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🔥 Tonkeeper and TON Core team Launch New Wallet Standard - the W5 Smart Wallet

Tonkeeper, a leading non-custodial TON wallet with more than 30M monthly active users, is proud to announce the launch of the new TON ecosystem wallet standard W5.

Tonkeeper’s team has created prominent innovative products, such as TON Connect for secure connection to thousands of dApps, Tonkeeper Battery for gasless transactions and the Gasless USDT and Notcoin feature. The Tonkeeper team has also built the largest developer platform on TON — TonAPI.

Tonkeeper, in partnership with the TON Core team, is introducing the 🔥W5 Smart Wallet, a new standard designed with gasless transactions and extensibility.

🔥 W5 is an open wallet standard developed in collaboration with the TON ecosystem to replace the current wallet version, v4.

Tonkeeper is dedicated to simplifying blockchain interactions and making TON accessible to all users, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrency.

The launch of the W5 Smart Wallet with embedded Battery and Gasless features marks a significant step towards achieving this goal. This offers users a seamless and efficient transaction experience, with many more exciting new features to come powered by W5.

Making TON More Accessible

TON, a “multi-asset” blockchain network, supports a wide range of fungible tokens, including the stablecoin USDT, staked “tsTON” and the tap-to-earn Notcoin as well as various non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Getting into blockchain can be challenging to newcomers. This is because users cannot perform transactions without first acquiring Toncoin to pay network gas fees.

Tonkeeper’s Battery and Gasless features were created to address this issue. This enables users to simplify their initial interactions with the network by using Tonkeeper wallet’s ability to “charge” the Battery feature to cover for fees.

Key Features 🔥W5

⚡️ Gasless Transactions

Tonkeeper users can make transactions without worrying about gas fees or acquiring Toncoin. Instead, transaction fees are covered using USDT or Notcoin from a user's balance.

🔋 Tonkeeper Battery

A versatile off-chain account within Tonkeeper that covers transaction fees without Toncoin, the Battery balance is denominated in charges:

One charge: Covers a simple Toncoin transfer.
5–10 charges: Required for more complex transactions like token or NFT transfers.

⚡️ Efficiency

Support for up to 255 operations in Tonkeeper in a single transaction, boosting speed and efficiency. W5 increases the number of simultaneous operations from four to 255, so users can save up on charges.

🔋 Charging the Battery

Tonkeeper Battery has processed more than 2 million transactions by mid-June 2024. When a user signs a transaction, Tonkeeper deducts the amount of charges required to pay gas fees from the Battery.

🧑‍💻 Recovery Phrase

Old v4 wallet accounts and the new W5 Smart Wallet use the same recovery phrase. This means when a user restores accounts on a new device, both old and new accounts will appear automatically.

To try 🔥W5:

1. Update Tonkeeper to the most recent version
2. Tap “Settings” and select “W5 Wallet”
3. Add the “W5” wallet alongside a current wallet, and start using your new W5 wallet.

Download Tonkeeper:
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📱Mobile in Tonkeeper

Friends, we want to introduce you to another handy service in the Tonkeeper Browser. Meet eSim provider Mobile who offers global mobile services in more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

How does TonMobile work?

Mobile eSIM can be purchased from anywhere around the world and activated instantly. As you don’t need a physical SIM card, you don’t have to worry about shipping time or locating the nearest shop to get the SIM card.

It can be used alongside a regular SIM card from any cellular service provider. Once the eSIM is installed, track your balance here in Mobile. If you run out of data, simply get a new eSIM to continue enjoying your mobile connection wherever you are.

As Mobile is constantly expanding its services and is already available in more than 150 countries, it is a perfect solution for digital nomads or travelers as users can choose the package that best suits their needs and travel plans.

Recent key updates:

- Intuitive and user-friendly interface✨
- Redesigned application engine and Improved performance 🚀
-150+ countries added 🌍
- Revised pricing for more favorable conditions 💸
- 💳 Bank card, Сrypto and TON payment options are available.

How to start using Mobile?

