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Fwd from @dva_majors
Overview S
ummary for the Morning of July 14, 2024

▪️The eve
ntful week concluded with an assassination attempt on Trump. US law enforcement stated no foreign state involvement. Trump is now outpacing Biden, and conspiracy theorists are ramping up. In our view, this is the height of pilotage - hitting the top of the ear with a bullet from an AR at 130 meters, killing and injuring civilians, and then departing. Choosing between a conspiracy and a mess, we side with the mess the US is rolling towards.

▪️The NATO summit showed the West's intent to continue the conflict, despite talk of negotiations. Russia is named the enemy, China the accomplice, with billions allocated. However, the promises to provide "several hundred air defense missiles" to Kyiv next year and the deployment of factories indicate a lack of production capacity in the Alliance. Germany expects a direct confrontation with Russia in 2029, preparing to restore compulsory military service and increase military-industrial efficiency. The West needs time for final preparation.

▪️Our side has been saying "peace proposals are on the table". The conditions are that 4 new regions fully transition to Russia, and Ukraine receives non-bloc status. Such theses have an extremely negative impact on the front-line troops storming enemy positions and changing the goals of the SMO.

▪️Lukashenko joined the peace case, stating he is eliminating border tension and ordered troop withdrawal. "We need to make a deal with the Ukrainians faster," he said.

▪️On the front line, there are local battles, with the Russian Armed Forces maintaining initiative. In the Kharkiv direction, our troops have drawn the enemy's reserves. In the Svatove-Kupiansk direction, the salient is expanding. In the Siversk direction, our forces are pressing the southern sector. Near Chasiv Yar, the Russian Army is building up along the water canal, moving westward. The penetration into the Toretsk (Dzerzhynsk) agglomeration allows predicting a gradual breakthrough. High intensity battles in the Pokrovsk direction (west of Avdiivka): the Russian Armed Forces have advanced on a wide front. On the Zaporizhia front, the Russian Armed Forces have advanced several hundred meters. In the Kherson direction, the 18th Army is destroying the enemy on the Dnipro bank with heavy weapons, while the issue of supplying our forces on the islands is difficult. The AFU have more tactical drones, neutralizing our heavy weapons use.

▪️In the Belgorod Region, enemy shellings of the civilian population continue, creating social tension. In the Kursk direction, the AFU have remotely knocked out many gas stations, also creating problems. Russia continues to lose refineries due to strikes by enemy drones.

▪️Forced mobilization in Ukraine does not stop, which predictably for Original msg

Fwd from @sex_drugs_kahlo
🇺🇸 Foreign co
lleagues are writing here that the shooter, who resembles a representative of the House of Habsburg in their "golden years", is actually an antifa provocateur from the Twitter swamps, who is now quite alive and giggling at the events.

Nevertheless, photos of the shooter's corpse are multiplying, and no one has issued an official refutation. I remind you that earlier there were reports that a Chinese person shot at Trump, and a little later an antifa activist named Mark Violets was allegedly detained for an assassination attempt - these facts were never confirmed.

#USA #crime
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Fwd from @designersmil
Regarding th
is photograph 👆

This is not
the shooter. The American himself spread his photo around forums when he realized he resembled the shooter. Now that many media outlets have presented him as the killer, he intends to sue them and make a serious profit.

🔹This reflects a feature of the new era. A lot of fakes emerge simultaneously with the news, and you don't need to jump on all of them without confirmation.

If you see a photo of this oddball anywhere and he is called the shooter, that resource is likely not worth your attention.

Propagandist's Notebook Original msg

Fwd from @sex_drugs_kahlo
🇺🇸The shooter
who deprived Trump of a piece of his ear has been eliminated - but some media are reporting that he has already been identified as 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks from Pennsylvania. Previously, there were rumors that the alleged shooter was Chinese.

The motives of this individual have not yet been disclosed, but at the same time, American law enforcement is discussing the fact that the threat to Donald Trump's life has not been eliminated. That is, additional arrests can potentially be expected, although I do not exclude the possibility that in the end, only the assassin will be widely publicized.

