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Enlightened Today 12 Sep, 21:05
​Last night French, Italian, Swiss, Spanish and English Agents synchronized in order to carry out Operation Hamal 2.0. The operation captured 66M MUs at the 4 a.m. checkpoint and 765.6M MU at the 9 a.m. checkpoint which covered half of the France!

Congratulations to the Agents involved from France, Italy, England, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium!

Read the sitrep of the earlier operation on reddit.
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Enlightened Today 10 Sep, 17:33
After half a year of preparation and lockdown, on September 7, ENL Agents created a field art Scout call with a wolf from the newest medals in the Moscow region, Russia. Check out the full sitrep (in Russian) and pictures.
Great job, Agents!
Enlightened Today 8 Sep, 12:24
On September 5, the Operation FlevoFields covered almost totally one of the Netherlands' provinces bringing about 1.5M MUs. One part was alive for 10 checkpoints and the second part is still up! The funniest and most difficult part - all the anchors were done by boat!
Great job, Agents!
Enlightened Today 5 Sep, 16:14
Last week, Niantic announced an alliance with mobile carriers to promote high-quality AR entertainment content in 5G environment. We have prepared for you an article analyzing the announced initiative. Hopefully, after the launch of 5G, the links in the scanner will finally not overlap. We hope at least...
Enlightened Today 31 Aug, 14:46
On August 25, Agents @TheHeman007 and @Ahuja011 created the 8-layer field in India resulting in over 216.5M MUs. The anchors were in Bihar and Faridabad, Haryana.
Great job, Agents!
Enlightened Today 26 Aug, 10:48
According to an Ingress community forum update from Brian Rose, Niantic have added Ingress back into the Niantic Social feature.

This feature is only currently available in Pokemon Go but enables your last play time and IGN from other Niantic products to be visible to your Pokemon Go friends.

Options to turn this information sharing off can be found via the Niantic profile menu which is accessed from your Pokemon Go profile by tapping the NianticLabs logo.

There are plans to add the Niantic Social feature to Ingress in the near future so please stay tuning for updates.
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Enlightened Today 21 Aug, 12:54
Enlightened Today 14 Aug, 20:18
Enlightened Today 13 Aug, 16:24
At the end of July ENL Agents conducted an operation covering Montevideo, Uruguay with 9 layers and over 10M MUs. As a result, two Onyx Illuminator badges were gotten.
Congratulations, Agents!
Enlightened Today 8 Aug, 00:30
The first Belgian ENL homogeneous field containing 6 layers was born in Brussels on August 2 by 4 Agents and took them around 4 hours. The Agents decided that Sunday morning would be a perfect time to field. To make this happen, the Brussels ENL Agents weren't allowed to field for 20 days because of slow decay. Read the full sitrep for more details.
Great job, Agents!
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Enlightened Today 7 Aug, 20:09
Do you remember the operation The Doctor taking place in the end of July? Here is a sitrep:

It's been some years that this game has profoundly changed. Increasing activity of spoofer Agents took control of game environment in all countries, generating some kind of fear that nobody could anymore realise a big op with such a high number of spoofers in activity. By working hard for two months, organising travel planning, face-to-face meetings, sharing operational ideas with each player, who were preparing the ground for the great day, 64 players from Italy, Slovenia and Croatia realised a 18-layer field covering most of Italian peninsula, worth about 180M MUs.

It was amazing to remember how wonderful this game used to be and how united Italian ENL Agents still are. The multilayer lasted nearly 24 hours, when a spoofer resistance Agent destroyed it. As many other times it was useless to appeal, but what we did will remain, to demonstrate both factions that spoofers will never destroy our will to have fun and stay united together. GO Enlightened!

Orga board:
Lead intel: @Shinice Lead op: @Porphyriel Draw: @Paspaolo TL Grado: @Maravea, TL Tropea @C_U_X, TL Marche @Tasigur, Northwest link Intel: @Carlobolla @Alastorh @Aoghiri, Southwest link intel: @Marlenegray, East link intel @Monnbasealpha, Support @Lordgreenomonkey

Link from Pianosa: @Porphyriel
Link from Grado: @GiulioPajot, @Flamebug78, @Maravea, @Obiuankemona, @Cattivik84, @Aomame1q84
Link from Tropea: @ArinMirkan, @Cerberus82, @C_U_X @monkeyrock @Zenzyrock