1. Open Tonkeeper and head to the Browser
2. Select the Digital Nomads section > Mobile
3. Choose your destination and package
4. Install and activate your eSIM

Follow Tonkeeper for more updates🌏

Download Tonkeeper:
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🤓Hey friends! We're thrilled to post another installment of the Tonkeeper Education Hub series. Here are new insights into the world of blockchain and how to stay safe using crypto.

In this post, we'll cover:
- What is an NFT?
- What is a Swap?

What is an NFT?

NFTs, short for Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets recorded on the blockchain. They cannot be replicated. Unlike regular currencies, they aren’t fungible, so they cannot be exchanged one-to-one with another NFT.

Each NFT represents ownership of digital content, such as art, music, or virtual property. As NFTs are recorded on a blockchain, the record contains information proving someone’s ownership of the asset, its history, and its authenticity. It proves the NFT is one of a kind.

The individuality of NFTs has garnered interest across various industries, particularly in the art sector. Artists can create pieces and sell them as NFTs, guaranteeing that each creation is truly unique. Those who purchase these NFTs receive verified ownership rights and have the option to resell them later, potentially at higher prices, if the artwork gains value.

Individuals require a wallet like Tonkeeper to start engaging with NFTs, which can be traded on NFT marketplaces, such as Getgems.
NFTs present exciting opportunities for ownership and artistic expression.

A dynamic community consisting of artists, collectors, and visionaries is constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be owned and exchanged within the landscape.

Whether you're interested in acquiring art, music, or other distinct digital pieces, NFTs present an avenue for interacting with and investing in digital content.

What is a Swap?

Swapping in the world of cryptocurrency involves exchanging one type of currency for another. This can be done through certain decentralized exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets like Tonkeeper. Swaps are handy for diversifying investments using a token for a particular purpose or seizing trading opportunities.

Here's a breakdown of how a swap unfolds:

1. Select a Platform. To initiate a swap, choose a platform that supports this feature. Common options include decentralized exchanges like or certain wallet applications like Tonkeeper.

2. Choose Cryptocurrencies. Decide what currency you wish to exchange and which one you'd like to get. For instance, if you want to exchange Toncoin (TON) for Tether (USDT), specify this pair.

3. Input Amount. Enter the quantity of cryptocurrency you intend to swap. The platform will display the amount of the other currency based on the prevailing exchange rate.

4. Review and Confirm. Before finalizing the swap, carefully review all details, including the exchange rate and gas fees. Once everything looks good, go ahead, and confirm the transaction.

5. Executing the Swap. The platform will begin processing your transaction. This process typically involves recording all the transaction information in the form of a smart contract to ensure secure swapping and record the exchange on the blockchain.

Once the swap has been finalized, the newly acquired digital currency will show up in your wallet. From the user’s perspective, the process of exchanging cryptocurrencies is straightforward. By grasping the mechanics of swaps, one can maximize the adaptability and potential benefits offered by the landscape.

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A friendly reminder that Tonkeeper now has a Discord! Join our growing community to chat and connect with fellow TON fans 😄

The Tonkeeper Discord server is the perfect place if you wish to learn about the latest developments in the TON network, and chat with like-minded individuals. No matter whether you're just starting your TON adventure or you're well-versed in blockchain, the Tonkeeper Discord is a perfect place for you.

💎 Take part in the Tonkeeper Meme Contest on Discord!

Here's your opportunity to leash your inner comedian and win prizes. Creators of the funniest and most creative Tonkeeper memes will receive rewards for their submissions.

Duration: July 18 - 24
Where: Tonkeeper Discord

How to Participate:

1. Join Discord
2. Create a hilarious meme about Tonkeeper
3. Post your meme in our #artandmemes channel on the Tonkeeper Discord server
4. Best works will each receive prize!

Good luck and stay tuned, more great news is coming your way 🚀

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📖 Staking seems complicated? Absolutely not!

Discover the secrets of staking in Tonkeeper with Tonstakers!

👉Please note that Tonkeeper shares news for informational purposes only and does not provide financial advice. Do Your Own Research.

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Tonkeeper Education Hub

Hey friends! We're thrilled to post another installment of the Tonkeeper Education Hub series.

In this post, we'll cover:
How can someone be secure using blockchain?
How do blockchain transactions work?

How Can Someone Be Secure Using Blockchain?