#USA #crime
@sex_drugs_kahlo - Latin American happiness [no] Original msg

🇺🇸 Well, thanks to the assassination attempt, an image of a fighter against democracy and justice in the person of Trump was born.

To reiterate: it doesn't really matter how much it was a staged event. What's important is that as a result, an image emerged that the Democratic team will hardly be able to overshadow.

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🇺🇸 During a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, shots were fired while US presidential candidate Donald Trump was speaking.

The politician was escorted off the stage with a bloodied ear, but managed to raise his fist and rile up the crowd one last time before leaving. The injury does not appear to be serious.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service is investigating the circumstances of the shooting, and RSBN reports that the shooter has not yet been apprehended.


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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Chronicles of the special military operation
for July 13, 2024

Russian forces delivered a series of precision strikes on infrastructure targets and enemy concentrations in several regions of the so-called Ukraine.

In Kharkiv Region, a strike by an Iskander OTRK hit a train with equipment and personnel of Ukrainian formations in Buda. In Odesa, a missile reportedly struck an air defense position, and in Poltava kamikaze UAV strikes were recorded.

On the Kupiansk-Svatove direction, fighting continues on several sectors, and in Kupiansk, a missile strike hit a bridge at a railway junction.

On the Oleksandrivka-Kalynivka direction, heavy assault battles are ongoing, with Russian forces advancing in several settlements of the Dzerzhynsk (Toretsk) metro area.

On the Avdiivka direction, assault operations are developing after the capture of Yevhenivka, and battles have begun for Novoselivka First, with Russian forces achieving successes.

On the Vremivka direction, Russian forces have taken control of most of Urozhayne, while north of Staromaiorse, fighting continues.

🔻A detailed analytical report on events in the Special Military Operation zone is available on our closed channel @rybar_plus_bot

on maps:

Situation in
the special military operation zone (ru; en)

Avdiivka direc
tion (ru; en)

Vremivka direction (ru; en)

#Avdiivka #digest #Vremivka #report #map #Russia #Ukraine #Kharkiv

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🇮🇱🇵🇸 Escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Zone
Chronicle of events for July 13, 2024

In the north of the Gaza Strip, fighting took place in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa and Al-Azhar Universities, as well as in Al-Katiba. At the same time, reports of a complete withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces units from Tell al-Hawa are not confirmed by either Palestinian or Israeli media.

In the south of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli troops carried out an air strike on the Al-Mawasi area west of Khan Yunis. 71 people were killed and 289 were injured. The IDF Spokesperson's Unit stated that Muhammad al-Deif, one of the top commanders of Hamas, was eliminated.

On the Lebanon-Israel border, the parties exchanged strikes. Hezbollah fighters shelled at least ten military facilities in northern Israel. In turn, the IDF struck southern Lebanon, eliminating two informants of the Shiite group and one fighter of the Amal movement.

Pro-Iranian groups from Iraq attacked Eilat in southern Israel with two kamikaze drones, which were intercepted in the sky over the city. And the Yemeni Houthis reported two attacks on the oil tanker CHARYSALIS in the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb Strait.

🔻A detailed analytical report on the events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict zone is available on our closed channel @rybar_plus_bot

on map

English versi

#digest #map #I
srael #Palestine #report

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🇺🇦 Against the backdrop of a large outflow of population from the territory controlled by the Kyiv regime over the past two years, the question of how many people are left there has often surfaced. And now an interesting statement has appeared from the director of the local center for demography and social research.

According to her, in the most optimistic scenario, by 2033 the population of the so-called Ukraine (without taking into account territorial losses) will be a maximum of 35 million people. At the same time, to maintain a level of even 30 million, they will have to import at least 300,000 migrants annually.

At the same time, with a certain probability, even in Kyiv they do not know the exact figure of the remaining population. According to some estimates, by the end of 2022, a maximum of 30 million people were in the areas controlled by the Kyiv regime, and this number has clearly decreased over the past year and a half due to losses at the front and emigration.

