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Enlightened Today 23 May, 19:44
The Garden of England got a lot greener on May 23 thanks to these lovely fields over Kent!

A total of 25 fields were created capturing ~6.2M MU 💚
Congrats to all of the Agents involved!
Enlightened Today 11 Apr, 12:22
Hello Agents,

Bannergress is currently coordinating a relaunch of ingressmosaik.com.

What is known:
- Due to Real Life and shifts in interest, the original creator has decided to discontinue the Website ingressmosaik.com;
- He has not determined (yet) how to proceed with the data he has stored;
- Bannergress are in contact with him to find a way of relaunching the old site.

If you are interested in helping, please fill out the following form.

Spread the word to not overload the owner.

Discussion Chat

Stay nice and on topic!
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Enlightened Today 11 Mar, 12:27
Global competition is coming!

From Friday, March 12 17:00 UTC to Monday, March 15 17:00 UTC, the Faction that deploys the higher number of Resonators during the event will unlock a Kinetic Capsule Program to craft a virus mod from Friday, March 19 17:00 UTC to Tuesday, March 29 17:00 UTC.

- Victory by the Enlightened will unlock the ADA Program, and victory by the Resistance will unlock the Jarvis Program.
- Both Factions will be able to use the unlocked Program.
- Upgrading existing Resonators will not be counted.
- Progress of Resonators deployed by each Faction will be updated once per day on the News Feed.
- This event will not have a Medal nor a new personal Agent Stat added to the Scanner.

The following bonuses will be enabled during the event:
Double deploy of Level 8 Resonators
2x hack rate of Resonators
3x AP for deploying the 8th Resonator on a Portal
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Enlightened Today 5 Mar, 21:52
Niantic just introduced the first batch of XM Ambassadors!

They received over 300 applications and chose the top 50.

Here are the XMAs:
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Enlightened Today 19 Feb, 13:20
And here is a gif from the operation.
Enlightened Today 19 Feb, 10:55
On the night of February 13-14, the beginning of the Lunar Year of the bull was celebrated by the ENL Agents of Gomel, Belarus.
Well done, Agents!
Enlightened Today 19 Feb, 09:05
Niantic announced Flash Event from February 19, 1700 UTC to February 26 1700 UTC:

- 2x AP for 1st and 8th Resonator deploy
- 2x AP for Links created
- Deploy up to 4 Mods per Portal
- Reduced Kinetic Capsule Program distance to 4km for newly run Programs
- Drone cooldown time reduced to 15 minutes

Link Bundle (2,500 CMU):
- 15 Rare Link Amp
- 10 Common Heat Sink

This flash event will not have a unique Medal or Agent Stat added to the Scanner.

More details on the forum.
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Enlightened Today 17 Feb, 10:44
Portal History feature is now available on the latest update (version 2.65)!

Agents will be able to see the Unique Portals Visited, Captured, and Scout Controlled Portals right on the scanner.

More details on the forum.
Enlightened Today 12 Feb, 10:00
Niantic announced a special event this weekend to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

From Friday, February 12, 17:00 UTC to Tuesday, February 16, 17:00 UTC, the following features will be enabled:

- Deploy up to four L5 and L6 Resonators
- L4-6 Burster deals 1.5x damage
- Friendly Portal hacks give you 2X more Resonators, 2X more Power Cubes
- Portal recharge earns 100AP

For more details, check the forum post.
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Enlightened Today 11 Feb, 09:16
XM Ambassadors: Call for Applications

The XM Ambassadors (XMAs) are Ingress Agents who are active participants in the Ingress Forum. They’re passionate about Ingress, excited to engage with other community members in the Ingress Forum, share gameplay tips, and share constructive, actionable feedback with the Ingress team.

Niantic is looking for 30 XMAs (15 per Faction), across all Levels, regions, and languages. If you are interested, read on for the eligibility criteria and send in your application.
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Enlightened Today 9 Feb, 21:19
C.O.R.E. subscription is now available!

C.O.R.E., which stands for Community, Offers, Recognition, and Expansion, is an optional monthly subscription service for Ingress Agents. Available through the in-app Store, the C.O.R.E. subscription is priced at $4.99 USD per month, or your local currency equivalent, inclusive of taxes and fees, determined by your digital distribution service (Google Play or the App Store).

As a C.O.R.E. Subscription member, you will get access to the following benefits:
- 500 capacity expansion to inventory 
- C.O.R.E. Agent Profile Medal
- C.O.R.E. Agent Codename Flair
- Monthly 7,000 CMU introductory bonus grant’
- 1 C.O.R.E. Loadout Kit every month
- View Inventory and Portal Keys owned on Intel Map

‘Agents who subscribe within the first 30 days will receive a one time bonus grant of 7,000 CMU, and resume the monthly 2,500 CMU grant from the second month.

See more details on the forum.
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Enlightened Today 25 Jan, 17:14
On January 16-18, the team ENL Norte Paraná conducted the Operation: Will it be a Million? in commemoration of @gal0daxj birthday with a field totalling over 130M MUs in Paraná, Brazil.