Here are some important tips for maintaining security when using technology.

1. Protect Your Key.
The secret key, also referred to as the private key, is crucial for crypto security as it grants access to funds. It is vital to keep it confidential and never share it with anyone. Store it securely in a hardware wallet or have a printed backup stored somewhere safe.

2. Choose a Secure Wallet. Select a wallet that offers strong security features like Tonkeeper. While software wallets are handy, hardware wallets like Ledger provide an additional layer of security by keeping private keys offline. Ensure you regularly update the wallet software to safeguard against vulnerabilities.

3. Activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). Always use 2FA on your wallet and exchange accounts when available. 2FA security systems require two separate forms of verification, such as a code sent to your smartphone or email to access your account on top of a regular password.

4. Watch Out for Phishing Scams. Be cautious of emails, messages, or websites requesting your key or other sensitive information. Always verify the source before clicking on links or sharing details, as phishing scams are prevalent, and staying vigilant is essential.

5. Check Transaction Details Carefully. Before you finalize any transaction, double-check the recipient’s address and the amount you're sending. Errors in transactions are permanent, so it's essential to be thorough and accurate.

6. Ensure Device Security. Use updated antivirus software to keep your computer and mobile devices safe. Avoid conducting transactions over public Wi-Fi networks, and stay vigilant, as malware can jeopardize your security.

By adhering to these guidelines you can confidently and securely handle cryptocurrency transactions. With time these habits will become second nature, safeguarding your digital assets in the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency.

How Do Blockchain Transactions Work?

Ever wondered how transactions work on the blockchain? Let’s dive into it. A blockchain transaction is a process that involves moving cryptocurrency from one wallet to another.

Here's how it usually works:

1. Starting the Transaction.
When someone sends cryptocurrency, they use their wallet to set up a transaction. This process is quite similar to traditional banking, and includes setting the amount sent, choosing the recipient’s address, and verifying the transaction by using a digital signature created by their private key.

2. Sharing with the Network. Once the transaction is set up, it’s shared with the blockchain network, which consists of nodes or computers that validate and log transactions.

3. Checking and Confirming. The network nodes receive the transaction, and start the verification process. They confirm if the sender has the balance for the transfer and check if the digital signature matches. This step ensures that the transaction is valid and not an attempt at double-spending – using the same cryptocurrency in multiple transactions.

4. Adding to a Block. Once validated, the transaction joins other transactions in a block, which then becomes part of the blockchain – an unchangeable record of all transactions.

5. Verification. Once a block is recorded on the blockchain, the transaction is marked as confirmed. Different blockchain networks may need additional confirmations to guarantee the transaction’s complete security.

6. Completion. Once there are confirmations, the transaction is completed, and the cryptocurrency is officially sent to a wallet. Users can then view the updated balance in their wallet, and use the funds freely.

By grasping these steps, one can comprehend the open process involved in blockchain transactions.

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🚀 Tonkeeper update is here!

We are constantly striving to improve Tonkeeper, making it safer and more secure for all users. The latest Tonkeeper update brings an exciting new feature.

Spam Transaction

We've taken a significant step towards a safer ecosystem by introducing the ability to identify and report spam transactions. If you encounter a suspicious transaction in your history, you'll now see a "Spam" warning label next to it.

This new feature allows you to easily report these transactions for further review, helping us maintain a secure environment for everyone.

Enjoy a safer experience with our new update✨

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🔥Getgems in Tonkeeper Browser

What is Getgems?

The most convenient NFT marketplace on TON. Here you can find your favorite collections: Anonymous Telegram Numbers, Smeshariki, Roolz, Notcoin Pre-Market, Annihilation, domain collections, and literally all NFTs from TON blockchain.

At Getgems, it's safe to buy and sell NFTs, launch auctions, make offers to other collectors, create your own NFTs, chill with the community, discuss trends, and share experiences.

Stay tuned for new releases on the launchpad. Promising projects launch sales of limited collections on favorable terms, and early participants in sales receive exclusive access and bonuses.

Get free NFTs from Pearls by Gems. Getgems team helps creators and curates all stages of collection release. While you can start collecting NFTs completely free right inside Telegram.