Crosslink removal:
Grado: @AlanShark, @ringoboy, @YominoGo, @Rod555, @swiffeer, @Tangos,
Istria: @AmadeoBordiga. @SisterJude, @alepro95, @Molotowsvd
Conero: @MitusMos, @MothMoon, @fontemaggio, @BadFucio, @SabakuNoMaki, @Capratz @MarcioPG @Tia01001 @zantaf1
Tuscany: @MATRIXIO76, @Gasleo, @Piratecookie, @XcavaliereNeroX, @OverMeHx, @krysma84,
@NexusItalicus, @Lamarunica, @Neleiloko, @CLOCKHEAD00012, @TheRodzell, @Paspaolo, @Zurli84, @Kugo, @Mazzeschenji, @DrFra, @Cineticus, @Itarotelle
Emilia Romagna: @apache995, @Bolina66, @Togn3k, @MDB77, @Rikybalda, @Bijky, @Beamizu
@amastro, @Andreik2900, @DarkCronos87, @Diegoliz
Southern Italy: @supersimonella, @Matteo1611, @Gwbodies, @Ashrun, @DcJest, @Giuku73, @Jerylsector, @costantinfawkes
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Enlightened Today 7 Aug, 16:22
On August 8, Niantic is celebrating Level 8 Day by providing every Agent with a free Loadout Kit that includes: 8 Apex Boosts (4 hours of 2X AP) and 8 Fireworks (4 ENL and 4 RES). Pick yours up in the store this week!
Enlightened Today 29 Jul, 09:12
On July 27, 2/3 of Italy was covered with a 9-layer field totalling over 93M MUs in an operation the Doctor. It was a replay of the operation Copromona taking place in 2018. Now the Agents reached a new record - the field made four check points.
Great job, Agents!
Enlightened Today 28 Jul, 22:36
On July 25, Enlightened in Piedmont, Italy covered their area with a 19-layer field during the Operation PoRCA. The field totalling over 14.5M MUs was thrown three times thanks to 15 Agents. As a result - 3 Onyx Illuminator badges and over two check points counted.
Great job, Agents!
Enlightened Today 25 Jul, 16:06
At night, a great part of Poland was covered with a 22-layer field totalling over 104M MUs.
Congratulations, Agents!
Enlightened Today 22 Jul, 18:48
Enlightened Today 19 Jul, 10:48
On July 18 Many Enlightened agents gathered in Dallas Texas, USA to say farewell to a beloved Agent. Some started the day with a 7 mile Ruck, others lit beacons and submitted missions. Hasteur enjoyed many GoRuck adventures and helped others overcome obstacles they couldn't have done alone. To end the day Agents created a large GoRuck arrowhead field to shine brightly in his honor. Hasteur's humorous and outgoing personality will be certainly be missed.
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Enlightened Today 13 Jul, 18:06
On July 11, ENL Agents of St. Petersburg, Russia created a beautiful fox, that was the first field art within three years.
Congratulations, Agents!

Sitrep in Russian
Enlightened Today 13 Jul, 15:43
The Wayfarer team has come together to create an overview of the behind-the-scenes work to ensure continuing high quality of reviews as well some insight into what goes into your rating:

Niantic has implemented a system involving a constantly updated set of real-world nominations that are silently added to the review flow by Niantic staff working alongside you in Wayfarer. These Niantic-selected nominations are clear examples of qualifying or disqualifying Wayspots to assess whether reviewers are complying with the criteria. Your agreement and disagreement with these nominations also have an impact on your Wayfinder rating.

The Niantic-selected nominations were fully implemented in late April, which in some cases, resulted in reviewers’ ratings changing more quickly than before.

The ratings system in Wayfarer is always being updated depending on your review performance. When you review more nominations, the rating will change based on a few criteria, including your agreement with Niantic-selected nominations used to assess quality, agreement with the community decision, the speed and consistency of your reviews and more.

Exhibiting abusive behavior, including patterns indicating careless or irresponsible review behavior, will lead to harsh punishments including dropped ratings or even banning.

Behavior that’s unlikely to affect your review includes one-off skipping of a review, occasionally timing out on the page, switching to another page or even closing the browser on the review page.
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Enlightened Today 3 Jul, 00:54
As a symbol of solidarity and support, Niantic has released a new Beacon! Each Agent can get up to 15 Black Lives Matters Beacons in total for free in the store.