtual Rehab - Psychological rehabilitation for vulnerable populations
CoVEX Platform - Blockchain-based financial ecosystem of FinTech services
DNATIX - Infrastructure for the genetic ecosystem providing anonymous and secure genetic services
eLocations - Commercial real estate database
BitCanna - Cannabis Blockchain Powered by the industry
Greentoken - Largest mining farm in Central Asia with free electricity
NHCT - Blockchain powered ecosystem of total health
Muzika Network - Transforming the music world through blockchain

16 November
WOM Token -Connects brands with fans and rewards recommendations
TillBilly - Digital payments network and and a hardware terminal designed for mass adoption in retail
IceChain - Transactional system with sharding and double-layer blockchain

17 November
DTRACK - Complementary cryptocurrency that enables anyone to mine cryptocurrency via POE

18 November
Attrace - Open network capable of registering and auditing any advertisement click on chain

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ICO Calendar for the week 5 November – 11 November by @IcoReview

7 November
DESICO - Platform to issue and trade security tokens that is open to retail investors
DenchMusic - Merges the music industry and blockchain together

8 November
COINOLIX EXCHANGE - Cryptocurrency exchange with worldclass tradign facility

9 November
EyeGlob.Net - Blockchain based eye health ecosystem with digital tools customized for different stakeholders

10 November
Smart League - Global decentralized platform that will determine the organization and quality of amateur sport management
BoxOfData - Blockchain Infrastructure for the digital content industry
Gath3r - Provides a web-based cryptocurrency miner that utilizes usr's CPU and GPU power with their explicit consent
Hyperbridge - Empowering creators by allowing them to crowdfund, publish, market and sell their ideas in a gamefied decentralized environment
Phenomenal Network - Blockchain-powered affiliate marketing project

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ICO Calendar for the week 29 October – 4 November by @IcoReview

29 October
Cyber Capital Invest – Cryptocurrency Investment Fund where professional traders guarantee you profit
DataXchain – A blockchain-based decentralised data trade service
Newton Project – Provides blockchain infrastructure for the community economy

30 October
Cryptto – Institutional-grade crypto trading platform with proven signals and trading strategies
CryptoCurve – The Browser to the Blockchain
Volans – Financial services company

31 October
Bidooh – A global digital advertising screen network
Adult X Token
CoTrader – Global funds industry, anyone anywhere can create or join investment fund on the blockchain
WhatsHalal – Business of harmonizing halal standards worldwide
Crypt-ON – Multiservice financial p2p platform for secure transactions based on smart contracts
New York City Real Estate Coin – Portfolio of properties in NYC and paying them in Ethereum airdrops
BrickEx – An open and decentralized real estate marketplace

1 November
XResearch – Decentralized investment research firm and media platform
Rise Token – Software company developing AT technology using AI and ML systems
ONAM Exchange – Globalizing seamless trading under one platform
OmniBazaar – Seamless shopping
Gemstra – Blockchain-integrated ecosystem for the social selling economy
Further Network – Blockchain-based payment and settlement platform for the travel industry
Alive Casino – World’s first decentralized casino to offer a virtual reality gambling experience
imusify – The Smart Music Economy

2 November
CryptoCasher – Safe and anonymous cryptocurrency trading for cash

3 November
Chelle Coin – Maximizes value and earning potential for investors by acquiring premium real estate with devotion to detail, quality, and innovation
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ICO Calendar for the week 22 October – 28 October by @IcoReview

22 October
AirPod – Transforming Travel and Napping Industry
Cloudbric – Decentralized AI Based Web Security Platform
BR11 Token – Security token legally backed by a portfolio of 11 high-growth revenue generating startups

23 October
Coingrid – Simplifying cryptocurrency

24 October
furtcoin – Cryptocurrency for football
webloc – Project to decentralized and tokenize digital marketing ecosystem

25 October
EveryCoin – Decentralized financial platform utilizing multi blockchain
Gemera – Token backed by Colombian emeralds

26 October
Silk Road Mining – The legal silk road of cryptoworld
Hara Token – Utilizing a global and transparent data exchange
Skillchain – Certified skills on blockchain
Crypto Hongbao – Decentralized game currency