Some subscribers may acquire super rare NFTs in Pearls collections and earn some TON by flipping them.

Not just NFTs: participate in seasonal contests, activities, and games with prizes in thousands of TON. Three versions of the Absurd League, the Egg Fight Club game, raffles, and creative contests have already been held specifically for the cozy Getgems community. More to come!

Love is Getgems is...

- More than two years on the TON blockchain.
- Over 3 million users.
- Thousands of collections on the NFT marketplace.
- Top technical support for any questions.
- Responsive and vibing community.

Subscribe to @getgems channel, read the weekly digest to stay updated on the NFT agenda on TON, follow upcoming activities, and earn rewards by participating in events and, most importantly, have fun.

Download Tonkeeper:
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Tonkeeper Education Hub

Hey friends! We're thrilled to announce the third post in the Tonkeeper Education Hub. We're excited to share our knowledge and provide useful tips to make your journey into the crypto world smoother and safer, helping you avoid scams along the way.

In this post, we'll cover the basics:

- What is a Crypto Wallet?
- What is a Recovery Phrase?

What is a Crypto Wallet?
A cryptocurrency wallet serves as a tool enabling individuals to store, send, and receive digital currency. It functions like a bank account tailored for digital assets like USDT, TON and Notcoin, among others. Crypto wallets come in different forms, ranging from software options like Tonkeeper to hardware choices such as Ledger and even paper wallets dispensed by crypto ATMs.

Each type presents varying levels of security and convenience.
When someone transfers cryptocurrency, it gets sent to an address linked to the recipient's crypto wallet. This wallet comprises two elements: A public key and a private key. The public key operates like an account number. This can be shared with others for receiving funds. The private key functions as a PIN or password that must be kept confidential since it grants access to the funds.

User-friendly software wallets like Tonkeeper’s mobile or desktop apps are ideal for beginners. They simplify tasks, like checking balances, sending cryptocurrency and tracking transaction history. On the other hand, hardware wallets are physical devices designed for heightened security by storing private keys offline, reducing vulnerability to cyber threats.
Setting up a wallet is uncomplicated. Once a wallet like Tonkeeper is installed, users can easily view any cryptocurrency received from friends.

People can use their crypto wallet to send cryptocurrency to others or buy items, among other fun activities. With a cryptocurrency wallet like Tonkeeper, users can explore the realm of digital finance, where they have complete and total control over their funds.

What are the Secret Key and Recovery Phrase?

Many users on Telegram are currently diving into the world of managing cryptocurrencies like USDT, Notcoin and TON. One common term they come across is the "key". What exactly does a secret key entail and why is it so crucial?
A secret key, also referred to as a private key, plays a vital role in ensuring the security of cryptocurrencies. It is as a randomly generated sequence of characters serving as a password for accessing and handling digital assets.

Whenever someone sends cryptocurrency, it gets transferred to an address associated with a wallet that is safeguarded by this secret key.

Imagine the key as a means to unlock a safe. Similar to how one wouldn't disclose a safe combination to others, users should never reveal their private key. It serves as a method to demonstrate ownership of cryptocurrency and authorize transactions. If someone gains access to a key, they can utilize it to access and spend funds.
Additionally, within a wallet exists a public key; it operates like a bank account number.

Users can share this key with others to receive cryptocurrency payments. However, maintaining confidentiality of the private key is imperative for safeguarding crypto assets.
Upon creating a wallet, users will have their secret key automatically generated for them.
Make sure to keep private key information safe. You can write down or securely store the 24-word Recovery phrase generated by Tonkeeper. This phrase can be used to recreate your private key in case you lose the information on your phone or laptop. Another way is to use a hardware wallet to keep your private key safe offline.

If a user loses the key, they lose access to funds. The secret key plays a crucial role in cryptocurrency security so it's important to handle it carefully and understand its significance in managing digital assets within the cryptocurrency realm confidently!

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Tonkeeper Team 🤍

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🎨 Website Builder Contest Results!

Friends, after reviews we are thrilled to announce the winners of the Tonkeeper Website Builder Contest! The competition had more than 300 submissions, a high level of interest and participation! Below is information about winners and their total prize and rewards.

