Kompromat 2.0 in English

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Famous Russian kompromat telegram channel - now in English!
Russian version: @kompr
Contacts (send compromising materials for publication here): @komandaK2bot
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Forwarded from: The New York Times
A Foreign Agent in Trump’s Inner Circle?

Forwarded from: RussiaGate
Kremlin has published Vladimir Putin's article on Russia and Ukraine. It openly promotes Russian nationalism and even chauvinism. We will elaborate on its details later, but there is no doubt that not only Ukranians understand Putin's nationalist aggressive sentiment and its possible consequences.

Belarusians first of all.

The more Putin uses openly nationalist language, the less chances Russia has to maintain friendly relations with its neighbours. Biden should give his junior partner a call and thank him on behalf the US. Good job.
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Raúl Castro huyó ayer a Venezuela, cuando comenzaron las protestas.

Regarding REvil - we do not know anything about REvil that probably isnt already known.

1. "Who they are?" An alleged russian-based Threat Actor. Some rumor it to be a fork of Egregor/Maze?
2. "How many of them are there?", We do not know
3. "How do they work (choose targets for attack)?", We do not know. Some are probably the works of their affiliate program though.
4. "How are they connected to russian government/intelligence officials?", We do not know

Please expand on #3: what kind of affiliate program are they running?

They used to advertise fairly often on various forums, most notably https://t.co/GxRPAxCmYl. However, I believe they were banned from https://t.co/GxRPAxCmYl (or ransomware discussions in general were). They looked for 'pentesters'. The summary is if someone breached a company and successfully executed their ransomware - REvil would negotiate with the company & give the affiliate a percentage of the ransom.
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TRT World’s budget isn’t disclosed, in 2016 the Financial Times said industry analysts estimated its annual running costs at $77 million to $155 million. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2019/11/12/how-us-can-send-message-erdogan-free-press/