📌 And here it is worth remembering that the demographic indicators of the so-called Ukraine were already depressing earlier - in 1991-2014, its population decreased by 20% even without any war. The birth rate was one of the worst in Europe even before the SMO, and now it is the lowest in the last 300 years.

In light of these factors and the stated figures, as well as the ongoing "war to the last Ukrainian," the outflow of the population, and the gloomy economic prospects, it can be stated that the so-called Ukraine (as a state formation) has no future in the long term.

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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Avdiivka direction: battles in the vicinity of Novoaleksandrivka, successes near Yevhenivka and Novosilka Persha

Battles continue in the Avdiivka direction in the vicinity of Novoaleksandrivka, from which the Russian forces are advancing on Lozuvatske and Vozdvyzhenka. To the south, there are battles for the forest belts along the Ocheretyne-Prohres railway.

In addition, the Russian forces have finally breached the enemy's defenses in Yevhenivka after capturing Vykhid and advanced several forest belts west towards Volchye and the Volchya river. According to the most optimistic reports, the advance groups managed to reach the river bank, but this information has not yet been confirmed.

Battles continue on the outskirts of Novosilka Persha. This is the last major settlement in this area east of the Volchya, and then the enemy will try to hold it to the last, even with the Russian forces already reaching at least the outskirts of the village.

Meanwhile, in the area of Yasnobrodivka, the advancement of the Russian Armed Forces is observed in several forest belts both north and south of the settlement. The village itself, despite claims of full control, remains rather in the gray zone. And in the plantings to the west, the presence of the enemy persists, even taking into account the battles in the area of the dachas near the Karlovsky reservoir a little further south.

If you have any additions to the situation, or you would like us to highlight the successes of your unit, you can always write to us in the feedback bot @rybar_feedback_bot

High-resolution map

English version

#Avdiivka #digest #map #Russia #Ukraine

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Fwd from @departamente
🇳🇪🇧🇯 Fre
nch base in Benin? Not yet.

ently, local channels have been spreading information about the presence of a French base on the territory of Benin, where allegedly pro-al-Qaeda* DNIM and Islamic State* militants are being trained. But besides some local media, this narrative has reached the national level, when the accusations came from the official Niamey. What's wrong with this?

▪️The most common proof of these claims is the video attached to the message, which clearly shows French soldiers in the town of Kandi in the north of the country. But this is just a crude edit of a report from this camp, dated January 2023.

A small French contingent of instructors was indeed discovered at the base. They were stationed there at the request of the Beninese authorities to train the local armed forces, but soon left the country.

❗️However, despite this, the French authorities are increasingly showing interest in Benin and Togo, where French bases may be located in the possible future.

Moreover, the recently created French Armed Forces Africa Command only reinforces confidence in this.

*— a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation

@departamente Original msg

🇮🇱🇵🇸 During the day in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, another high-profile incident occurred: the Israeli Air Force launched several munitions at a displaced persons camp in the coastal area of Al-Mawasi west of Khan Yunis.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza, the number of casualties was more than 71 killed and 289 wounded, who were taken to the Kuwaiti Specialized Field Hospital. Due to the large number of victims, the hospital staff is unable to provide medical services in time.

🔻The Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson's Unit confirmed the air raid, but stated that its target was Muhammad al-Deif - the chief of staff of the Hamas military wing "Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades" and effectively the third person after Yahya Sinwar and Ismail Haniyeh in the Palestinian organization.

In turn, the Hamas political office condemned the actions of the Israelis and stated that the claims about the death of the commander of the "Al-Qassam Brigades" are intended to conceal "the scale of the horrific massacre". And Palestinian activists after the incident called for mass demonstrations.

