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Россия, Русский
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​​Hi, guys! 👋😉

Let's go on with our rubrics! 🙂

So, here comes the rubric:

Факт Дня 🤓

Did you know about that?! 👀🙂

Answer in the comments! 👇😁

See you soon! Have a great day! 😊

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Факт_Дня

​​Hi, guys! 👋

Here comes another rubric, which is:

Цитата Дня

Did you get the idea of this quote?

Please, leave your reaction! 😉👍

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Цитата_Дня

​​Hello, guys! 👋😊
How do you survive the heat? 🥵
I believe that you have some air conditioners or at least fans/ventilators to survive. 😬
I wish you to get rid of the big heat in all possible ways to get comfortable.

Anyway, let's go on with our rubrics!
Today we have:

Факт Дня 👌

Did you know anything about this? 👀
Was it captivating for you?

Please, share your reaction in the comments!

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Факт_Дня

​​Hi everyone! 👋

For today I've prepared for you this kind of rubric: 😉

Словесный художник 🙊

Please, look at this picture and try to describe it, using adjectives as much possible as you can.

Let me give you an example:

A sleepy fox is covered with dandelions 🙂
Сонная лиса окутанная одуванчиками 😊

Now it's your turn! 😉
I'm waiting for your examples! Don't be shy! 🙂

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Словесный_художник

​​#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Шутка #Дня

​​Hello, guys!
How are things? 🙂

I believe that good!
Please, meet the rubric:

Учим Новое Слово ☝️

DANGEROUS - Опасный, опасно.

Example: A dangerous hurricane.
Опасный ураган.

Please, make up some more word-combinations down in the comments!

And see you later! All the best! 👋😁

Hello, guys! 👋
How the things are going? 😊
I guess that good!

Here comes to you the rubric,

НесуРазные Вещи 💡🪡🃏🖌️

Here's a video about some word-combinations that we don't translate word-by-word, they're special, so please, listen, take some notes and learn them to improve your English! 😉


Good Luck! See you! 👋😊

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #НесуРазные_Вещи

Hello, guys! 🙂
Happy Friday! How are you today?! 🙂 I believe that good, it's the last working day before the weekend 😁

So here is the rubric, which I've prepared for you!

НесуРазные Вещи 😁


Here is a lovely video about the lifehacks on the way of learning English 😊

I believe you'll find something interesting and useful, each of you. 😃

Have a great weekend! See ya! 👋🙂

Hello, guys! 😉😊

Today is a great day for the rubric... guess which one?! 😉

Yay! 😁 The rubric:
НесуРазные Вещи 😃

And here's the video - English jokes about work 😉😊


Please, watch the video, and remember some of the jokes! 😉 It'll be useful for you 😊

All the best! 👋😊 (All the best - Всего доброго, всего наилучшего)

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #НесуРазные_Вещи

​​Hi, guys! 👋🙂
Today we are going to study the rubric:

Учим Новое Слово 😃

Purebred - Породистый


We have lots of valuable and purebred pets for sale.

У нас есть много ценных и породистых домашних питомцев на продажу.

Now, it's your turn! Please, write some word-combinations with the new word 🙂

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Учим_Новое_Слово

​​Уважаемые подписчики!
Поздравляем вас со Светлой Пасхой! Христос Воскресе! Желаем вам здоровья, счастья, радости, божьих благословений! 🌺🌹🌷🌞🐣🐇

С уважением, администрация канала Учи английский просто и легко.

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #поздравления

​​Hello, guys!

Here is an interesting rubric to your attention 😉

Факт Дня 🤓

Did you know about that?! 😳

By the way, I can do such a thing, can you imagine?! 😊😁

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Факт_Дня

​​Hello, guys! 👋🙂

Hope you're doing well ☺️

Here is a nice rubric for today:

Цитата Дня

Did you get the idea of the quote? 🙂

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Цитата_Дня

Hello, everyone!
Here's a good rubric for you to watch and learn! 🙂

Видели английское видео?! 👀
#Видели_английское_видео ?! 😳


So let's learn the airport vocabulary! Who knows, maybe you're going on the vacation in summer or by any other reason?! 🙂

I think it would be useful for you to learn such important and interesting things. 😃

Please, leave your reactions, and learn the vocabulary! 🙂 See you soon!

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Видели_английское_видео ?!

​​Hello, everyone! 👋😃
How are you today?
I believe that great! 😊

Here is the rubric for today:

Учим Новое Слово ☝️

FOAM - Пена

The breaking waves left the beach covered with foam.
Разбивающиеся волны оставляли пляж покрытым пеной.

Now it's your turn to make up some word-combinations or sentences with this word! 😊

I hope for your activity! 😉

#учи_английский #просто_и_легко #Учим_Новое_Слово

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