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BTC Russia 18 Jun, 15:57
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 15:57
Репост из: GOLD BTC Russia
#DAN has given 55% profit. 17.06.2018 recommendation
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 15:50
Репост из: GOLD BTC Russia
👉Trading & stop-loss strategy
💠Pay attention to #IOTX ❗️
Buy: 0,00000581
Stop loss: 0,00000563
📶Profit over 5%

👉 Buy & Keep calm strategy
💠Keep an eye on #IOTX ❗️
Buy: 0,00000581
Divide your deposit into 3 parts:
1h. Take Profit 5%: 0,00000610
2h. Take Profit 7%: 0,00000622
3h. Take Profit 9%: 0,00000633
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 15:05
Репост из: GOLD BTC Russia
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 15:05
Репост из: GOLD BTC Russia

TRON is a fundamentally strong coin. Definitely worth keeping it in a portfolio. Technically, the coin is in a growing trend, which is not broken. If there is a trend breakdown, zones for purchases are indicated in the chart.

🏦 Soon one of the largest crypto exchanges in Taiwan MAX Exchange will list Tron. TRX will be traded with the official Taiwan currency (Taiwan dollar).
💰 The exchange also announced TRX Airdrop for a certain number of users. Current and new users registering before June 30 will participate in the 500,000 TRX giveaway.
⚡️ Tron recently launched Mainnet and the project is now in the process of preparing for existence as ERC20. Tokenswap is scheduled for June 21. At the moment 21 exchanges have announced support for mainnet Tron. These are: DragonEx, Liqui,, Right BTC, Upbit, Zebpay, BITKOP, Bitpie, BITFINEX, Huobi, Bit-Z, Bibox, Bittrex, Binance, Bixin, Bitfinex, Bithumb, Coinnest, Coinrail.
🎤 Then there will be voting for 27 super representatives to represent over one million TRON supporters and provide calculation and validation for the network.
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 14:38
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 12:59
📣Hello, my dear subscribers! I'm sending you a link of our website. There you can see the price plans and all the necessary information in detail. If any question regarding this, you can contact me and I will answer
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 12:46
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 09:26
📑 BAT, OMG, MKR, REQ, ZRX and Other Tokens Could Be Listed on Coinbase Through Paradex Acquisition
Coinbase acquired Paradex on May 23, and the DEX ceased operations shortly after. The exchange unexpectedly came back in full for residents outside the US Saturday, offering 8 ERC20 tokens – namely BAT, MKR, NMR, OMG, REP, REQ, SNT, and ZRX – and feeless trading.
Coinbase said that they plan to roll out Paradex to non-US Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX) users within the coming weeks. Based off what the exchange has done previously in listing Bitcoin Cash, it can be expected that any tokens offered through Coinbase Pro would soon be available for purchase Coinbase users as well.
BTC Russia 18 Jun, 07:22
📆#cryptoevents 2018/06/18
🔷SONO (SONO) - Coin Swap;
🔷StarCash Network (STARS) - Major Announcement;
🔷iExec RLC (RLC) - Mainnet Deployment;
🔷NEM (XEM) - Proof-of-Concept Launch;
🔷Bigbom (BBO) - Bancor Listing;
🔷Kcash (KCASH) - Airdrop Ends;
🔷OriginTrail (TRAC) - Lunar Orbiter Release;
🔷Cryptocurrencies (CRYPTO), Pillar (PLR), Ripple (XRP) - BAIConf London;
🔷Aerium (AERM) - Swap Deadline;
🔷Pylon Network (PYLNT) - Updated Roadmap;Transactive Energy & Blockchain;
🔷Sether (SETH) - Sether 2.0;
🔷Aion (AION) - Developer Meetup;
🔷THEKEY (TKY) - Token Release;
🔷IOTA (MIOTA) - First Charging Station in The World.
BTC Russia 17 Jun, 21:38
Репост из: GOLD BTC Russia
⭐️ MEDIUM-TERM: Daneel (DAN)
📤 Purchase: 0.00000600-0.00000620
⚡️Potential profit over 30%.

Daneel is an intelligent personal assistant based on “Watson”, the most powerful Artificial Intelligence in the fields of Natural Language and Data and Emotional Analysis.
With Daneel, we will provide you the most accurate and fastest information on the market. We are the only ones to analyze as much content, newsfeeds, and social networks.