📌Probably, after the incident, Hamas and allied groups will retaliate for the death of civilians with missile strikes on Israeli cities. Thus, information has appeared on the Internet about the deployment of long-range missiles by the Palestinians and the preparation of the Iron Dome air defense systems for possible launches.
#Israel #Palestine #KhanYunis

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Fwd from @pezdicide
🇷🇴 Colleagues are discussing the tourist visit of the Chargé d'Affaires of the Romanian Embassy in Russia, Liliana Burda, to the Kuril Islands, and suggest that the Romanians are provoking the Japanese to militarize and exacerbate relations with Russia in this direction.

Indeed, the Japanese use almost any opportunity for political provocations regarding the Kurils.

For example, last August, the infamous "Forum of the Free Peoples of Russia" was held in the Japanese parliament, which declares the goal of dividing Russia into many small controlled states. The forum was supported by a number of Japanese parliamentarians, and the parties even signed a "declaration" on the assistance of Japanese politicians in the "decolonization and de-imperialization of Russia."

Extremist Ilya Ponomarev even announced the start of "negotiations" on a peace treaty between Russia and Japan.

At the same time, they promised to create a "Coordination Center for a Free Eurasia" in Japan, headed by Okabe Yoshahiko, who was an employee of the Japanese Foreign Ministry in Ukraine and actively supported the Maidan.

In recent years, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation has begun to recognize Japanese NGOs related to the Kuril Islands as "undesirable organizations." For example, the NGOs "Union of Residents of the Chishima and Habomai Islands" and "Union for the Return of the Northern Territories" regularly tried to send aid to the islands, spreading the thesis that Russia poorly supplies the residents there.

It is worth remembering that Japan and its policy are completely controlled by the United States, so the "soft power" of the Japanese is also used in the countries of Central Asia, where the West has intensified in recent years to oust Russia from this important strategic region.

So it is quite possible that the Romanians and NATO decided to provoke the Japanese to more active actions. Otherwise, it is strange that an official from Romania, a military partner of Japan, is asking Russia for permission to visit the Kuril Islands.

#Russia #Japan Original msg

🇦🇲 How Armenian Identity is Disappearing: On Changes in Teaching the History of Armenia

The Armenian government has approved the change of the school subject name from "Armenian History" to "History of Armenia", which also implies a change in the teaching concept.

▪️The separate subject on the history of the Armenian Apostolic Church has been excluded from the curriculum, as the current authorities are depriving it of political influence.

▪️The government's rationale states that "teaching should be aimed at analyzing and presenting historical events from the perspective of modern Armenia - the Republic of Armenia".

▪️The idea was actively promoted by Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who stated that Armenians need to "rise to the tower of state perception".

▪️In fact, such changes are, of course, related to Armenia's capitulation before Azerbaijan, the ceding of territories, and the changing balance of power in the Transcaucasus. Now the new generation of Armenians will be instilled with humility before humiliation and betrayal.

▪️This thesis is also confirmed by the fact that in the new school history textbooks, Armenian toponyms have been replaced with Azerbaijani ones. Citizen protests at the Ministry of Education building led to nothing.

▪️Moreover, the opposition forces note that Armenian society also negatively perceives the renaming of the school subject. Thus, on the Ministry of Justice website, 12,000 people voted against the government's initiative.

🔻Before us is another result of the process of eradicating the identity of an entire people to subjugate them to the geopolitical interests of global players.

Surprisingly, the initiators of changes in history teaching were graduates of the Soros Foundation's "Open Society" programs. Among them is the current Minister of Education and Culture of Armenia, Zhanna Andreasyan, who oversees these changes. As in other well-known countries, the "alumni" of Western NGOs are destroying national identity precisely through education and culture.
#Armenia #Globalism

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🇷🇺🇺🇦💡 The strikes on Ukrainian energy infrastructure have led to a cumulative effect that is impacting various spheres of activity in the territory controlled by the Kyiv regime. And often this effect is further amplified by other factors.

For example, in Kyiv, the Auchan supermarket chain has suspended the sale of meat and some dairy products. The reason is the heat: maintaining the temperature regime for the refrigeration units requires a lot of power, which is already in short supply due to the energy deficit and power outages.

