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7 Jun 2018, 21:45 (1231 день назад)
David Harbour Was Scared That No One Would Watch 'Stranger Things'

“I love that pilot script." Harbour revealed. "I thought it was amazing, and I actually didn’t think that I would get cast, and then I wound up getting cast. It’s a big Netflix show, you know? I didn’t think they wanted to take a chance on me... I don’t think they knew [that it would be that big], but still. I didn’t know Netflix was doing that many series. Now they’re doing everything, but at the time it felt kinda like a big deal.And before it came out, like three weeks before it came out, there were no ads in New York. No ads on buses, nothing. And then a week before it came out, no ads anywhere. I talked to [the actor] and was like ‘There’s no ads. Is that a bad sign?’ And he was like ‘They’re burying it."