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16.07.2017 14:26
9 Oct, 14:19 (40 дней назад)
ParaSail - Parallel Specification and Implementation Language

Microsoft Research lecture about ParaSail programming language by Tucker Taft, led language designer of Ada 95 standard, one of the GNAT compiler authors, member, language and compilers researcher in the AdaCore.

ParaSail is a parallel programming language (which uses work-stealing tasks to threads scheduler) with region-based memory management (static destructors, based on compile-time inferencing of scopes & lifetimes as region types), with Ada-like syntax (compiler toolchian also includes parsers for Java and Python like syntaxes for ParaSail), and as Ada and SPARK, it's predecessors, targeting on mission-critical systems and applications, for example air traffic control systems, rail-road and metro subway control systems, avionics, automotive systems, space exploration industry, defence systems and so on.