Невидимость и труд

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Этот рэпчик давно сгнил. Не слушай его.
>> Бинарный хипхап от роботов Захара, Максима, Татьяны, Левитана и других нормальных ребят
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Спешу порадовать вас слоистой поэзией для любителей даркнета
Канал кажется ожил
Это происходит в нашей стране
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Левитан читает Дугина под Pan Sonic
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Квест-вирус #Стигмергия захватывает каналы. Вирус-вымогатель требует от вас найти все закладки и дойти в борьбе до конца
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Freedom, non-exclusivity, non-attachment:
Spirits and objects intertwine and shift in space and time,
But when i see you
There is nothing else that exists - nothing that matters - the matter itself does not weight
The matter itself does not have
An equivalent in liquid or dust or gas.
The police enters and takes the world away from us.
When I see you
Everything becomes lucid
And fluid as in a mountain river -
Everything runs and sings, water jumps and falls between cracks
In the rocks :
And I try
To decode what you say
To decode what you mean when
You love two three five ten
Thousands of creatures at once.
I try to be like you and also
Love a whole handful of entities
When I see you, i forget all my lovers and
All this crap

I want to cover your front with warm kisses
And your ears with tiny bites
And your eyebrows with tender touches
And your hair
I want to get lost
In your hair
As in colombian
And get outside from your hair
Covered with scars
Bleeding scars
From your dark
Dark matter
Chaos to chaos - what will happen?
If the two of us join in a giant infinite loop
Chaos and chaos and chaos again
Small laughing chaoses running around and
Praising our love.
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Невидимость иуд снова с вами
С новым голосом
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