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🦄 Startup News 11 Jul, 18:10
​​Today is July 11th. The age of “space tourism” has begun.

It’s taken 15 years for Galactic to get to this place. Been investing in #SPCE since late last year and now we get to see history happening! Aboard #Unity22 will be our team of two pilots and four mission specialists, including Sir Richard Branson. They will put our Future Astronaut spaceflight experience to a final test, while giving the world a preview of the life-changing experience.

WATCH LIVE: Virgin Galactic Unity 22 Spaceflight
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🦄 Startup News 8 Jul, 12:58
Y Combinator Launches Co-Founder Matching Platform
It’s now available for everyone through Startup School, our free online program and community for founders. Anyone actively looking for a co-founder can sign up — https://blog.ycombinator.com/co-founder-matching/
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🦄 Startup News 4 Jun, 16:25
​​Нашли бесплатную библиотеку sales emails templates — если вы все ещё сомневаетесь в качестве своих писем потенциальным пользователям, сравните с 400 другими шаблонами писем и будет вам счастье.

Отличной пятницы 🤟
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👎🏻 2
🦄 Startup News 27 May, 21:35
​​The Open AI проинвестирует $100 миллионов в early-stage AI-стартапы, которые работают в направлениях, которые с максимальной пользой используют ИИ — health care, climate change и образование.

*Open AI — та самая компания, которая создала GPT-3 (а до этого и более ранние версии) и чей борд включает в себя весьма видных деятелей в этой области (Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever, Sam Altman, а также Adam D'Angelo, Holden Karnofsky, Reid Hoffman, Shivon Zilis и Tasha McCauley).

Подать заявку
Attached file
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🦄 Startup News 18 May, 14:44
Hey makers! @stanui wrote a story how he started his first SaaS - an online survey tool. Article covers 2 ProductHunt launches and how we got Product #2 on PH! Also it open ups our MRR and growth data.

Your feedback is highly needed!

🦄 Startup News 17 Apr, 17:52
We’re also excited to announce that Startup Russia became the official AWS Activate provider. It’ll help local startups get access to benefits, including AWS Cloud credits ($5,000 in AWS Activate Credits valid for 2 years), AWS Business Support credits (1 year of AWS Business Support and up to $1,500), help build and grow their businesses.

To apply to AWS Activate, your startup must meet the following criteria:
• Startup must be unfunded or funded (up to and including Pre-Seed, Angel, Seed, Debt Finance, and Series A)
• A company website
• LinkedIn profile (applicant)
• An AWS account
• Must not have previously received AWS Activate credits at equal or greater value from the same Activate Provider
• Must not have exceeded $100,000 in redeemed AWS Activate credits
• Startup must be less than 10 years old

✉️ Email us to hey@startuprussia.co
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🦄 Startup News 17 Apr, 17:21
We know many of you revel in these handy lists. Produced in partnership with TrueBridge Capital Partners, the Midas List is the definitive ranking of the top 100 tech investors. At number one for the first time is Sequoia partner Alfred Lin, the former Zappos executive and partner of the late Tony Hsieh. Forbes sum up all the rankings here.
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🦄 Startup News 30 Mar, 09:18
How We Got There: Venture Capital
📆 Tue, 30 March 12:00 – 1:00 PM
— The venture industry has long been considered an ol’ boys club. In the US, 65% of VC firms have zero women partners. Closer to home, KrAsia reviewed 34 VC firms active in South East Asia, and only 12 firms had a female partner on their investment teams. When firms lack visible women in leadership, they might underestimate - or even fail to spot - their next big investment.

They will discuss how they got started in their careers, what skills helped them succeed, and their tips for aspiring VCs. We’ll cover the business benefits of diversifying the investment team, and why this gives VC firms a competitive advantage.

Shiyan Koh | Managing Partner, Hustle Fund
Cheah Sui Ling | Operating Partner, Wavemaker Partners
Jessica Huang Pouleur | Executive Director, Openspace Ventures
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🦄 Startup News 29 Mar, 20:13
Forwarded from: Stan Chernitsky
Hey community! Our team have prepared an easy guide to improve your Survey Response Rate (RR)!

