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Гео и язык канала: Россия, Русский
Категория: Лингвистика

Kanaldan manbasi bilan post koʻchirmaganlardan rozi emasmiz.
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Гео и язык канала
Россия, Русский
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📝Prepared by Khusan Abdumuminov
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Advanced words to use instead of VERY

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# Shadowing Time.

👉Hey, buddy. You Ok..... Good boy.

👉Hey hey! Can I help you?

👉No. Just giving a dog some water

👉I must've knocked the bowl over cause I gave him water in this morning

👉No, you didn't because bowl was bone-dry.

👉You calling me a liar?


👉Well, I suggest you to leave my property.

👉Good boy.

👉Now I told you the other day to stay the hell out of my yard.

➡️Negligent care of an animal a misdemeanor in Margrave. $500 fine up to ten days in jail.

👉It's ok. What's he doing to you? Collar is cutting him.

➡️Enough of this.

👉What are you doing

➡️Dog didn't do anything to anybody. Doesn't deserve this.

👉I told you to stay off my property.


👉Let's see how you like it.

➡️Let's go by. Come on.


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🎤Listen and Repeat.

📰Ok and Pam what about you.

Think Faster Talk Smarter.pdf
Think Faster Talk Smarter.pdf
✍ Matt Abrahams

Grammar in use - Advanced.pdf
One of the best grammar books (by Cambridge)

How was the lesson??????


I do hate
I do love
I do believe

Do = really

I do love comedy ones

Horror movies are not my cup of tea

It's not my taste = bu mening didm emas

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