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21.02.2020 00:31
27 Aug, 02:35 (56 дней назад)
Veteran Anon: #commentary

Biden should have pulled everyone out by July 4th and Bagram Base should have been last. Instead of leaving Rangers at the Kabul airport. Bagram was defensible, reinforced, surrounded by walls to protect and reduce blasts. Bagram was outside of urban areas, had a large runway. Instead, the decision was to use Kabul, a dense urban area where our evac route had no prepared defenses. If anything they should of moved the embassies of multiple countries to Bagram (because it was a NATO base), to the HQ or the myrid of empty buildings. Bagram shouldn't have been abandoned in a country that everyone knew was going to fall. Bagram was the main logistics base, a base designed for logistics and transportation. Should of used said logistics transportation and the housing for 100k people while the base only had 3k on it to vet, process and exfiltrate people starting in april when announced. Not that 100k refugees should have been evacuated, I'm just explaining how it could have been better. They should of had the embassy fall back to the HQ on base and gave everyone 90 days to arrive, military and diplomatic staff should of been last out. We processed out all the fobs before we left, literally could of just had all americans make way to the base. But like everything it was a half measure, they could of yeeted out the embassy when we left. Instead of moving the rangers to defend Kabul. Using Bagram instead of the Kabul airport is sort of like chopping down a bridge in advance of retreating across a river. The Base built to house, supply, maintian and feed tens of thousands with a well defended runway meant for the largest of planes capable of loading and unloaded tens of planes at the same time. Bagram is capable of C5s, a C-5 can carry 350 people plus equipment, six UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters, and six M2 Bradley fighting vehicles. While they were fitting 700? people on c-17's in Kabul, I'm sure the c5 could make that look like rookie numbers. It would of looked bad to abandon kabul I'll admit, but everyone knows it was doomed.