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We have increased the member limit for supergroups to 100,000.

If you're looking to get more users in your community, the best strategy is to open a channel on Telegram. Channels are the perfect tool for broadcasting your messages to the masses because they can have an unlimited number of subscribers.

With channels, you can broadcast important announcements to millions of people or post answers to the most popular questions from members of your supergroups.

See this post for more info on channels:
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Use this token to access the HTTP API:
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You can use this token to access HTTP API:
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Sometimes BotFather sends this message because of the robot build
"Sorry, too many attempts. Please try again in 62 seconds."
So I'll make thousands of robots on this channel and share them for you.
Channel Token Bot 4 Jan, 04:28
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دیدار با Telegram 4.5! در حال حاضر می توانید عکس ها و فیلم ها را در هنگام آلبوم به آلبوم ها ببرید و نظم موجودی که رسانه های خود را ارسال می کنند را کنترل کنید.

هر پیام یا رسانه مهم را با ارسال یا انتقال آنها به چت پیام های ذخیره شده ذخیره کنید. هر پیام ذخیره شده دارای یک دکمه "رفتن به" است که شما را در جای درست در گپ اصلی قرار می دهد.

ما همچنین جستجوی نام کاربری را بهبود بخشیم تا یافتن رباتها و کانال های محبوب، پشتیبانی از پیغام های پین شده در کانال ها را اضافه کرده و صفحه های تنظیمات را در iOS دوباره طراحی کنیم. کاربران iOS نیز پشتیبانی کامل از آیفون X را دریافت می کنند.

در بلاگ ما در مورد نسخه 4.5 بخوانید:
Channel Token Bot 23 Oct, 14:43
ما شاهد برخی از گروه های رویکرد 20K حد و افزایش دوباره آن را. تلگرام گروه می تواند در حال حاضر به000 ، 30 نفر عضو دارد.
Channel Token Bot 17 Oct, 20:52
تبچی میسازم 10 تومن پی وی😐😐
Channel Token Bot 11 Oct, 20:00
Telegram 4.4 اینجا است! با مکان های جدید جدید، راحت تر از همیشه برای دیدار با افرادی که در حال حرکت هستند و یا در جریان رویدادهای شلوغ با یکدیگر همکاری می کنند.

همچنین در این به روز رسانی: یک پخش کننده موسیقی به طور کامل دوباره طراحی شده - آن را در کانال @cctracks که موسیقی موسیقی Creative Commons را پشتیبانی می کند، امتحان کنید.

Telegram در حال حاضر در دسترس 13 زبان از جمله فرانسوی، مالزیایی، اندونزی، روسی و اوکراین است. به زودی به لطف پلتفرم محلی سازی جدید، زبانهای بیشتر به زودی عرضه می شوند.

در وبلاگ ما نسخه 4.4 را بخوانید:
Channel Token Bot 11 Oct, 19:59
Channel Token Bot 10 Oct, 22:09
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Channel Token Bot 10 Oct, 22:09
این کدوم قسمت از بدن این بوده که اینو کرده😀😂
گوش بدین ویسو سالها باهاش میخندین
Channel Token Bot 10 Oct, 01:36
Channel Token Bot 10 Oct, 00:14
سلام شکست خورده هایی من😐😂😑👌
خوش اومدین😐😂😂😂😂😂❤️😑👌

اینم پست اول کانال😐😐😂😂😂😂😂

مسابقه بله - خیر ❓❗️

تا حالا شده کـون بدی پول نگیری؟🤔

اگه میتونی جواب بده😂✌️

👅 @Ati2k1 👅
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Channel Token Bot 9 Oct, 08:35
Telegram 4.3 is out! We've added reply and mention badges so that it's easier to keep up with conversations in busy groups.

Also in this update: A new panel for quick access to your favorite stickers, a new interface to invite your friends to Telegram (get there via Contacts), group stickers, and numerous other design and UI improvements.

Read all about version 4.3 on our blog:
Channel Token Bot 4 Oct, 20:04
Why are no warnings against us in Iran and Russia important?

Paul DrewSpot 28th, 2017

Some users ask me how the charges in Iran and Russia will affect Telegram and I personally. The simple answer is: they do not want to.

It's easy to not travel to Iran - while a rich country has a rich history and it seems to be a fun place, I have nothing to do with it and I can travel with that banned journey. This is very significant for Russia, because I am a Russian country (if with the passport of St. Kitts), and my parents live there. The inability is sometimes diminished, it's not big, but the small price to pay attention to the issues at stake.

Fortunately, we have no legal presence in any of these countries. The last remaining connection between Telegram and Russia declined in July when our deal with Telegraf, a Stuttgart company that was suddenly upset by the spam campaign against Russia and Iran, stopped.

Telegraf, when I was in Russia, had an important role at the beginning of the telegraph, and then lost it in 2014 by dropping my nuclear team in 2014 in 2014.

After the June ceasefire when Russian authorities stopped blocking the threat to the telegram, Telegraf lost its deal from Messenger's telegraph, lost all its employees and changed its owner. By September, when Russian officials began sending alerts to our London office, they did not list any of them, even Russian spammers.

This story tells us that a number of local regulators often ignore: 2017, and the world is open and connected. If you accept the laws at a price that limits freedom, all that you do is kill your own economy. Over the past few years, Google, Oracle and Microsoft (Skype) have stopped their development offices in Russia, and many smaller companies were looking for it.

While the current situation in Iran is not much clearer than Russia, a few years ago, it is in the right direction. I'm not an expert in Iran, but one thing about the country is clear to me: despite the ongoing debate among Iranian politicians about how to set up the Internet, Iran does not block the telegram and for the past few years 40 million Iranians have been able to secure communication. Receive news from independent sources through Telegram channels. Instagram and WhatsApp are also available.

This seems to be normal for every European, but unfortunately it is not always in the world like this. For example, the Chinese and North Korea are so lucky about such freedom, and Saudi Arabia has so far restricted traffic constraints. The situation in Iran was very different: almost all of the important Internet services were blocked several years ago (some of them are still ongoing).

Do not make mistakes: there is likely to be a better Iran (probably the Tehran Prosecutor is more), but apparently the country is apparently moving to the right with the opening and the market.

I hope that one day Iran and Russia will reach the point where we (and other IT companies) can deploy offices. Until then, we continue to provide secure messages for users in these markets from places that respect freedom of conscience.

We do not care that some countries will oppose us to defend our privacy. We are always ready to bring all our personal and commercial links to these places so that they have no effect on us. They can stop their quest on their territory, but, as I have shown in my previous post about China, it does not always help them. Ultimately, freedom and privacy will prevail, and those who want to return to the 1930s put themselves on the wrong side of history.