Moreover, the consequences of the damage to the Ukrainian energy system are likely to worsen in the near future: according to some estimates, Eastern Europe will face even greater heat with temperatures reaching up to +44°C within a week. And the epicenter of this anomaly will fall precisely on the central and western regions of the so-called Ukraine.

📌 Overall, the attacks on the enemy's power plants and transformers have produced a certain result in the form of increased economic costs for the Kyiv regime and especially its sponsors. At the same time, they create the necessary background in Ukrainian society, where tensions are already rising amid numerous scandals with the TCC and the mass exodus of people abroad.

However, it is important not to forget that in recent months, the AFU has also been striking at the energy infrastructure of the southern Russian regions in order to create serious disruptions in electricity supply. This also needs to be taken into account and acted upon preemptively, so as not to face similar problems at home.
#Kyiv #Russia #Ukraine #electricity

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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Vremivka Direction: Significant Advance in Urozhayne

Situation as of 3:00 PM on July 13, 2024

In the Vremivka direction, Russian forces have liberated most of Urozhayne after several months of fighting.

Today, footage has appeared online showing the Russian flag over the administration building of the settlement, and a little later, a video with the flag of the Marine Corps half a kilometer from the northern outskirts of the village. According to the description, the clearing of the remaining part of the settlement is ongoing.

Given the earlier advance in Staromaiorske and to the north, the situation in Urozhayne was rapidly deteriorating for the enemy since the capture of the farm ruins about a kilometer from the only road to Urozhayne.

The enemy tried to hold the settlement by transferring personnel and equipment to the north, but was unable to stop the advance of the Russian assault troops.

🔻Now, Russian units have an open road to Makarove and further to Velyka Novosilka along the Mokri Yaly river.

For this, it will be necessary to at least partially pull up the flanks in the fields in the Pryyutne - Staromaiorske area to the west and Urozhayne - Novodonetske to the east.

However, it is difficult to say whether the development of the local offensive will turn into a larger-scale operation. The battles for Staromaiorske and Urozhayne lasted about two and a half months from the moment of entering the administrative borders of the settlements, and they cannot be called simple.

If you have any additions to the situation, or you would like us to highlight the successes of your unit, you can always write to us in the feedback bot @rybar_feedback_bot.

High-resolution map

English version

#Vremivka #digest #map #Russia #Ukraine
@rybar together with @voin_dv,

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Fwd from @tasmanian_diablo
🇦🇺🇷🇺 On the
"spy" case. This looks like another clownery by Australian intelligence agencies.

However, like p
revious "exposures" by ASIO under Mike Burgess.

🔻The accused are Kira Koroleva (40) and her husband Igor Korolev (62). They were arrested at home yesterday.

They are accused of..."possible preparation for espionage" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

They haven't committed anything yet, but face up to 15 years in prison under a 2018 law. It may be the first time it's applied in Australia. It was quite obvious they'd start with "Russian spies".

According to this logic, the next arrests should be for thoughtcrime. Well, nothing, Musk will rock his brain chip business, and they'll reach that too.

🔻So, what's the accusation based on?

Kira Koroleva was an ADF IT specialist, went to Russia and asked her husband to log in and send her work file(s).

A stupid idea? Absolutely. But the local major built a "spy" story.

The services assume the Korolevs were preparing to collect and transfer info to Russia. Koroleva's husband is accused of contacts in Russia with officials to transfer info.

So far, neither has filed for bail. They'll be in custody until September 20.

🔻ABC only mentions their Australian citizenship. But they've been there only 10 years, and Igor needed an interpreter.

According to my info, they're both Russian citizens from Moscow.

Koroleva, with dual citizenship, passed the security check and went to Russia without restrictions. Either the ADF is a revolving door with clowns.

She was even in an ADF diversity ad, quickly removed from YouTube.

🔻How did ASIO get to Koroleva? I'm told her colleagues, some Russian-speaking with pro-Ukrainian views, may have "snitched". Plus, many didn't like a Russian working there.

