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Чат свободного общения ведических астрологов.
Если зайдут западные - оставайтесь. Будем сравнивать разные подходы на одинаковые темы.
Разбор карт, обсуждения, консультации, советы.
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Репост из: Идеи для фото
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Why 2nd house is know dhan sthan ?
Because we know that myself is denoted by first house and 4th house is my house that is resident place
So same 11th house denote financial gain so 4th house from 11 house is 2nd house where all gain are kept
So that is why second house is know as dhan sthan
Vedic Astrology 23 Apr, 07:05
Vedic Astrology 22 Apr, 20:41
Astro Tips.
Goddess Saraswati sits on the Tip of Your Tongue for one moment every day. We never know which moment is that. So it is adviceable better Not to Curse at least Your own family members in a fit of rage, because if Your Curse comes out to be true, then you will never be able to forgive Your own self when your anger cools down, and will have to remain with that stigma for the rest of Your Life.
Stay Bless Stay Happy
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Yes, Rickie, I can. Write me in my personal phone.
Vedic Astrology 21 Apr, 15:54
Larisa can u see my chart?
Vedic Astrology 21 Apr, 15:46
Has anyone ever encountered such a situation when Ketu is also in this house during a planetary war? It is a very strange case that in the second half of life, Ketu seemed to turn the situation around and the victorious planet, on the contrary, begins to give up her energy to the loser.
Vedic Astrology 21 Apr, 10:36
Vedic Astrology 21 Apr, 10:34
Ok, thank you. We will test it.
Vedic Astrology 18 Apr, 21:40
Astro Research Study

Magha and Downfall

If Magha jataka or any planet in Magha nakshatra or Lagna in Magha will create a major downfall in life from a position of power or disgrace. This is especially applicable if it’s a malefic planet and jatak is running through bad dasha.
Please Test it
Vedic Astrology 14 Apr, 19:01
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