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Consider the Honey Badger: a cautious and careful beast - it does not fall for crude traps and poorly disguised pyramid schemes.
Keep your lambos - Badger Capital Ltd. wishes to only talk shit about projects and various cryptorelated topics.
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04.07.2018 12:41
Anime Coub | Аниме Коуб
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TAGIO - Самый желанный инструмент 2020 года стартовал!
Продавай как Про с TAGIO.pro!
1-я профессиональная рекламная платформа для админов!
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Honey Badger 24 Aug 2018, 01:15
"If anyone gave me $1 each time China bans cryptocurrencies, I would become a millionaire" (folk wisdom).

Following the yesterday's ban of advertising cryptocurrencies in the only district of Beijing (followed by the dump of Bitcoin, thx to mass media and stupid traders), the Chinese government issued another order, the essence of which is that the Chinese government generally recognizes cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument, but requires separate regulation of each coin.

For some unknown reason, there is too few mentions of that in the media, but we were able to find a copy of this order: https://goo.gl/jnCfvw

#China #FUD #bitcoin
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Honey Badger 6 Aug 2018, 20:55
This week the Honey Badger chips into what in the world is a Bitcoin ETF and why you should probably care about this (or not).

A highly educational and a deeply insightful piece, poised to make you a more intelligent and attractive person: https://goo.gl/7b3YXn

#Bitcoin #ETF #QualityContent #TechnicalAnalysis #Huitzilopochtli
Honey Badger 27 Jul 2018, 21:25
In case you haven't seen read it yet, we think Origo is absolutely hilarious: https://goo.gl/oP4Psj

#OrigoNetwork #ORIGO #DApp #ProofOfCare #ProofOfLove #LoveOfProof #OrigoIsPrivacy
Honey Badger 26 Jul 2018, 12:39
We always wanted to do a proper cooking channel, but the opportunity simply never came by. However, with the new #Tezos mining system we can finally fulfill our dreams of becoming bakers. Follow these simple seven steps to bake Tezos with us! Maybe this way it can finally start making some goddamn money...

The guide in all it's glory: https://goo.gl/nx4NuF

#Tezos #Baking #Hashtag #1blndollarICO #Educational #XTZ #guide
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Honey Badger 13 Jul 2018, 09:59
This summer, a lonely badger came to look at a project that was after his money, only to find that it had already stolen his heart. Oh Chandler, you fiend, you thief in the night - how may I ever find sleep now?


#Ankr #AnkrNetwork #Chandlerislove #Chandlerislife
Honey Badger 9 Jul 2018, 14:26
Thank you Jeff Garzik for thinking about the future of cryptocurrency like no other visionary thought before. Your brilliant idea of Segwit2x will surely sav-
What I meant to say was BTC1 is the REAL future of-
Oh, you’re doing something called #Metronome now? What the hell is Metronome?

Let’s take a look: http://telegra.ph/Honey-Badger-listens-to-the-Metronome-07-06

Pros / Cons:
+ Metronome is a powerful attack in Pokemon Yellow
+ Metronome is essential for developing good rhythm
+ Everybody can have Metronome
- The METS haven't won a title since 1986
- A lot of people think they don't need a metronome, even though they really do
- Anybody can use google to search "Jeff Garzik Segwit2x"

URL: https://www.metronome.io/
#JeffGarzik #Segwit2x #BTC1 #Metronome #MET #Blockchain #Thinkofthechildren
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Honey Badger 4 Jul 2018, 11:33
Oh boy, FINALLY somebody made a platform for developing DECENTRALISED APPLICATIONS! This time with full @ICODrops support. Respectable investors, meet #OrigoNetwork in our hot and spicy new “review”: http://telegra.ph/Origo-Network-07-04

Pros / Cons:
+ Baron Gong
+ Origo means “Source” in Latin which is a cool word
+ Origo unlocks endless possibilities
- Half the team has LinkedIn profiles and none of them have pictures to make fun of
- Probably outperformed by Chrome Incognito tab
- Baron Gong is not the CEO

URL: https://origo.network/
#OrigoNetwork #ORIGO #DApp
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Honey Badger 2 Jul 2018, 15:04
I humbly present our poorly-written review of an ill-conceived lunacy that is #Sparkster : http://telegra.ph/Sparkster-review-by-Honey-Badger-07-02

Shout-out to Ian Balina @diaryofamademan for the promotion of this steaming hot pile of an ICO!

+ It is a blockchain project
+ They have a beautiful evangelist
+ Their actual team is called Warriors, which sounds cool
- The project wants to let stupid people write apps
- The White Paper is 57 pages long and does not explain why they call their team Warriors
- They did not pay us to promote their project


URL: https://sparkster.me/
#Sparkster #SPRK #blockchain
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Honey Badger 2 Jul 2018, 15:03
Want the Badger to take a sniff at some project? Bring it on!
We here at Badger Capital Ltd. are eager to call your project all sorts of horrible things, just fill out this convenient form: https://goo.gl/7XQrey.