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Official channel Efir.io
ICO Start apr 2018
Channel: @qaazqaaz
Chat: @efirio
Web: exchange.efir.io
Twitter: twitter.com/Efir_qaazqaaz
FB: fb.com/qaazqaazcom/
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Russian, English

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Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 11 May 2019, 19:51
Next success page of our project. Alibaba use efir.io data. Efir.io provide data through API to Adlab.io. Adlab sell services based on this data to Russian branch of Alibaba. Our CEO with Alibaba team in the photo.
Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 11 Apr 2019, 10:46
We are delighted to inform you that the QZ token is listed on LATOKEN (http://bit.ly/2YZtbqE).

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens:
● $170+ million daily turnover
● 135,000+ registered traders
● 350+ crypto pairs available for trading

If for some reason you did not manage to buy QZ tokens at the ICO stage, feel free to buy them on LATOKEN
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Get Ready! QZ token will soon be listed on LATOKEN!

We are delighted to inform you that the QZ token will soon be listed on LATOKEN (http://bit.ly/2YIHqQt).

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing Top-30 crypto exchange focusing on providing liquidity for new tokens:
● $170+ million daily turnover
● 135,000+ registered traders
● 350+ crypto pairs available for trading

We know that our community is eagerly waiting for QZ Token to be listed on the exchanges and listing on the LATOKEN exchange is another important step in this direction.

If for some reason you did not manage to buy QZ tokens at the ICO stage, you could buy them on LATOKEN soon.
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Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 20 Mar 2019, 07:53
We have finished integration with Instagram on CIS market. Over 400 000 instagram accounts are available via EFir.io API now. Search engine and basic stat data as well as contact details are waiting for business clients. Next step - scaling to the world market. Looking for business partners and clients for efir API
Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 29 Dec 2018, 17:51
We had updated our search spiders, as a result they have already found more than 200 000 youtubers from all over the world available via search engine. Use http://efir.io to search for bloggers.
Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 17 Dec 2018, 16:21
New partner of efir.io ecosystem Adlab.io - former (agencies.efir.io) had finished first advertising company with Alibaba Russia. Adlab helped Alibaba to find about 100 Youtubers for advertising campaign to 11.11. Results was awesome. More than 3,6 mlns views with minimum costs. Adlab.io use efir.io ecosystem via efir.io API
Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 16 Oct 2018, 19:52
Token distribution is over. We have sent QZ tokens to bounty participants (classic and bloggers) according to google.docs spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AR7DBizuCEaM6pBjkKTkgrOHt4rPRuV7NaRO4_OJROQ/edit?usp=sharing with all the calculations. Moreover CEO Denis Shayahmetov have sent additional 100K+ tokens to TOP-10 classic bounty participants. Check your wallets. Token address is 0x955fe846C726D5E4AA0a9EEa65417DC7394E8Dbf. If you are not in the google spreadsheet - you was banned for inactivity or for cheating
Next stage - Exchanges and product development. Follow social nets for updates.
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Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 11 Oct 2018, 15:34
How did we calculate the results in ETH and QZ Tokens?

Formula is
Amount of Tokens in QZ = Your contribution x Your Bonus / (Overall contributions during Private Stage x 1.75 + Overall contributions during Pre Stage x 1.5 + Overall contributions in Main Stage x Main Stage bonus) x 60 mln QZ
x is multiply
1.5 is 50% bonus
1.75 is 75% bonus
60 mln - tokens for investors

If you contribute 1 ETH during Pre Stage your calculation will be
Amount of tokens in QZ = 1ETH x 1.5 / (250ETH x 1.75 + 1000ETH x 1.5 + 13ETH) x 60 000 000 QZ = 1.5ETH / (437.5ETH + 1500ETH + 13ETH) x 60 000 000 QZ = 1.5 / 1950.5 x 60 000 000 = 46 000 QZ

*All the calculations in example are rounded. We rounded bonuses at main token stage, as they differs from day to day and collected funds during main token stage are much less then in other stages
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Hello, bloggers. We have published information about bloggers bounty. Check the calculations at "Youtube" Sheet here https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AR7DBizuCEaM6pBjkKTkgrOHt4rPRuV7NaRO4_OJROQ/edit#gid=343850361 Feel free to ask questions at telegram chat.
Attached file
All the transactions has been sent
First part of token distribution is over. We’ve sent QZ tokens to investors of private, pre and main token exchange stages.
Token address is 0x955fe846C726D5E4AA0a9EEa65417DC7394E8Dbf
Add QZ token to your wallet and check the balance. Ethereum blockchain works not so fast, so 2 transactions are still in pending stage. Token has 18 decimals
Next stage is distribution of tokens for bounty. We have calculated results, banned the cheaters, banned inactive accounts. List of wallets are published here. If you are not in the list, feel free to PM with your email and I’ll check your account.
Result list: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AR7DBizuCEaM6pBjkKTkgrOHt4rPRuV7NaRO4_OJROQ/edit?usp=sharing
Attached file
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Congratulations! We have finished ICO. 1262.7053ETH collected. Thank you for contribution. We will distribute QZ tokens with bonuses in a couple of days. QZ tokens for bounty program participants will be calculated and distributed in next few days.
We haven’t collected the hard cap, but the soft cap reached during pre-sale stage. So we had already released efir.io platform as we promised by roadmap at private and pre stages. Feel free to use it. It’s free to use and absolutely opened. QZ token should be used in a deals between bloggers and advertisers. So key functional of the platform - smart-contract generator for deals between bloggers and advertisers with external oracles is ready to be launched and will be published as a service with API in a couple of days. Then we going to publish efir.io platform interface to work with smart-contract-generator.
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Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 22 Sep 2018, 16:16
Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 20 Sep 2018, 15:53
Just 2 days left for 7% bonus! Don’t miss your chance! Go to exchange.efir.io and participate!
Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 19 Sep 2018, 12:09
Great news! Since that moment, the beta version of the service https://analytics.efir.io/ has been launched.

So far this version is available only in Russian, English, Spanish and Portuguese languages now but other languages will be available on the site in the nearest future!

Check the updates.
Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 14 Sep 2018, 14:47
Efir.io (former qaazqaaz.com) 14 Sep 2018, 14:47
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