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Входим в топ 1 каналов Telegram о технологиях.
Вопросы, пожелания и т.д. и т.п. писать @isgoogler

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Проверяли ли вы наличие ваших данных в недавней утечке яндекс еды?
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В следующем обновлении Telegram для android появится кнопка «show more” для отображения больше 3х результатов поиска. Функционал уже есть в бете 8.5.0 (2544).
Сейчас можно использовать так же «*» в начале запроса (*word вместо word).

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Являетесь ли Вы держателем Toncoin?
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Репост из: Durov's Channel
When Telegram said goodbye to TON last year, I expressed the hope that future generations of developers would one day carry on with our vision of a mass-market blockchain platform.

So I was inspired to see the champions of Telegram's coding contests continue developing the open TON project, which they rebranded to Toncoin.

I'm proud that the technology we created is alive and evolving. When it comes to scalability and speed, TON is still years ahead of everything else in the blockchain realm. It would have been a shame to see this project not benefitting humanity.

Unlike the original TON, Toncoin is independent from Telegram. But I wish its team the same success. Coupled with the right go-to-market strategy, they have all they need to build something epic 💪

Репост из: Durov's Channel
Telegram is launching Sponsored Messages – a tool that allows anyone to promote their channels and bots. Here is what you should know:

1. There will be no ads in chats on Telegram. If you use Telegram as the messenger that we launched in 2013 – you will never see a sponsored message. Sponsored messages can't appear in your chat list, private chats or groups.

2. User data will not be used to target ads. As with everything we do, our main priority is protecting the private data of our users. That's why unlike other apps we will not use your private data to display ads.

Sponsored messages on Telegram are shown only in large public one-to-many channels with 1000+ members – and are based solely on the topic of the public channels in which they are shown. This means that no user data is mined or analyzed to display them.

3. We are fixing ads that are already here. Some admins of one-to-many channels on Telegram already post ads in the form of regular messages. We hope that Sponsored Messages will offer a more user-friendly and less chaotic way for people to promote their channels and bots.

Sponsored messages are currently in test mode and are not available to everyone. Once they are fully launched and allow Telegram to cover its basic costs (such as equipment and data centers that are used by channel admins to deliver their content to our hundreds of millions of users), we plan to start sharing ad revenue with the admins of the channels where Sponsored Messages are displayed – because it is fair.

4. With Telegram you're more ad-free than with WhatsApp. WhatsApp already shares user data with advertisers [1] [2] – even though they don’t show ads themselves. On Telegram, however, advertisers will never get your private data. Besides, if you use Telegram the way you use WhatsApp, you will never see a single ad. Sponsored messages can only appear in channels, which are a unique social networking feature Telegram added several years after launch. If WhatsApp introduces a similar feature, they are likely to also display ads there, like their parent company already does on Instagram and Facebook.

Online ads should no longer be synonymous with the abuse of user privacy. We'd like to redefine how a tech company should operate by setting an example of a self-sustainable platform that respects its users and content creators.

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Репост из: Павел Дуров
Многие пользователи предложили ввести возможность отключения официальных рекламных объявлений в каналах Telegram.

Мы уже приступили к работе над этой новой функцией и ожидаем ее запуска в этом месяце. Она может быть оформлена в виде недорогой подписки, которая позволит пользователям напрямую финансово поддерживать развитие Telegram.

Авторы некоторых каналов также хотели бы «выключать» рекламные объявления в своих каналах. В данный момент мы просчитываем экономические условия этой опции. Скоро рекламодатели смогут размещать "невидимое" объявление в любом канале, которое – при условии достаточной стоимости показа – приведет к отсутствию объявлений в этом канале.

Мы продолжим работать над фунциями, которые позволят Telegram стать безубыточным проектом. Нашим приоритетом в этом процессе будут оставаться интересы пользователей и авторов контента.

Теперь реклама, вроде, показывается один раз (в другом канале с этого аккаунта не увидеть)
UPD: реклама пропала

Телеграм тестирует рекламу

Актуально для android, возможно desktop:
Поиск в telegram выдает 3 результата, для отображения большего количество можно добавить «?» в начале и «.» в конце
Вместо поиска word ищите ?word.
На ios в поиске есть кнопка «show more»

Репост из: Durov's Channel
The mind is our most powerful tool. There's nothing it can't do. According to numerous studies, it actively generates new ideas even when we rest or do nothing. Often we can come up with solutions to difficult problems simply after a full night's sleep.

Just as our physical state depends on what we feed to our bodies, our mental state depends on the quality of information we feed to our brain. If we nourish our brain with real-life data that allows it to solve fundamental problems, it will process this data in the background and come up with unexpected solutions.

It is unfortunate that most people prefer to feed their minds not with real-life facts that can let us change the world, but with random Netflix series or TikTok videos. On a deep level, our brain can't tell fiction from reality, so the abundance of digital entertainment keeps our subconscious mind busy producing solutions to problems that do not exist.

To be creative and productive, we must first clear from our minds the sticky mud of irrelevant content with which “recommendation algorithms” flood it on a daily basis. If we are to reclaim our creative freedom, we must first take back control of our minds.

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