27 October
Bountie – Creating ecosystem between gamers, gaming partners and publishers
Tripus – Tourism blockchain

28 October
Platin – Lightweight, secure and verifiable Proof of Location protocol on the blockchain
UHIVE – The new era of social networking

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ICO Calendar for the week 15 October – 21 October by @IcoReview

15 October
The 4th Pillar – Changing the way HR industry works today
BizShake – The P2P Sharing Ecosystem on Neo Blockchain through Tokenization of Real-World assets
FinanceX Exchange – Token of FinanceX Exchange
CredibleToken – Reinventing credit scoring
Agate – CryptoEconomy 2.0
Fair Ninja – Worldwide classifields marketplace for trading goods and services using blockchain technology
MYDFS – Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform
Snapparazzi – From your smartphone to the media, be the world’s eye
CONNECTY – Platform based on a blockchain relating the innovation players with knowledge holders
NeoPlace protocol – Protocol to facilitate and disrupt cross-border e-commerce
iTrue – BaaS platform that provides unprecedented security, privacy and controlled gains
Victorieum – Aims to deploy its own Cryptocurrency Banking System that will provide end-to-end banking services to its users
REOS – Decentralized ecosystem for user-generated content

16 October
Terawatt – Global LED Adoption through Blockchain Technology
GYM Ledger – The World’s 1st heatlh band with integrated hardware wallet
Aworker – Multi-chain verified data protocol for applications creation where people control their information
Coalichain – Decentralized political platform connecting citizens with their governments

17 October
Cryptoindex.io – AI-based cryptocurrency index, that automatically selects top 100 coins
Mix.Rent – International blockchain-based marketplace for renting and sharing vehicles
CoTrader – Hedge funds anyone can create or join

18 October
BEATRIX – Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution
Truwho – Full verification and an information security ecosystem for customers and business specializing in blockchain solutions

19 October
Magnetics – Employment capital score

20 October
Vanywhere – Skill sharing platform
PAPLE – Blockchain platform for Organic Way of Life
Loligo – ICO crowdfunding platform

21 October
Fiii – Making cryptocurrencies available for all
Exosis – Multi utility platform
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​​Биржа KuCoin на днях отпраздновала свой день рождения. KuCoin обладает рядом важнейших преимуществ, таких как не являющаяся обязательной, но при этом одна из самых быстрых на рынке процедура KYC и быстрая обработка ордеров, на терминале обрабатывается до 2 миллионов ордеров в секунду. Что касается внутренних кошельков, компания предлагает многоуровневую систему безопасности, благодаря которой средства пользователей надежно защищены. В качестве одного из методов защиты используется шифрование с переменными ключами. Среди преимуществ площадки KuСoin можно выделить и большое количество торгуемых активов. Руководство биржи изначально пошло по пути предоставления широчайших возможностей по диверсификации портфеля для своих клиентов. При этом, комиссии на площадке достаточно низкие. За сделки на покупку пользователь платит всего 0,1%. Соответственно, для держателей KuCoin Shares (KCS) размер комиссии составляет и вовсе 0,05%. Опираясь на отзывы пользователей, KuCoin делает все возможное, чтобы увеличить ценность KCS и принести выгоду их лояльным держателям. В связи с этим ведется процесс модернизации бонусной программы KuCoin в ходе которой 50% всех торговых комиссий идет на выкуп KCS с рынка с целью дальнейшего перераспределения обратно пользователям.

Официальный сайт: https://www.kucoin.com/

Русскоязычная Telegram группа: https://t.me/KuCoin_Exchange_Russia
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Туземун не за горами, НО сейчас очень важно не набрать шлака в свой портфель! Ребята с этого канала ищут жемчуг среди камней, тщательно анализируют монеты, которые в ближайшем будущем принесут шикарный профит!
Например #HOT сделал х2 через 10 дней после их обзора и рекомендации!