Participating Agents:

Well done, Agents!
Enlightened Today 25 Jan, 15:14
On January 23, Agents from Argentina built a 8-layer field totalling over 71M MUs.

Participating Agents:

Congratulations, Agents!
Enlightened Today 20 Jan, 12:49
Did you know, that 2020 brought the first HCF6 in South America by ENL?
The sitrep shows the real story of dedication and pursuit of a goal as within two months there were 9 unsuccessful attempts to create the field. Supported by the Agent @SrMvo, on November 8, the Agent Mharmeh finished the operation by creating in Brazil the first HCF6 of South America.

Some stats:
15 ADA
150+ Lawson
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Enlightened Today 19 Jan, 14:55
In November 2020, La Gazette Des Grenouilles started a Q&A with the Vanguards based on the questions the Agents sent.

Here it is, the long-awaited interview with the Vanguards, listing all the questions and answers sorted by themes :
- Vanguards Status
- Wintrade
- Wayfarer
- Missions
- Events, medals
- Inside the scanner
- Spoof, multi-account
La Gazette Des Grenouilles
Bonsoir les Grenouilles, 🇫🇷 Non, nous n'avons pas oublié malgré les bulles de fin d'année 🍾! Le 23 novembre 2020, nous vous annoncions l’organisation d’un temps d’échange avec les Vanguards auquel vous avez été nombreux à répondre présent, et nous vous en remercions. Vous nous avez fait parvenir vos questions, que nous avons transmis aux Vanguards. Le voici, le voilà, l'interview tant attendu des #Vanguards, recensant toutes les questions et réponses #LGDCS triées par thèmes : ▫️A propos des vanguards ▫️Le wintrade ▫️Wayfarer ▫️Les missions ▫️Les évènements, médailles ▫️Scanner Ingress Prime ▫️Le spoof, multi-comptes 🇬🇧 Hello frogs, No, we haven't forgotten - despite the end-of-year Champagne bubbles 🥂! On November 23rd 2020, we started a Q&A with the Vanguards, which many of you contributed to, and we thank you very much for that. You sent us your questions, which we forwarded to the Vanguards. So here it is, the long-awaited interview of the #Vanguards, listing all the questions and answers #LGDCS…
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Enlightened Today 18 Jan, 15:08
At the very end of 2020, Agents @gal0daxj and @GiJoeRise conducted the operation Illuminated Christmas Plan totalling over 14M MUs in more than 56 layers over Paraná, Brazil.
Well done, Agents!
Enlightened Today 18 Jan, 13:46
On January 12, 9 Agents from Uruguay built up a 16-layer field totalling almost 21M MUs.
List of participants:
Great job, Agents!
Enlightened Today 18 Jan, 11:44
At the beginning of January, there was the end of the 50th cycle of 2020 for AF14-SIERRA-05 and the Turkish Eagles has broken their record of 49-1 by setting the bar at 50-0 in the most dense cell of Turkey, which also contributed to global score whole year.

Therefore they set Enlightened fireworks and beacons to celebrate the victory at 18.00 UTC on January 3. They will continue to enlighten the world.

Congratulations, Agents!
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Enlightened Today 14 Jan, 21:12
Drone Hack Weekend event

Agents, this weekend Niantic will (virtually) gather through the Dronenet.

From Friday, January 15, 17:00 UTC to Tuesday, January 19, 17:00 UTC, the cooldown time of Drone Mark I will be reduced from 60 minutes to 15 minutes.

A collective goal of achieving a total of 400,000 Drone hacks or Drone Glyph hacks during this event will unlock a 2X drop rate of Power Cubes following the event, from Tuesday, January 19th 17:00 UTC to Tuesday, January 26th 17:00 UTC.

Full details
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Enlightened Today 13 Jan, 15:55
A New Ingress Year is here, Frogs. Let’s play

Due to the ongoing pandemic many of us are experiencing difficult times. Many agents are playing under severely restricted circumstances and official events are currently on hold.

In the spirit of the Enlightened Community 🐸 and the joy of global co-creation and collaboration, we – a group of Swedish frogs - have put together a banner project called The Frog Wall, and are inviting Enlightened Agents from all over the world to join in.

Let’s all make the best of the lock-down by sharing our creativity, and design an endless banner as a team, while we look forward to completing when it’s possible to explore the outside more freely, in our hometowns and beyond.

In a nutshell:
• To be part of the global banner project, every ENL agent that wishes to join will create a local Frog Wall banner, representing their own community/village/city.
• To create the Frog Wall banner image, you will use a seamless green brick wall background image that will be provided, and then add any design of choice that reflects your community or location.
• Since the brick wall image is seamless, Frog Wall images/banners from every location can be stitched together in any order that you find them, resulting in your own, unique banner in your profile.

Come join us! Learn more and get started through our chat Frog the Wall
NB. ENL only & Enlightened Rocks verification required!

Current live Frog Wall missions can be found through searching for “Frog Wall” at Mosaik

Enjoy and please help us with sharing the message! 💚🐸💚
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