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Канал о технологии блокчейн и криптоиндустрии.
Свежие новости,аналитика рынка ,только здесь !
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26.02.2018 22:59
5 Mar 2018, 11:35 (1162 дня назад)
🇺🇸OK ,now i will writing on English ,because telegram have less information about Blockchain on English than in Russian community.

📈The future of information will sent by telegram and I want rule this.

💫Target of channel doesn’t change . We will continue learn the technology of blocking and we will soon move on to the first basics of investing and analyzing market cryptocurrency.
soon the broadcaster will expand and we take new platform is “viuly”.

🌱the channel is just evolving and you can helping to this project just recommend this channel in other chats .We are just search various platform of information and social network.