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Guk Su 🍜

I met a bearded man
He told me the story
Of a little lady
Wanting to be found
He gave me prompting
So I hit the trail
Towards this place
To meet a lonely soul

Want you
Tread a path to balance
Which we have lost on this
Journey full of twists

Want you
Sing so loud the walls shake
Nobody will blame you
Nobody! Nobody!

I know we had numbers of cold days and nights
Cold days and nights
Anyway you were my little sad princess that I idolized
Sad princess that I idolized

At-times our space was full with sounds of hammers and strings
At-times our space was full with dispair and tears

Dream of
You under a warm wing of an eagle
When no one disrupts you
When no one can hurt you

Dream of
Wide open spaces
Able to fit into
Your inner energy

Under the light of bipolar star
Oversee calm nights with
No words needed

Lovely voice that I still hear
Inside my head
Don't want to let it out
Don't want to let it out
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remember string phone talks
corrosion spares nothing
the thread is getting thin
we no more stand each other

I've made my worst mistake
Watching from a distance
Rare touch is what we have
Series of dumb events

Dividing glass.
We are close to this.
Sudden look.
And scene starts playng...

We leave our signs
That melting down in tears.
The time will come and seeds will sprout
Spreading love and affection.

But possession does not guarantee reciprocity

True connection is realy hard but what we have to do
The only option is to know that I will always be фwaiting you.
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#thedayofmanasman - квинтиссенция эмо 90-х. Группа записала всего 4 трека. Треки дублируются на первой семерке (под другими названиями) и сплите. Они более слушабельны в плане рипа винила.
#emo #emo90s #starsofthedogon
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#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman
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2003 - The Day Of Man As Man & Stars Of The Dogon - Split EP
#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman #starsofthedogon
#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman
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#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman
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#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman
Attached file
#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman
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1998 - The Day Of Man As Man - Self Titled EP (Rice Control Records)
#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman
#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman
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#emo #emo90s #thedayofmanasman
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