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PumpPumpCoin 27 Jun, 10:43
PumpPumpCoin 30 Apr, 22:53
Join the cryptocurrency revolution:

The first Messenger-based coin
PumpPumpCoin 27 Apr, 07:15
Нашел бота который бесплатно раздает биткоины, вот ссылка
Bot give bitcoin for free
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 21:00
Buy Buy Buy!
then Hold and troll
Wait for outsiders to come in to driver the price higher!
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 20:59
🚀🚀 LET'S PUMP 🚀🚀

The coin to pump is: 💎 ASCS 💎

Exchange: YOBIT.net 📊

Target: 200% - 1500% 📈
With little volume this coin can go crazy!

Market: ASCS_BTC

Link: https://yobit.net/en/trade/ASCS/BTC
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 20:58
〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️2 Minutes left! Get ready! next post will be the coin. Yobit.net PumpinTime Post
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 20:55
〽️〽️〽️〽️〽️5 Minutes to go! http://yobit.net. The coin will be announced soon!
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 20:50
〽️〽️〽️〽️10 Minutes! Prepare your BTC for Pumpintime Pump on Yobit!
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 20:45
〽️〽️〽️15 Minutes to PumpinTime Collaborative Pump on Yobit.net.
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 20:30
〽️〽️30 Minutes to yobit.net PumpinTime Collaborative Pump. 30K + subscribers!
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 20:00
PumpPumpCoin 17 Apr, 19:33
Yobit.io / Yobit.net PUMP INSTRUCTIONS

1) Make sure you have BTC ready to go in your Yobit wallet. It can take a while to transfer so give it time.

2) When the coin is announced, buy as fast as possible to push the price up and keep the momentum going.

3) (IMPORTANT): Place your buy orders x10 the current price or simply scroll to the bottom of the sell chart and click on a price to ensure your order is filled and you catch the best price. If you set lower orders, someone else may clear sell walls before you and your order won't be filled. Don't worry, your order will be executed for the Lowest possible price.

4) As soon as you have bought your coins, go to the Yobit CHAT (their chat forum) to promote the coin and create excitement about the coin movement. DON’T mention it is a Pump and Dump. Just “Wow.. what is going on with xxx?” Chat up in any other forums you are a member in as well. Creating excitement is key!

5) Don’t SELL too early. HODLing is the key to getting outsiders to buy in. Exit price is entirely your decision but our recommendation for you to wait till coin gets at least 3-5x the original value (could go as high as x10 if we all HODL)

6) The coin name and a direct link to the market will be shared in the final announcement on the day.

REGISTER and send some BTC

https://yobit.io or https://yobit.net Apparently Yobit.io has faster trasactions to wallets.
PumpPumpCoin 15 Apr, 19:59
PumpPumpCoin 15 Apr, 19:54
Guys, Pump incoming in 5mins, Be ready with some BTC on yobit.
PumpPumpCoin 15 Apr, 19:47
15mins before, Please get ready with some BTC on Yobit, we will go to moon today 🚀🚀🚀🚀
PumpPumpCoin 15 Apr, 19:07
Less than an hour for pump, get ready with some BTC, we will go to moon on yobit 🚀🚀🚀💴
PumpPumpCoin 15 Apr, 18:26
One and half hour for pump, get ready with some BTC 💴💰💴🚀
PumpPumpCoin 15 Apr, 17:35
PumpPumpCoin 15 Apr, 17:32
Two and Half hours to Pump, Get ready 🚀🚀🚀🚀
PumpPumpCoin 15 Apr, 15:40
Less than 5hours for yobit pump. Get ready, we will go to moon 🚀🚀💴💰