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💰 Баунти - это возможность получить свою долю монет проекта без инвестирования собственных средств, проделывая различные действия, направленные на его популяризацию
✌️ Аирдроп - значит получить криптовалюту бесплатно просто за регистрацию
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Ludena #airdrop earn 450 LDN tokens in #ERC20 #Ethereum
#airdrop 100 Betnomi Tokens in #Ethereum #ERC20
Global Rental Token (GRT) Airdrop
Global Rental Token(GRT) Reward : 30,000 GRT($13.3) Rate : 4/5 Remarks : Total supply is 9 Billion Focus : Distributed after March 15, 2020 AIRDROP FORM LINK : Join Telegram group ( and Channel ( Follow GRT On Twitter ( Follow GRT on Medium ( Submit Eth address and details. You will receive 30,000 GRT tokens. Note: GRT tokens will be listed on the Mercatox exchange What is Global Rental Token Project? GlobalRentalToken is a Next Generation Vehicle Rental platform that will provide brokerage services for rent vehicle between customers and vehicle (cars, motors, e scooters, bicycles, boats and more) rental companies from all over the world. The car rental companies will add their own vehicles to the Global Rental application and they will get payment with the GRT token. Also customers will be able to rent a car easily by paying with GRT token.
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 23 Sep 2019, 14:05
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 13 Sep 2019, 03:44
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 6 Sep 2019, 01:47
20 ICOIN tokens (~$20) #airdrop #ERC20
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 16 Jul 2019, 14:36
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 7 Jul 2019, 13:04
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 5 Jul 2019, 23:50
GET 400 YAB COIN ( 1 token = 1$ minimum)
2. join discord
and open ( # register-for-airdrop )
in discord channel then submit your twitter username and ETH wallet address
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 28 Jun 2019, 11:50
PDRY Token - AirDrop For Any Member (Get 500 PDRY Token)
We perform air drop to commemorate the listing on the AMCzet Exchange. Please participate. PDRY Token - AirDrop For Any Member (Get 500 PDRY Token) We perform air drop to commemorate the listing on the AMCzet Exchange. Please participate. Pandroyty Token(PDRY) is considered to solve the problem of current customer loyalty program. Currently, as a loyalty program, there are several types of points(loyalty program) issued from stores. For example, there are original points(loyalty program) that can only be used at individual shops and common points where cross industry can use multiple industries, the situation is complicated. The problem at the customer is that customers can only use the points accumulated by each loyalty program at each shop, and the points received at times can miss the opportunity and expire. The problem with the store is that the store can issue points and enclose the customer, but with the loyalty program as it is, it will be difficult to acquire new customers. We will develop solutions…
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 27 Jun 2019, 23:06
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 27 Jun 2019, 20:21
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 17 May 2019, 01:16
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 15 May 2019, 13:27
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 15 May 2019, 00:09
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 12 May 2019, 19:59
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 11 May 2019, 16:19
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Top Referral Winner Will Get 8 ETH Reward 2nd Winner 5 ETH Reward 3rd Winner 2 ETH Reward Other Reward 0.2 ETH Total : 20 ETH Reward All Reward will be Distributed 15 Octber 2018 Instant airdrop Has Been Closed, 1000 (VD) 10 K People Already Received Contract addess: 0x9a9bB9b4b11BF8eccff84B58a6CCCCD4058A7f0D TOKEN INFORMATION Token name: Bitcoin Card, Symbol: VD, Decimal: 8 , Token Type: ERC20, Total Supply: 1000,000,000 Contract address : 0x9a9bB9b4b11BF8eccff84B58a6CCCCD4058A7f0D, Blockchain Trade Now : DeltaRelay Exchange Support JOIN ROUND #2 AIRDROP MANUAL Bitcoin Card Manual airdrops, 5000 Join and get, Every Referral Comision 5000 Bitcoin Card
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 10 May 2019, 19:43
Crypto Bounty & Airdrop 10 May 2019, 19:42
KYC3 Community Ambassador Round2
A single solution powered by AI does the work for you KYC3 gathers all the data risk management, business development and legal professionals need reliably, quickly and cost-effectively so you can focus on your customer's needs. Website: Participants will be rewarded in UKYC tokens. MAX 15,000 UKYC will be allocated to the Campaign - 1 UKCY=1 USD Campaign period: 10/5/2019 - 24/5/2019 Campaign steps: 1. Join KYC3 Telegram group ( ) = 1 stake; 2. (optional) Invite unlimited friends and earn 1 additional stake for each friend (You can invite friends manually to our Telegram group or your friends enter your username in the referrer field); 3. (optional) Share our Press Release articles = 1 stake/share, 5 shares maximum per week; PR1: PR2: PR3: PR4:…