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Benjamin Davis & Nikita Klimov
An American Writer & Russian Artist living in Russia
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05.06.2018 15:28
7 Feb, 16:11 (310 дней назад)
Thank you very much to everyone who has helped me on my article.

Thank you to Pasha, Julia, Ufa for their quote contributions:

To @foxherestuff, who recommended the book Yöburg, by Alexey Ivanov

to for contributing this fascinating website about Russian Monocities.

To Egor for contributing this project created by a local school about their village:

And to KM for his photographs & comments.

I will submit the article later today and hopefully they will choose to keep some, if not all of these recommendations. I will be working on it for the next few hours if anyone has some more ideas. It will be published in Russia Beyond, where I contribute regularly. If you have some ideas, you’d like to see me write about life in Russia/America, let me know in a DM.