Almost anyone, who spent hours creating his/her Survey didn't got the feedback he expected. Overall, it's either because of low CTR (click through rate) or RR (response rate).

Here are 5 Pro Tips to Boost your Survey Response Rate.

Stan, CPO at MetaSurvey
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🦄 Startup News 15 Mar, 17:32
Remember, you'll send 3 to 5 tailored, succinct offers/asks. If you don't hear back within five days, do a follow-up. You could also try reaching out via a different mode - twitter, LinkedIn, snail mail! Try two follow-ups, and then consider trying someone else at the firm. This concludes the hustle method portion of getting into VC that I've developed after lots of conversations and some first-hand experience. Other traditional ideas are job boards/sites. John Gannon's Blog is definitely one to check out.
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🦄 Startup News 15 Mar, 17:32
I've held several conversations on the topic with aspiring VCs, so, these thread shares insights I've gathered. Please chime in with additional tips / ideas / resources. Helping more people from different backgrounds get into a venture is Key to Rocket!

OK, there are 2 ways to get into VC — First, join an existing fund. Second, start your own fund which sounds a bit complicated, right?
This thread focuses on 1st one - joining a fund. When I use the word "fund" throughout, it refers to a traditional VC fund, corporate VC, angel group, or any entity whose team invests in startups.

First, decide on three things you care about:
🌍 — Globe with meridians Where do you want to live? Is remote an option for you?
💼 — Briefcase What industry / area of focus do you care most about?
📏 — Straight ruler What stage of investing is of interest?

For example, you might say Moscow or NYC, hr-tech, seed to series A. Now that you have some direction, you'll create a spreadsheet (template) to do your research + analysis. You want to look at as many firms as possible that fit your criteria. Most people will look at 10 - 50 in total.

Which firms to put on your list?
Crunchbase Pro allows you to search for investors by city + type (it will cost you 348 dollars per year, but you will have 7 days free trial), BuiltIn offers lists of VCs in various cities or you can also check out the VC Funds List made by Shai Goldman (SVB) that aggregate VCs by stage. Two more quick resources for finding VCs are Active VC List by DocSend and a List of 111+ Women Owners of Venture and Growth Capital Funds & many of these will be growing quickly in the next few years compiled by Kate Brodock.

As you spend hours going through your firms of interest, you will start to get excited about a few. Mark these as high priority. Ideally, you end up with 3 to 5 highs. Now, you have to figure out how to connect with those VCs.

Identify someone at the VC firm you most resonate with. Don't worry if it's not a partner. Use LinkedIn/Facebook in Russia or LinkedIn/Twitter in US and the VC's website to learn about every single person at the firm. Then pick the one person you think is most likely to respond based on a tailored note you send.

Craft your message in < 175 words. Format:
1. Connect - tie your story to WHY you love this firm (their focus, a portfolio they invested in, a blog they wrote, etc.);
2. Offer - we will cover this below;
3. Link to (or attach) one supporting item for #2;
4. Ask for 15 min call follow-up or chat about what you've sent*

*You could also offer to do a free or paid project/internship for the firm if they happen to need help (though this might be best saved for a later communication — do what feels right). Share 4-5 times that work for you in a week or two, including the time zone. Ask if they prefer phone or zoom and then offer to send a calendar invite once you hear back. You might even make them a personalized calendly link!

The offer is critical. What could you do for this firm? Some ideas:
💌 — Send them a strong deal that fits their thesis;
💻 — Share proprietary research you have done which they may find interesting / helpful;
📝— Suggest a project you'd complete for the firm based on your experience*

*Projects could be related to marketing, content, tech stack, operations, or investment. Be creative, and tie YOUR experience / interests with the FIRM's focus / needs. This takes time to get right, but you have to connect the dots. This is all about getting a foot in the door.