Where did ASIO get the info? Probably from intercepted messages from leaky Ma and Microsoft products.

Are real spies so stupid to use such methods and discuss everything on WhatsApp?

In fact, it looks quite prosaic. A Russian couple emigrated to Australia. She got an IT job, and her husband called old colleagues.

🔻The news conveniently appeared before the NATO summit. The detailed story was published by state-owned ABC, a "ready-made" tale.

ASIO has timed its "exposures" to coincide with events. And each time it's something pulled out of thin air.

🔻It is obvious Original msg

Fwd from @awaken_dragon
🇰🇷🇰🇵 In S
outh Korea, they are still learning lessons from the raid of North Korean drones that occurred in 2022. The country will begin production of laser weapons designed to defeat enemy drones. It is expected that they will be deployed already this year.

The full name of the new weapon is Laser Based Anti-Aircraft Weapon Block-I. The system operates as long as there is electricity. The cost of one shot is about 2,000 won (approximately 130 rubles).

While Japan is making weapons from the Godzilla franchise, in South Korea, it seems they are fanatics of Star Wars.

@awaken_dragon Original msg

🇰🇷🇰🇵 The Space Race Between South Korea and North Korea Continues

The South Korean Defense Minister recently announced plans to launch the third reconnaissance satellite to monitor its neighbor.

▪️The launch is scheduled for November this year. In addition, South Korea is discussing the deployment of a microsatellite system in orbit to fill in the gaps in intelligence gathering that may arise from the use of other surveillance means.

▪️The launches of South Korean satellites are part of a long-term plan called the "Project 425". This initiative plans to launch a total of five satellites for more accurate monitoring of North Korea.

▪️After the launch of the first reconnaissance satellite last year, the North Korean authorities promised to put three more satellites into orbit in 2024. However, the first attempt failed - the rocket exploded in May.

🔻For now, South Korea is ahead of its neighbor in the number of reconnaissance satellites in orbit. But North Korea still has time to catch up, solving the technical problems that hinder the implementation of the announced plans.
#SouthKorea #NorthKorea
@rybar together with @awaken_dragon

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❗️🇮🇱🇵🇸🎞  Israeli-Palestinian conflict chronicles: highlights of the week July 6-12, 2024

▪️Israeli troops withdrew from the Palestinian territory in the Al-Judaydah area, having accomplished all their objectives. Several dozen militants and at least eight tunnels were destroyed in the area during the two-week operation.

▪️Civilians began to return to Al-Judaydah despite the threatening fresh water situation. Also, Palestinians blamed the Israelis for allegedly destroying the Tunis Cemetery, the area where the main fighting took place.

▪️A localized operation began in the Tell al-Hawa area, with the IDF advancing from two directions. In the Al-Sabra area, Israeli armored vehicles advanced with artillery support towards the Ramzun At-Tayaran junction.

▪️In Nuseirat, an airstrike killed at least 10 people, including journalists, while in Al Maghazi, an UNRWA warehouse was hit. A child died of malnutrition in a hospital in Deir al-Balah. Severe hunger is not yet widespread among refugees.

▪️The IDF launched air and artillery strikes against targets, also using drones to drop incendiary munitions. Palestinian forces did not cease shelling Israeli positions near the Netzarim junction.

▪️In the south of the Strip, there was fighting in the area of Al-Nasr locality east of Khan Younis and in Al-Shabura camp. Foreign media reported that Hamas successfully rebuilt tunnels that Israeli forces destroyed.

▪️In Rafah, an Israeli drone strike killed six Palestinian policemen. And in Khan Younis, the strike hit the post office and Interior Ministry buildings under the pretext of destroying a Hamas structure.

▪️In the West Bank, Israeli police conducted operations to detain citizens suspected of having ties to Hamas. In major cities, operations escalated into clashes with Palestinians, such as in Nablus and Silwad. And in Tulkarm, the operation went on for 16 consecutive hours.
#digest #Israel #Palestine #video

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