✨Meet the winners ✨

🥇 lum***

🥇 byn***
🥇 erfa***

🥈 lak***
🥈 mis***
🥈 146***
🥈 fla***

🥉 mol***
🥉 pet***
🥉 mh3***


Congratulations to the winners! A sincere thanks to all participants for their commitment and effort. We look forward to offering more exciting opportunities to display your talents in the future!

Prizes will be sent out next week to everyone who has left their TON address, if you have not added your TON address please send it again to

Download Tonkeeper:
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Tonkeeper Team 🤍

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🔥Tonkeeper Browser: Gift Cards, NFT Marketplace and Services for Digital Nomads

Tonkeeper is continuously adding new and useful decentralized applications (dApps), and it’s time for a reminder about some of them. Users can find these apps in the Tonkeeper Browser section. It features utilities, games, NFTs, exchanges and services for digital nomads. These digital nomad services include gift cards, SIM cards, VPNs and much more.


Purchase digital gift cards and top up a Steam or PlayStation balance directly through Tonkeeper. To do this:

1. Open the Tonkeeper app
2. Select Tokenstore in the built-in browser
3. Choose the gift card or gaming service you need, and
4. Pay with TON right from Tonkeeper!

Getgems is an NFT marketplace on the TON blockchain.

To buy NFTs, simply:

1. Open the Tonkeeper app
2. Select Getgems in the built-in browser under the NFT section
3. Find NFT pieces of interest in
4. Pay with TON directly from the app!


LetsExchange is a universal hub for cryptocurrency exchange, offering the largest selection of crypto assets available. Swap over 4500+ cryptocurrencies with TON using the LetsExchange platform in the Tonkeeper Browser.

Download Tonkeeper:
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💎How to Buy TON and USDT in Tonkeeper: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hi Friends,
We're thrilled to announce the launch of the second post for Tonkeeper Educational Hub. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to newcomers - and provide handy tips for utilizing Tonkeeper. Here’s how to easily purchase TON or USDT with a card, bank transfer or crypto:

1. Open Tonkeeper

For the first time opening the app, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Tonkeeper wallet.

2. Сhoose Buy & Sell on the main screen

Navigate to the main screen of Tonkeeper and select Buy & Sell. Tonkeeper offers a variety of convenient options, including one-click in-app purchases by cards and bank transfers. Some platforms might request ID or passport verification for security purposes — have them handy!

3. Swap TON via a crypto exchange

Select a cryptocurrency to use for the swap. Tonkeeper facilitates smooth and efficient in-app exchanges. Depending on the chosen cryptocurrency exchange, users might need to provide additional details like transaction IDs or wallet addresses.

4. Receive TON

Tonkeeper will display received transactions in History for review.

🔥Hot tip:
Don’t worry about running out of gas fees again with Tonkeeper Battery. The Battery covers payments, staking, swaps and more with any tokens and NFTs. Tonkeeper Battery lets users receive tokens (stablecoins, NFTs, etc.) and make token payments without going to an exchange to buy crypto to cover blockchain fees.

👉Сheck the first educational post

Stay tuned and get ready to learn!

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🏆 Website Builder Contest is finished!

We are thrilled that our Website Builder Contest ended with an overwhelming response, receiving 300 fantastic submissions! We didn't anticipate such a high level of interest and participation.

Right now, we're diving into the review process and discussing each submission. We can't wait to announce the results on Friday, July 5th 🔥

A big thank you to everyone who participated — your creativity and hard work were truly inspiring!

Stay tuned for the announcement!

Download Tonkeeper:
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⏰ Reminder: Website Builder Contest in full swing!

Now is the time to enter if you haven't had a chance yet.

Prize Pool: $15'000
Deadline: June 30, 2024
Subscribe for updates: @tonkeeper_news


Design and mark-up a single web page about 🔋Tonkeeper Battery. The goal of the page is to explain what this feature does and its key use cases: gasless payments and swaps for USDT, Notcoin and other tokens; NFT transfers; funding with in-app purchases or crypto.
See our announcements in this channel for more details.