Ознакомьтесь, лишним точно не будет
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Snapparazzi (#Snapparazzi)

Web: http://www.snapparazzi.io/
Telegram: @SnapparazziOfficial
Whitepaper: Read
Token: SNPC (0.18 USD = 1.0 SNPC)
Soft Cap: 10 Million USD
Hard Cap: 59 Million USD

🇺🇸Quick overview:
Instant Content Monetization - Take photos and videos of unique events that you are witnessing during your daily routine. Use the Snapparazzi app to sell them to local and global media outlets, getting paid immediately for your efforts! Reporters, Content Creators, Moderators and Viewers earn SnapCoins.
2 MVP ready : Snapparazzi TV (for content creators): https://www.snapparazzi.tv/ and Auction platform (which allow reporters to sell their video to the media) : https://snapparazzi.tech/

🇷🇺Краткий обзор:
Моментальная монетизация контента – Снимайте фото и видео уникальных событий, которые вы застаёте во время своей повседневной жизни. Используйте приложение Snapparazzi чтобы продать их локальным и глобальным медиа ресурсам и немедленно получить оплату за свои старания! Репортёры, создатели контента, модераторы и вьюверы получают SnapCoins.
2 MVP уже готовы, Snapparazzi TV (для создателей контента): https://www.snapparazzi.tv/ и аукционная платформа (которая позволяет репортёрам продавать своё видео медиа): https://snapparazzi.tech/

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ICO Calendar for the week 8 October – 14 October by @IcoReview

8 October
Airsave Travel – A decentralised social saving DApp to earn vacations and crypto rewards
TOKENEO – World's 1st Community-owned Crypto Exchange
CINDX – Investment platform with blockchain based rating for crypto asset managers
Medipedia – Medipedia is a blockchain medical tourism platform

9 October
ONe Network – Bringing back Privacy, Freedom, and Control to the Individual and their Social Experience
AllSporter – First decentralized peer-to-peer marketplace, where sport enthusiasts can book trainings, rent equipment or monetise personal data
Luxreum – Global hybrid luxury marketplace powered by blockchain technology, facilitating luxury/premium purchases with cryptocurrencies

10 October
SGAT – Decentralized storage, data transfer and certification solutions, as well as for automating interactions between parties, with blockchain and smart-contracts technologies
Bizkey – Next generation crypto payment and loyalty solution for retail merchants harnessing blockchain technology and incentive design

11 October
Luxurium – A harmonious collaboration of cryptocurrency and luxury

12 October
CustomCoin Platform – Crediting of small construction business in Switzerland

14 October
SID Token – Peer-to-multi-peer decentralized internet sharing system that allows sharing internet

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ICO Calendar for the week 20 August – 26 August by @IcoReview

20 August
VTOS - Decentralized CDN and social network
BLOCKKONNECT – Networking platform connecting crypto related people and uniting them
Vernam – The world's first 0% commission insurance on the blockchain
QuickX Protocol – The fastest real-world crypto payment protocol
SprinkleCoin – Unleashing true globalization of banking for everyone

21 August
THE PLUTO – Distributed data exchange blockchain with special purpose
IDGO – Blockchain-based Tourism and Community Economy
RUBIUS – The future of finance
Gaus Trade – Platform for purchasing vehicles with discount without dealer involvement
Betlycoin – Automated sports betting system with odds and bonuses

22 August
Papusha Rocket Technology – Rocket and space technology to produce fuel by using fuel oil residues from refineries
VANIG – First integrated E-Commerce platform and supply chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain

23 August
Cloudbric – Trusted enterprise level security vendor
METOKEN – A New Utility Token for Social Commerce
Xmoneta – Crypto-messenger for social and business communication

24 August
MDL Talent Hub – Global trustchain connecting performers to gigs and brands to audiences
Sudan Gold Coin – Real gold mining business with blockchain technologies

25 August
Kuende – Hybrid online - offline social network focused on real world gamified challenges
Museums Chain – Blockchain-based virtual museum platform for everyone to see museums around the world
C3C.Network – Protocol for replacing the advertising-driven business model of online media
Rateonium – Customer-company review system

26 August
Bitlumens – Building a decentralized energy solution

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ICO Calendar for the week 13 August – 19 August by @IcoReview

13 August
CrowdPrecision – Crowdsourcing services with a focus on quality assurance
Teambrella – P2P Alternative to insurance
DataVLT – Integrating blockchain with the data analytics process
Minerva – Smart Money on Blockchain

14 August
Miner Edge – Diverse portfolio within mining operation

15 August
SupPorter – Blockchain donation platform and political campaigns
agora – New voting system
DenchMusic – Merges the Music industry and Blockchain together
EVO – Blockchain platform for assessing and developing human skills
Monoreto – A new approach to monetization of likes
MYDFS – Blockchain-powered daily fantasy sports platform
Vanig – The world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain
EON Protocol – From the team who built the CryptoAlpaca game
COTI – Payments network that combines the best of traditional payment methods and digital currencies
Kinetic Revolution – New age platform for reliable digital transactions

