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🚓 Crypto scams: address poisoning

▫️ These scams attempt to deceive you when you're sending money. While they might not be as severe as other scams, they can still lead to financial loss.

⁉️ How scammers trick you:

▫️ Scammers look at who you send money to often. Then, they make an address that looks similar to the real one and send a small amount of money to it. This confuses you and might make you copy the wrong address next time you send money.

🗝 How to protect yourself:

▫️ Check addresses carefully: always look closely at addresses before sending money. Make sure to double-check the whole address to avoid copying the wrong one.

▫️ Use an address book: some wallets have an address book feature. Use it to save addresses you trust. Confirm them before adding to be safe from fake addresses.

👁 Have you ever come across this type of scam?

AI Assistant 🤖 - is a chatbot developed based on OpenAI's GPT technology. It is designed to provide assistance and support to users in various tasks.

The features of AI Assistant 🤖 include:

- Real-time answers to questions
- Working with web links
- Online processing of PDF files
- Handling voice requests
- Text translation to multiple languages
- Task and reminder creation
- Web search capabilities
- Advice and recommendations on various topics
- Text generation based on given parameters or topic
- Multilingual communication and support

AI Assistant 🤖 offers high accuracy and reliability in processing queries and ensures fast and efficient communication with users. It is available on Telegram and can be used as a personal assistant to address various queries and tasks.

Liquidity for stablecoin swaps on the Curve 3pool is now at its lowest level since the Luna collapse in May as traders continue to swap Tether’s USDT for other stablecoins

The number of people who stake SOL is declining

Liquidations of the Solana whale account (3oS…RbE) have been occurring, the whale has 2.5M $SOL ( worth over $51M) in collateral and $44 Million USDC in debt.

Solana Whale is in liquidation and currently has 2,450,418.5 SOL (worth over $51 million) in collateral and 44,871,609.6 USDC in debt. However, Solana is currently facing congestion due to the update of the oracle.

🔔 The ApeCoin DAO is considering whether to push back the launch of NFT and ApeCoin (APE) staking in order to allow for a bug bounty program.

◾️The bounty program would allocate 1 million APE ($4.5 million) to potential bounties.

◾️Holders of Bored Apes and Mutant Apes will be able to stake their NFTs and large amounts of ApeCoin in order to receive staking rewards.

◾️Over the next three years, 175 million ApeCoin ($794.5 million) will be distributed to stakers.

Tether has been ordered by a U.S. Judge in New York to produce financial records relating to the backing of USDT

The order relates to an ongoing lawsuit that alleges that unbacked USDT issuances have caused $1.4 trillion in damage to the market.

3AC withdraws $45 million from Curve and Convex

Troubled crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) has reclaimed $45 million in deposits it had previously staked on two different decentralized exchanges: Curve and Convex Finance.

At 4:34 am ET on Tuesday, the firm withdrew 20,945 staked ether (stETH), worth $33.3 million, from Curve Finance, according to on-chain activity on an Ethereum address that Nansen has marked as belonging to 3AC. Staked ether is token offered by Lido Finance that allows staked ether (ETH) to be used in other trades in a process known as liquid staking.

On-chain data also shows the firm took out funds from Convex Finance, a yield optimizer for Curve. From Convex, it withdrew nearly $12 million worth of crypto, including 2,421 wrapped ether (3.98 million) 202.7 wrapped bitcoin ($4 million) and 4,051,367 USDT stablecoin.

The assets currently sit in the same wallet address used to transact with Curve. This address holds assets worth a total of $57.86 million. Crypto derivatives firm 21 Shares says that 3AC holds $86.8 million in tokens and NFTs holdings on Ethereum across several addresses tied to the firm.

Earlier this summer, the collapse of Three Arrows Capital sent the crypto space into chaos and caused many of its lenders to suffer heavy losses. The Block reported that the firm had owed creditors more than $3.5 billion. The fund filed Chapter 15 bankruptcy in New York on July 1.

While social media commentators have speculated that the firm may be looking to liquidate its holdings to pay off creditors, the purpose of today's withdrawals is unclear.

Celsius Network said a freshly-found $70 million pile of cash would likely help the firm continue operating through the end of 2022.

Crypto lender Celsius Network, which is going through bankruptcy proceedings, said a freshly-found $70 million pile of cash would likely help the firm continue operating through the end of 2022.

According to a document, filed Thursday by the firm’s legal partner Kirkland & Ellis for a lackluster third bankruptcy hearing in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, Celsius expects “approximately $70 million of proceeds from the repayment of USD denominated loans.”
During the hearing, a Kirkland & Ellis lawyer said the loans were mistakenly believed to be in dollar-pegged stablecoins, which the lender would not have been able to use to finance its operations.

The extra money means a much-needed boost to Celsius’ scarce liquidity and will extend its runway to pay its business and restructuring costs as it seeks to find a more durable solution to its cash crunch problem. The firm’s costs far exceed its proceeds from its bitcoin mining operation, which is not yet profitable.
According to the Celsius’ provision, it expects to receive the majority of the repayment by October 7. The forecast shows that its disposable cash balance will stand at $42 million by the end of November. Extrapolating its weekly net cash flows, the cash pile will only barely last through the end of this year.
The company initially forecasted – without accounting for the loan repayments – that it would run out of cash by October. It later revised its forecast to say it would probably survive till the end of the year, citing $61 million in loans maturing. The document that contains the latest cash flow forecast declared a slightly greater figure than that, $70 million.

The troubled lender found itself in the middle of a recent insolvency crisis in the crypto industry. The firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July and later revealed it was $2.8 billion short of crypto holdings that it owed to its customers.

Samsung планирует запустить крипто-биржу в Южной Корее в 2023 году.

Ethereum finally at $2000 + markets are showing bullish trend 😍🚀

Real Madrid and Barcelona have filed for a joint metaverse-related trademark application.

The application covers virtual reality and augmented reality software and games as well as virtual reality clothing, footwear, headgear, sportswear, and more.

BabyDoge announced that the launch of its swap protocol would take place in a week.

The protocol will also include such features as farming and staking.

The team claims that it was the first swap to make it possible to swap tokens with zero fees.

Voyager Digital reportedly had deep ties with SBF-owned Alameda Research.

Financial documents of Voyager revealed that they lent nearly $1.6 billion in crypto loans to an entity registered in the British Virgin Islands, the same place Alameda is registered.

GameStop Wallet version 0.6.9 adds ImmutableX Layer 2 support

This latest update, version 0.6.9, allows users to access their ImmutableX assets, send and receive goods, and connect to immutable-enabled dapps.

🤔 Do Kwon -"Decentralized networks need decentralized money - obvious today more than ever"

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