 👉 In this post you can find the rules and requirements for the contest. Submit a link to your work, your Telegram username and TON address by email to

Good luck🤍

Download Tonkeeper:
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🤓Tonkeeper Education Hub

Hey friends! We're thrilled to announce the launch of our new educational series, diving into the world of crypto, blockchain fundamentals and the TON ecosystem. We're excited to share our knowledge and provide useful tips to make your journey into the crypto world smoother and safer, helping you avoid scams along the way.

In this our first post, we'll cover the basics:

- What is blockchain
- What is a blockchain explorer

What is Blockchain?

Imagine using Telegram and a friend sends some cryptocurrency, such as USDT. What is this digital money? How does it operate? Let's explore the fundamentals of blockchain, the technology that powers cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain serves as a digital ledger that documents transactions. Think of it as a series of blocks. Each block contains transaction details. These blocks are connected in a sequence to create a chain - hence the word “blockchain”.

Blockchain technology is not controlled by any single entity, such as a bank. Instead, it is managed by a network of computers known as “nodes” spread across the globe. And each of these nodes possesses a copy of the blockchain. These nodes collaborate to authenticate and log transactions, replacing the need for one centralized entity like a bank.

When one friend sends cryptocurrency to another, the transaction is recorded in one of these blocks. But before it gets included in the blockchain, other nodes must verify it. This validation process in cryptocurrencies ensures transactions are genuine and safeguards against fraud. Once validated the block joins the chain, reflecting an updated balance in crypto wallets such as Tonkeeper.

An essential characteristic of blockchain is its transparency and security. Every transaction is visible to all network participants. This makes alterations or hacking attempts challenging. Blockchain stands out as cutting-edge technology supporting cryptocurrencies. It revolutionizes how transactions and trust are perceived in the digital era.

What is a Blockchain Explorer?

Many people wonder how they can keep track of and validate transactions on a blockchain. This is where a blockchain explorer becomes useful.

A blockchain explorer serves as a tool that enables anyone to observe all transactions occurring on a specific blockchain. It can be likened to a search engine tailored for the crypto realm. When a friend sends cryptocurrency this action is logged on the blockchain. Through the use of a blockchain explorer, individuals have the ability to input either a transaction ID or wallet address to access transaction details.

Upon opening an explorer like Tonviewer, users are greeted with a search bar and an overview of recent transactions. By inputting a transaction ID, users can uncover information regarding transfers, including the transferred amount, sender and recipient addresses and confirmation time. This level of transparency stands as one of the core advantages of the technology.

Apart from transaction details, blockchain explorers provide an array of information for users to view. Users can check out block height (indicating how many blocks have been appended to the blockchain), monitor recent transactions and at times even assess the TON network status.

Utilizing an explorer is straightforward and does not necessitate any special permissions. It acts as a tool for verifying successful transactions and instilling peace of mind in users.

Users have the ability to delve into blockchain operations using this tool allowing them to grasp the intricacies of cryptocurrency transactions. Give an explorer like Tonviewer a try to witness a transaction in progress. It offers a peek into the wide open realm of blockchain technology.

Stay tuned and get ready to learn!

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Exciting News 🎉

Friends, we are happy to announce that Tonkeeper now has a Discord!

Join our growing community to chat, share and connect with fellow Tonkeeper fans. Whether for education, tips, discussions or just to make new friends, the Tonkeeper Discord server is the perfect place - click the link below to join the fun.

👉 Join Discord

And don’t forget to follow us on for the latest updates and content:

Official website:
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Follow official news channels: en · ru · فارسی · twitter
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Stay tuned, more great news is coming your way🚀

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💫 Exciting News!

Friends, we're thrilled to announce the partnership between Tonkeeper and Keystone - an open-source hardware wallet that has undergone rigorous audits by several leading security firms in the industry.

Now you can manage your assets even more securely by using your Keystone wallet accessible through Tonkeeper Pro and Tonkeeper Web. This integration ensures a high level of security for your assets.

About Keystone

Keystone is an open-source hardware wallet that has been thoroughly audited by several leading security firms. It is the first hardware wallet to integrate three secure chips from different manufacturers, offering unmatched security. Keystone's QR code scanning method ensures that the seed remains completely offline, safeguarding it from potential risks. Additionally, Keystone features a 4-inch display that provides an intuitive user interface and detailed transaction reviews, effectively combating blind signing.