16 August
Talenthon – Unique UK recruitment platform that uses blockchain and gamification technology
Contract Vault – Blockchain-powered platform on which anyone can develop, use, resell, customize and repurpose legally sound contracts

18 August
Inmediate – The smart insurance platform
Qravity – Decentralized content production and distribution platform where creators own and profit from their work

19 August
August 927 – Blockchain based venture capitalist with crypto assets portfolio management system
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ICO Calendar for the week 6 August – 12 August by @IcoReview

6 August
ORCA Alliance – Decentralizing financial services

7 August
SilkChain – Revolutionizing international trade
PavoCoin – IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem

8 August
Path Network – Redefining internet visibility through blockchain technology
Usechain – The World's First Mirror Identity Blockchain
LooksCoin – Change the way creative products are made and sold
KryptoPal – Ready-to-use development platform for mass Blockchain adoption.
ETERBASE – Cryptocurrency exchange platform with a focus on multi-asset support and regulatory compliance

9 August
cryptotradeline – Cryptotrading service

10 August
SCANETCHAIN – AR Blockchain Platform
Buglab – Connects companies with a global network of expert cybersecurity researchers
TycoonCoin – Actively engages in the market place to raise its value
BitSong – The first decentralized music streaming platform
ElPlatform – First global platform in the world of Esports, powered by Blockchain
InfraCoins – Real Estate Platform

11 August
Opporty – Three-layered business relationships ecosystem
Atlantico Network – New take on medical service
Masternode Invest – Allowing people to invest on cryptocurrency masternode
Trilliant – Ownership programs for cryptocurrency ATMs
AIRSTAYZ – Evolving travel industry

12 August
Dimensions Network – A hybrid trading platform
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ICO Calendar for the week 30 July – 5 August by @IcoReview

30 July
Kasko2go – Motor insurance with hi-tech core
SelfieYo – Location-based social network on the blockchain
Anything App – Knowledge sharing app
dStadia – Decentralised Autonomous Charitible Community and VR/AR eSports gaming platform
NextPakk – Blockchain for Convenient Delivery
Coins4Favors – Decentralised blockchain powered global P2P marketplace for mini-jobs & favors
Alpha – A Blockchain-based Healthcare Big Data Platform
Darico – Gateway to safer cryptocurrency investment
Playtness – Tokenizing the world of fitness
BitNautic – Decentralized shipping platform
ROOMDAO – Decentralized market place for travelers and service providers
Viola.AI – AI-Driven Marketplace in Dating and Relationship
SilkChain – Blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade

31 July
Coin Market Alert ICO – World’s Leading Crypto Price Alerts Tool
Bithemoth Exchange – Cryptocurrency exchange platform
Gabro – Democratise loyalty rewards using blockchain
Zerobank – Smart Contract Technologies and Sharing Economy

1 August
TravelerToken – Rewarding consumers and driving progress
TraXion – "Bank-In-A-Wallet" solution
CVProof.com – The new job standard
DREAM – Build Winning Teams, AI Powered & Underpinned by Blockchain
VectorZilla – Blockchain based deep-learning (AI) driven royalty-free Stock Graphics Platform & Marketplace
REM Loyalty – Blockchain-based ecosystem for loyalty rewards programs
Paytomat – Decentralized Franchise, Loyalty Program and DAO for Crypto Payments
Araw – Decentralised Payment for Ecommerce Ecosystem
Cryptocean – Ecosystem, Processing, Cryptoexchange
Creatanium – The ICO For ICOs Powered by Blockchain Technology
iRespo – Disrupting polls and surveys on EOS
IceBreakerAR – Augmented Reality Social Platform

2 August
Block66 – Building a new blockchain-enabled marketplace for mortgages
Subaj – Forms a unique global blockchain ecosystem for online/offline payments, promotions and reward sharing programs

3 August
AirP2P – Future Of Computing

4 August
ACA Network – Japan Online Advertising industry
LeadRex – Innovative AI-based decentralized platform for lead generation

5 August
Lunch Money – Serves as a portal between local restaurant owners and customers around them
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