Some ideas to link to/attach:
— Due diligence analysis you prepare on an interesting deal;
— Fake portfolio you would have invested in if you'd had angel capital to deploy (& why you would have made those investments);

*Keep it brief (
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🦄 Startup News 12 Mar, 13:09
Sometimes it’s easier to raise on an idea / at the MVP stage vs when the product is in the market and has some metrics. Troy Henikoff, Managing director at MATH Venture Partners reveling the topic “When it is the best time to fundraise” — MATH 101: Funding the Valley

More 101 to Watch
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🦄 Startup News 2 Mar, 11:30
Forwarded from: Stan Chernitsky
Special community discounts for MetaSurvey lifetime Pro (you must be a community subscriber):

STARTUPRUSSIA60 – 60% first 3 users
STARTUPRUSSIA40 – 40% first 5 users
STARTUPRUSSIA25 – 25% unlimited
🦄 Startup News 2 Mar, 11:30
Bonus to 👆🏻
🦄 Startup News 1 Mar, 19:31
In 2019 a brave team of 10 IndieHackers from Saint-Petersburg, Russia came together to create a product within 48 hours — MetaSurvey, a Tinder-style churn survey!

Badly, like most startups, we encountered many obstacles and almost closed the project. To July 2020 only 2 co-founders left. We started to work 4-6 hours after our desk jobs. We neatly gathered every single community feedback.

After 8 months we launched MetaSurvey 2 — a fully remastered, re-coded, and re-designed version!

Read Now
by @Stanui
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🦄 Startup News 28 Feb, 19:45
​​🔥 Last chance to apply to YTILI before the application window closes.

The US Program opened for European Entrepreneurs (25-35) offers a 5-week long placement in one of nine U.S. cities to work with the innovation ecosystem, help you expand your business knowledge and accelerate your entrepreneurial venture.

You can sign in until tomorrow, March 1st — https://ytili-worldchicago.org

💵 All costs are covered!
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🦄 Startup News 25 Feb, 10:42
Global M&A Predictions: 
Accelerating into 2021

Ansarada interviewed M&A experts in the Americas and APAC and conducted a survey of 50 leading dealmakers across Europe to round out a global perspective on what lies ahead.

The spirit that will define 2021 is one of resilience, readiness, and transformation. The challenges posed by the pandemic are already being overcome by an intelligent approach, with clear standouts in areas of technology and better information governance.

You’ll get the answer to:
— What are the bold predictions for 2021?
— What will leading companies and their advisors double down on?
— What will help reduce risks and drive decision-making this year?

Download Report
Attached file
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🦄 Startup News 23 Feb, 22:37
​​​​​​Startup Grind’s 2021 Global Conference | Live Now
📆 February 23-25 | Online
— We’re bringing together over 15,000 startups from around the world like never before. Global 2021 has content for everyone and attendees from nearly every continent in the world.

Whether you can join for a couple of sessions, are just looking to connect with fellow startups and innovators, or are ready for the full 3-day virtual experience of it all.

🎟 Get your FREE tickets at http://startupgrind.tech and join @startupgrindru.

P.s. don’t hesitate to use #startupgrindru and #sgglobal2021 hashtags on Twitter or Facebook.
👍🏻 4
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🦄 Startup News 20 Feb, 14:38
Update note:
Here is what we found while working with a list.

— First, it’s not only for Germany but for the whole DACH Region + Austria and Sweden.
— Second, some of them were rebranded. Next47 or Axel Springer is now called Apex. LMU in Munchin is the same as German Accelerator, but they closed selection processes in 2019. Wayra, not even an incubator/accelerator, it’s a VC studio helping startups to launch pilots. Other players are fine 👌🏻
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🦄 Startup News 19 Feb, 20:12
🇷🇺 Выкладываю список более чем 250+ активных акселераторов/инкубаторов для стартап фаундеров в Германии который вызвал вчера неожиданный ажиотаж в facebook | 🇺🇸 Here is a list of over 250+ active accelerator/incubators for startup founders in Germany.

In the list you’ll find:
— their area of interest and key people to reach out to;
— the funding stage and portfolio startups;
— LinkedIn & Crunchbase profiles and their location.

Use this list to:
— Find that accelerator you've been looking for;
— Get funded or Get advice.

Get the List
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