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Enlightened Today 24 May, 08:44
After the tragic incidents in Sri Lanka in April, and based on various inputs, Niantic is postponing the XM Anomaly scheduled in Colombo for July 2019:

This decision was not an easy one and we consulted with Agents, POCs of both Factions, and other organizations within the region before drawing this conclusion. Based on their feedback and current events, we have decided to postpone. We will follow up when we have further information on a new date, and will not have a city replacing Colombo in July.
We thank you in advance for your understanding and wish the country a speedy recovery to stability and prosperity.
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Enlightened Today 24 May, 08:06
Agents, pay attention! Because of the preparation for the Abaddon Prime Anomaly weekend, dropped items will disappear faster than usually.
Enlightened Today 22 May, 14:54
ENL Malaysia needs your help to maintain the winning streak in the country! Help to score a hat trick on October 12 against RES at #Umbra XM Anomaly in Kota Kinabalu.

Visit Malaysia to not only enjoy awesome local food, but also to experience brilliant hospitality.

Register on rocks and join the announcement channel for all the latest updates.
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Enlightened Today 22 May, 09:47
In the evening of May 18, 50 Agents of Sweden and Finland conducted the operation Bothnia Twin. A total of 130 layers totalling around 25M MUs covered parts of Sweden, Finland and the Baltic Sea.
Great job, Agents!
Enlightened Today 22 May, 08:53
Still wondering why you should come to Lyon, France for #Myriad Anomaly ?
Check out this article from Lonely Planet, placing this beautiful city in their 10 best places to go in Europe in 2019!

Lyon is waiting for you to join #Myriad Anomaly on July 27! Register on Rocks and get ready.
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Enlightened Today 21 May, 08:38
Agents, in the coming days, you will receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner.

WHAT'S NEW IN 2.23.1?
Bug: Fixed an issue with Ingress displaying a black screen after logging in on certain iOS devices.
Bug: Fixed a visual issue with the way neutral Portals are displayed
Bug: Fixed an issue related to the way Portal submissions are counting and being deducted
Bug: Additional fixes for issues with the new Agent tutorial
Bug: Fixed an issue where touch feedback was not controllable in the Settings menu
Bug: Fixed an issue where the map would rotate in the Attack menu with dynamic compass off
Bug: Fixed an issue with the missions button animation getting stuck animating on the portal interaction screen
Bug: Fix for Resonator spawning issue
Bug: Fixed an issue where the Mod slot UI may not appear after a Remote View
Bug: Updated the list of Android devices to display higher resolution visuals instead of the low resolution ones for devices with hardware that can’t support them
UX: Set Missions details scrollbar and regional top Agents scrollbar to auto-hide
UX: Improved the speed of opening and closing the Portal details screen
UX: Linking improvements
UX: Updated visuals for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy screens

Compass improvements
Improvements to map readability in sunlight
Overall app stability
Portal Edits & Reporting
Continued bug fixes and parity

To see a list of known issues go here.
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Enlightened Today 18 May, 14:06
Enlightened Agents, Finnish Ingress community invites you to join Myriad XM Anomaly in Helsinki on July 27! You will find unique architecture, Scandinavian cuisine, lively cultural life and beautiful parks - all within walking distance from the city center. The land of 1000 lakes and 3 million saunas awaits for you! Let's Enlighten the Finnish capital like the midnight sun.

Rocks registration
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Enlightened Today 16 May, 14:42
Join the Anomaly in Gothenburg, Sweden and help the ENL faction win the battle of the north!

This beautiful coastal city is the largest Nordic city that is not a capital. Today, it is not only known for the industrial heritage and large commercial port, but also for great fika and fantastic craft beer.

Register on rocks now!
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Enlightened Today 16 May, 05:45
For some Agents from across the USA, Norway, Germany and UK, the extra XM from the Anomaly in Amsterdam appears to have had a strange effect 🤔
Enlightened Today 15 May, 23:06
Agents, please pay attention that the TOS was updated on May 15.
Enlightened Today 14 May, 21:12
Portal nominations are now live in Prime globally.

Why not get outside and discover new portals today!
Enlightened Today 14 May, 18:32
As of June 2019, Agents need to earn at least 5,000 AP between the first and last hack inside the 2 hour measurement window to be eligible for the IngressFS badge and bonus AP.
Enlightened Today 13 May, 21:20
Agents, check your scanners! Badges for on-site participation in the #AbaddonPrime Anomaly in Amsterdam, Netherlands have been pushed.
Enlightened Today 11 May, 21:35
Official results of #AbaddonPrime in Amsterdam, Netherlands:

Artifact Challenge
ENL 51.21 - RES 48.79

Capture Battle Challenge
ENL 35.54 - RES 64.46

Shard Battle Challenge
ENL 8.33 - RES 91.67

Unique Portal Hacks
ENL 65 - RES 0
Enlightened Today 11 May, 20:42
At the official afterparty in Amsterdam, Netherlands Andrew Krug announced, that Agents will be able to submit portals globally in Prime in a week.

It was also announced, that RES won the Anomaly in Amsterdam.
Enlightened Today 11 May, 19:31
After the eighth measurement of the Anomaly #AbaddonPrime in Amsterdam, Netherlands the scores are:

ENL 43.87 - RES 156.13

We are waiting for the final results that will be announced at the official afterparty.
Enlightened Today 11 May, 16:00
Anomaly #AbaddonPrime in Amsterdam, Netherlands has started. Good luck, Agents!
Enlightened Today 11 May, 09:28
Enlightened Today 11 May, 00:12
According to GORUCK news channel, Enlightened have drawn first blood in Stealth Amsterdam and won Strongest Portal.
Great job, Agents!
Enlightened Today 10 May, 23:28