Key Features

1. Keystone supports TON’s native seed algorithm, making it easy to move your TON seed without hassle.
2. Interacting seamlessly across 800 dApps, Keystone ensures a fluid wallet connection and dynamic interactions with Tonkeeper.
3. Whether you're swapping Jetton, staking, making IRL purchases, or diving into DApps, Keystone secures every part of your TON journey.

All features are already available in Tonkeeper Pro and Tonkeeper Web.

👉Already have Keystone? Update your device to the latest firmware V-1.5.0 and start using it with Tonkeeper.

If you don't already have a Keystone wallet, here's a special offer for the Tonkeeper community: a 10% discount valid for 2 weeks.

To use the discount, visit the Keystone website and enter the code "Tonkeeper" during checkout. The discount will be automatically applied to your cart.

Download Tonkeeper:
Download Tonkeeper Pro:
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🎨 Website Builder Contest

Friends, we are happy to announce Website Builder Contest.

Prize Pool: $15'000
Deadline: June 30, 2024
Subscribe for updates: @tonkeeper_news


Design and mark-up a single web page about 🔋Tonkeeper Battery. The goal of the page is to explain what this feature does and its key use cases: gasless payments and swaps for USDT, Notcoin and other tokens; NFT transfers; funding with in-app purchases or crypto.
See our announcements in this channel for more details.


- Use mostly factual information, but feel free to make up some numbers if they were not published yet.
- Make your own graphics.
- Responsive design (desktop+mobile).
- Fun graphics and visualizations are a plus.
- Optimized use of bandwidth: img compression, low js overhead are a plus.
- Adhering to the current Tonkeeper style is not a requirement.


Top-3 get big prizes and an invitation to work on one of our projects; the rest of Top-10 get complimentary prizes.

Submit a link to your work, your Telegram username and TON address by email to

Download Tonkeeper:
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🚀 Tonkeeper and MMpro Trust launched RWA Store and sales have started

Previously we announced a partnership with MMpro Trust, a top platform for tokenized assets to launch an RWA (Real-World Asset) Store.

The project under partnership involves the hardware wallet Ledger. MMpro Trust allows investors to purchase Ledger Pre-IPO assets directly through the Tonkeeper.

❗️Sales are now live

How to Start?

1. Open Tonkeeper
2. Go to Browser
3. Select "RWA Store"
4. Choose "RWA Pre-IPO Assets of Ledger"

If you have any questions regarding the project, you can request all legal documents by sending a request to @MMPro_chat_bot

👉Please note that Tonkeeper shares news for informational purposes only and does not provide financial advice. Do Your Own Research.

Discover the future of investing✨

Download Tonkeeper:
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🔥Tonkeeper and MMpro Trust launch RWA store for pre-IPO investments

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with MMpro Trust, a top platform for tokenized assets to launch an RWA (Real-World Asset) Store. This new initiative gives investors access to Pre-IPO investments through RWA NFTs, offering great benefits to both traditional and crypto investors.

First project

The initial project under partnership involves the hardware wallet Ledger. MMpro Trust now offers investors the opportunity to purchase Ledger Pre-IPO assets directly through the Tonkeeper.

Sales start at 18:00 CET on June 18th

What are RWA NFTs?

RWA NFTs (Real-world asset non-fungible tokens) are digital tokens representing real assets that can be bought and sold.

What is pre-IPO?

An opportunity to invest in companies before they go public and start trading their shares on the stock exchange.

How to Start?

1. Open Tonkeeper
2. Go to Browser
3. Select "RWA Store"
4. Choose "RWA Pre-IPO Assets of Ledger"

About MMPro Trust

MMpro Trust redefines asset management and trading on a global scale. It is committed to innovation, security, and broadening access. With over 50 major banks and 300+ investment funds already in blockchain, including giants like BlackRock,Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan, this market is expected to grow to $16 trillion by 2030, presenting unparalleled opportunities for investors.

👉Please note that Tonkeeper shares news for informational purposes only and does not provide financial advice. Do Your Own Research.

Download Tonkeeper:
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