Joseph Bedminister - CEO and founder
Florian Munoz - COO - Digital strategy
Selim Rinaz - Chief Technical Officer

IBM Watson

Roadmap: Q2 2018
Launch of the development of the automated system for collecting and analyzing information

Cindicator CND

ICO Token Price: 1 DAN = 0.29 USD
Collected: 2,600,000 USD
Current price: 0.041399 USD

Twitter: 5k
It is standard subscribers number for a young project.

A good promising project. The team is good. Partnerships are underway. We are waiting for the project release. Rating: 7/10
BTC Russia 16 Jun, 12:23
🔥 What Do We Know About the CFTC Price Manipulation Probe
On June 8, it was reported that the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) demanded extensive trading data from several cryptocurrency exchanges in order to investigate whether there has been price manipulation in the crypto market.
Must read
🔥 Bitcoin Core Version 0.16.1 Officially Released
The new release reportedly includes “new features, various bugfixes and performance improvements, as well as updated translations.” This version removed miner block size recalling the deprecation of the “-blockmaxsize” option for miners to limit their blocks’ sizes in version 0.15.1.
BTC Russia 16 Jun, 08:16
📝 #cryptoevents 2018/06/16
🔷DATx (DATX) - Seoul Meetup;
🔷ReddCoin (RDD) - Documenting & Testing;
🔷CPChain (CPC) - New Website & Logo;
🔷Monero (XMR) - Blockchain Congress;
🔷PopularCoin (POP) - New Website;
🔷Internet of People (IOP) -Berlin Meetup;
🔷Veros (VRS) - UX Wallet Presentation;
🔷NEM (XEM) - Kharkiv, Ukrain Meetup;
🔷HeroNode (HER) - Two New Exchanges;
🔷Emerald Crypto (EMD) - 5Th Birthday, rewards;
🔷NEO (NEO) - London, UK Meetup;
🔷DeepBrain Chain (DBC) - Airdrop;
🔷NKN (NKN) - Testnet Preview;
🔷Viberate (VIB) - Hackathon.
BTC Russia 15 Jun, 15:27
BTC Russia 15 Jun, 15:27
BTC Russia 15 Jun, 15:27
Current Bitcoin analysis shows that if the $ 6000 level is kept, we expect the development of events indicated on the first chart. However, there is a high probability that the situation will develop in a different scenario. The $ 6000 level will be broken down and events will develop as indicated on the second chart. If the total capitalization of the market falls below $ 250 billion, we expect the scenario specified in the second chart. The expected BTC price will be 4100-4500 $.
BTC Russia 15 Jun, 13:53
🇷🇺⚽️ Where to Spend Bitcoins in Russia During the 2018 FIFA World Cup
✈️ Buy Your Flight to Russia
🏨 Book a Hotel Room
💸 Bet on the Outcome of the Games
( Intertops and Bodog, 1xBit Sports Betting Platforms )
🍺 Pay for Drinks And Food at Russian Bars and Restaurants
🏟️ Buy Tickets through Cryptos (Wirex and Epayments)
Besides, there are Bitcoin ATMs, Tattoo salons, strip clubs, massage salons, car washes etc.
Bitcoin can be even used to pay taxi in some cities.

Here is an interactive map, crypto guide, to help you find your way around Moscow and the other host cities.
BTC Russia 15 Jun, 10:22
Репост из: GOLD BTC Russia
👉 Trading & stop-loss
💠Pay attention to #BANCA ❗️
Buy: 0,00000220
Stop loss: 0,00000209
📶Profit over 5%

👉Buy & Keep calm
💠Keep an eye on #BANCA ❗️
Buy: 0,00000220
Divide your deposit into 3 parts:
1h. Take Profit 5%: 0,00000231
2h. Take Profit 7%: 0,00000235
3h. Take Profit 9%: 0,00000240
BTC Russia 15 Jun, 10:06
BTC Russia 15 Jun, 08:25
🔥 Ethereum and Bitcoin Prices Jump After SEC Official Says Ether Is Not a Security
The SEC's point man on cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) says that bitcoin and ether are not securities but that many, but not all, ICOs are securities and will come under the regulatory control of the SEC and relevant securities laws.

🔥 US: Coinbase Index Fund Opens for Investments between $250k and $20 mln
U.S.- based crypto wallet and exchange Coinbase’s Index Fund is available only to U.S. resident accredited investors. The index includes Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as well as Ethereum Classic (ETC).