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Entrepreneur, investor, founder of - the first project that converts man-hours into currency value.
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🌐 Our Time Farm community spans the globe with a diverse user base. Here are the numbers I've mentioned in the previous post, and they reflect an interesting trend.

🔝 The top 5 countries include Nigeria, Iran, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom. I'm not surprised by the strong presence of the Western world—it has always been quick to adopt new trends and is big on gaming.

Becoming a hit in developing countries is no less exciting. Introducing Web3 opportunities through simple things like gaming can lead to significant outcomes.

It potentially opens doors to new job opportunities, particularly in regions that can benefit the most. This global shift towards digital engagement is not just about entertainment; it's about empowering communities and fostering economic growth through innovation.

Looking ahead, I hope to see even more diverse communities join us on Time Farm and other projects within the ecosystem.

🇳🇬 Spotlight on Nigeria: A Growing Gaming Powerhouse
I kept reflecting on the latest Time Farm numbers. Nigeria's rise in the gaming world is remarkable. The lack of job opportunities for young Nigerians has pushed many to seek alternative ways to make money, and many are taking gaming as a career path.

Nigeria's gaming business is set for exponential growth. With an increasing smartphone use and a growing digital infrastructure, the potential is immense.

Despite the rise in crypto adoption, the country still lacks proper regulation. But I believe it's only a matter of time before this changes. Sometimes, I feel it will be the communities in developing countries that drive crypto adoption, not the West.

The trend in Nigeria isn't just about gaming; it's about creating new job opportunities and fostering economic growth through innovation.

💡Seeing this shift is inspiring. Nigeria is a prime example of how digital engagement can empower communities and drive positive change.

Image: Ryze Labs

💥 My newsfeed is filled with Trump pictures. Alongside the conspiracy theories and some rather bizarre (and not-so-bizarre) opinions, Bitcoin's sudden rise right after the recent events is catching everyone's attention.

All the crypto media is digging into his views on digital currencies. And then, there’s JD Vance, Trump's pro-crypto pick for the new VP.

Twitter, as always, takes things to the extreme. Overnight, Trump has morphed into a superhero on our timelines. It's a bizarre turn of events that's hard to ignore.

Let's keep this light-hearted and fun; I'm not delving into politics here—just sharing a quirky piece of art that's circulating.

And as for what could happen to crypto if Trump returns to power? Well, let's not speculate. The future of digital currencies is unpredictable enough without adding fortune-telling to the mix.

Transforming Web3 Financial Services
The launch of TON’s native USDt marks a significant milestone, showcasing rapid adoption and user engagement.

With a massive increase in TVL and strong integration across exchanges and DeFi protocols, USDt-TON is central to TON’s ecosystem. The gasless payment feature lowers entry barriers, aligning with Web3's goal of democratizing financial access.

Once again, TON demonstrates the transformative potential of Web3 projects. Integrating financial services into platforms like Telegram will be a serious step shaping the future of Web3 in general and digital payments in particular.

Keep building.

Binance celebrated its 7-year anniversary, and what a journey it has been! Since its inception, they have onboarded 210m users, become the biggest crypto exchange brand, and even reshaped the industry.

I can highlight at least 4 ways of how they did that.

• Expanded to serve millions worldwide, fostering global cryptocurrency adoption.
• Became the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.
• Set new benchmarks for industry-leading security protocols.
• Pioneered new products and technologies, including Binance Coin (BNB), Binance Launchpad for token launches, Binance Smart Chain for DeFi solutions, and innovative trading features.

Witnessing Binance's path is yet another reminder of how community and creativity may shape the trajectory of Web3 initiatives.

💡As both developers and users, we should take inspiration from their commitment to security, global accessibility, and pioneering spirit.

Image: Binance post

🪙 USDt-TON: Setting New Standards in Web3
If you’re following TON’s development, this is the next article you should look into. For those short on time, here’s my brief summary.

In April, native USDt was launched on the TON blockchain, enabling instant USDt transfers via Telegram messages. What happened next was mind-blowing.

Within three months, USDt-TON reached $580 million in circulation and integrated with major TON protocols and dApps. The addition of gasless USDt payments has made transactions even easier, paving the way for seamless financial interactions on Telegram. There are currently nearly 489K holders and 37 million TON TVL (over $269 million) in liquidity pools.

They say it might be the fastest-growing launch of USDt.

TON: Defining Market Trends
I find it fascinating that throughout this year, TON has defied market trends with a 1,400% increase in TVL, which right now exceeds $700 million. Also, it made it to the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Now, look at the current stats: while the crypto market is still kind of shaky, Toncoin keeps increasing. A perfect example of a Web3 project done right. If you build something people actively use, the market sentiment won’t matter much.

Speaking of TON, we’ve just added the ability to connect TON wallets to Time Farm, making it even easier to get those rewards. Go check it out 😉

Two-Stage Rock Star Partnerships
Our partnership with Brave unfolded in two stages.

1️⃣ First, we integrated $BAT (Basic Attention Token) as a payment method on LaborX. This allows freelancers to get paid in $BAT for completing tasks, and employers to use it for payments.

2️⃣ Second, we listed Brave’s job openings on LaborX and regularly update them.

This is part of our standard procedure with all our top-tier partners, whether they’re well-established companies or emerging startups.

Everyone is on the hunt for skilled Web3 experts, and we’re making LaborX the go-to platform to find them.

Brave Partnership: From Plane Chat to LaborX job listings
When you’re in Web3, networking is a continuous process. And when I say continuous, I mean it. A while ago, I found myself on a plane next to Brendan Eich, the founder of Brave and a co-founder of Mozilla. As one of the creators of JavaScript, he’s a legend in tech.

🤝 We struck up a conversation about crypto, and that serendipitous chat led to LaborX partnering with Brave, the one and only Web3 browser.

This experience, once again, reminded me about the importance of real-life meetings. In the Web3 space, we often find ourselves stuck online, which isn’t great for mental health or building trust. Face-to-face interactions can foster stronger, more reliable partnerships, just like ours with Brave.

🏴‍☠️ Global App, Local Communities
Treating your community well isn’t just a nice extra. It’s vital for success (as well as simply being the right thing to do).

One of the ways we’ve done that is to create local communities for Time Farm users, so they can receive news about the project in their own language, make referrals to their friends, and discuss the project together.

We always listen to feedback – no matter how painful – and we will always seek to adapt Time Farm to best serve our community.

You guys matter!

⚡️ Building Community Fast: Some Nice Problems To Have
Telegram apps have proven to be an incredible way of building huge communities in just a few weeks. Our very own Time Farm attracted 15 million users in the first month and keeps growing!

While this is an amazing achievement, it brings challenges – including more pressure for us to deliver. No problem! We’ve got a highly motivated and experienced team with some great ideas, so we’re looking forward to doing just that.

It can also be tough dealing with the volume of questions and feedback, so please be patient while we get back to you 🙏

Lastly, the sheer weight of users caused some tech issues, which we solved by beefing up our servers.


🍪 Community: The Root Of Value In Web3 🍪
Web3 founders often talk about the importance of community, but do they walk the walk as well?

It's not just my opinion, it's a universal wisdom: every crypto project relies on its community for success. Although many don’t reflect that through their actions.

Web3 is not like Web2. Your community members aren’t just users. They secure the blockchain protocol. They fund your project. They’re token holders and liquidity providers. They are early adopters, testers, focus groups who offer valuable feedback, and your most powerful marketing resource. They audit code and help find bugs. They build new features, and even whole applications on top of your foundations.

LaborX’s community – its gig providers and employers – are the lifeblood of the platform. Without them, LaborX is just some lines of code.

Some Thoughts On Gaming Token Utility
Early play-to-earn (P2E) games ran into a big problem. While distributing free tokens with real value to gamers helped grow these ecosystems rapidly, sooner or later the token price crashed because there wasn’t enough demand to keep up with players selling. Axie Infinity, one of the most popular P2E games of the last crypto cycle, has seen its token price drop by over 99%.

I believe, the most important thing that was missing was an effective monetization strategy. The new generation of TON-based games will benefit from Telegram’s amazing user experience. Adverts can seamlessly be integrated in the feed, providing new ways for game developers to generate revenues – and create games that are not only fun and rewarding, but sustainable too.

I find the future of blockchain incredibly exciting.

🥊 Clicker Games And Blockchain Tokens
Mobile ‘clicker’ games based on TON keep proving incredibly popular. These simple, fun games are introducing tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of users to Web3 and blockchain technology – often within just weeks of launch!

Airdropping blockchain tokens to these users represents a huge opportunity for Web3 founders to distribute digital assets to a massive audience. Notcoin’s airdrop saw 80 billion NOT sent to around 35 million users, for example. Hamster Kombat, which has around 250 million users, is set to drop its token later this month.

Now the big question, of course, is how these tokens are used…

💰 For Web3 talent, your expertise and skills are priceless. From my decade-long experience building crypto projects, I've learned that staying adaptable and continuously upskilling are crucial.

Embrace the challenges of the market, contribute to innovative solutions, and remain steadfast in your commitment to advancing decentralized technologies. Your perseverance will make a difference.

🙏 Today, the tide is turning. After navigating past layoffs and uncertainties, firms are now cautiously optimistic, planning to increase headcounts amid crypto market rebounds. This move underscores growing confidence in blockchain's future.

Judging by LaborX stats, Web3 companies are not just after builders but also expanding teams with niche roles like analysts, writers, and ecosystem leads. This hiring spree reflects a robust market sentiment, with companies scaling up to capitalize on blockchain's potential across industries.

🥶 During crypto winters, job openings in Web3 can decline and layoffs increase. Yet, despite market cycles, developers and other skilled professionals remain sought-after. In fact, data shows that even in downturns, tech roles in blockchain and Web3 stay resilient with sustained demand.

Personally, witnessing this resilience amidst market fluctuations is both inspiring and validating. It reaffirms my belief in the transformative potential of blockchain tech and the enduring value of expertise.

I will be ordering new Ledger Stax as soon as the sales begin.

The futuristic design caught my eye immediately, but the touch screen really sold me. As someone constantly on the go, having a sleek and functional device is a must.

If it’s anything like the Nano X, we’re in for a treat.

Embracing DAOs is about more than decentralization; it's about nurturing a vibrant, resilient community.
As I said, embracing DAOs isn't just about decentralization; it's about fostering a vibrant, resilient community.

Time Farm reached 14 million in just one month, and our responsibility level is well above average. With such a diverse audience, we prioritize listening to every voice.

💞 As we refine our feedback and decision-making processes, we encourage you to share your thoughts through our community channels.

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