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Только важные новости из мира криптовалют. Самые крутые раздачи аирдропов и перспективные ICO и IEO . Канал для тех, кто ценит время. @crypto_net.
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Crypto_Net 17 Jun, 10:13
✅Добро пожаловать в крипто сеть✅

📡Только важные новости из мира крипты.

💸Раздачи аирдропов💸

☝️многообещающие ICO и IEO🦾

👩‍🎓"Кто владеет информацией - владеет миром" 👩‍🎓
Crypto_Net 12 Jun, 16:32
Crypto_Net 12 Jun, 16:32
Crypto_Net 11 Jun, 04:02
#BitcoinBlack v #Bitcoin.
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Crypto_Net 5 Jun, 06:20
📨 #crypto_net

🇨🇳 China-based Internet giant Tencent is set to found a 100-member blockchain alliance.
via Cointelegraph

🇯🇵 Japan’s largest banks will explore the possibility of creating a digital payment system.
via CoinDesk

📄 Bloomberg has published the June edition of its Crypto Outlook report.
via official website

🧑🏽‍⚖️ Bittrex and Poloniex have been added as defendants in a market manipulation class-action suit.
via The Block

💵 BitMEX has issued a $100,000 grant to a Bitcoin Core developer and researcher.
via Decrypt
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Crypto_Net 22 May, 11:03
🗣Now ongoing 2 legal #airdrop. - #BitcoinBlack and Izeroium. Join👇
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Total Reward: 500 Izer($50)
Rate: 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Focus: Token distribution on September 10

Bot #Airdrop Link : airdrop page

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🔹 Submit Eth address and details.
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Additional Information:
Trusted #Exchange with intuitive UI/UX allowing users to get in touch with cryptocurrencies with fiat conveniently. An intuitive, simple and easy to use interface. Buy, sell and exchange #cryptocurrencies with complete confidence.
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Crypto_Net 18 May, 08:39
💸Giveaway 300 users 0.6 BTC

💰We prepared 0.5555 BTC for the first 300 lucky users. Each will receive 0.002 BTC! Do you want to be one of them? Go through simple registration and enter the giveaway! Track your reward in "Watch rating" sheet. BTC will be available after the launch to the platform.
Crypto_Net 17 May, 09:21
Crypto_Net 17 May, 07:36
Crypto_Net 16 May, 12:15
Bitcoin Black v Bitcoin. Get FREE coins ($36 value)!
Crypto_Net 5 May, 19:52
China prepares for the armed opposition with the USA!!!

According to Reuters, China faced a wave of the anti-#Chinese moods headed by the #USA and therefore prepares for the worst scenario – the armed confrontation between two world powers. utm_source=telegram
Crypto_Net 4 May, 17:38
📨 #btc #eth #blockchain

🧮 Major accountant Grant Thornton rolled out a new blockchain-powered solution for tracking intercompany transactions.
via Modern Consensus

🌏 CoinMarketCap revealed countries with the largest increase in the number of users.
via Bitcoin[dot]com

💪🏻 Blogging platform Ghost has successfully protected its servers from a cryptojacking attack.
via Cointelegraph

📉 Tesla’s shares dramatically dropped after Elon Musk said the company’s stock price was too high.
via Decrypt

🛬 Warren Buffett sold all of Berkshire’s airline stocks in April.
via ccn
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Crypto_Net 3 May, 20:42
✅ on April 29 and 30 the bitcoin rose 22% up to $9 500, then the course was corrected lower than $9 000. After that there were two unsuccessful attempts to take the price in $9 000 🙃

It became known that start of a blockchain of TON is postponed for a year till April 30, 2021 if investors of the project agree to new conditions.

Week digest:

🔸 In the I quarter 2020 of GDP of the USA dropped by 4,8%. Statistically, it was not since 2008 and everything indicates recession

🔸 XRP Sales by the Ripple company established an anti-record and made only $1,75 million

🔸 media: On April 25 start Chinese state BSN blockchain platform took place

🔸 In one day test networks Schlesi for Ethereum 2.0 and Shelley for Cardano blockchain are started

🔸 According to data of Eurostat, the economy of the countries of EC was reduced by 3,5% because of fight against a coronavirus that indicates the beginning of recession 😱

🔸 Cryptoexchanges: BitMEX since May 1 will stop service of citizens of Japan, and FTX started testing of the adjustable platform for trade in bitcoin in the USA

🔸 media: From January to April, 2020 Bitmain earned $300 million, promise the staff of the company a good award

🔸 the Owner of Google the Alphabet company reported on a profit of $41 billion in the I quarter 2020 💰

🔸 the Chinese holding Tencent started the blockchain accelerator calculated on 30 startups

🔸 the Bitfinex Cryptoexchange started social network for the Bitfinex Pulse traders, it is designed for users of the platform

Rate of the main currencies:

Bitcoin of $8874 (↓0.90%)
Ethereum of $210 (↓2.22%)
Ripple of $0.2191 (↓2.23%)
Bitcoin Cash of $251 (↓2.88%)
Litecoin of $48 (↓1.73%)
Binance Coin of $17 (↓2.51%)
EOS of $2.82 (↓3.33%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $248 billion

The course is updated: May 3
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Crypto_Net 30 Apr, 02:00
📨 #cryptocurrency #btc #eth

💎 The Telegram Open Network operating system (TON OS) is rumored to soon appear on Play Market and App Store.
via Cointelegraph

🇨🇳 A district court in China has reportedly ruled that Ether (ETH) is legal property with economic value.
via Bitcoin[dot]com

💵 Tether has printed almost US$1 billion this month.
via Decrypt

⛓ The Chamber of Digital Commerce president believes that pandemic will accelerate blockchain adoption.
via Modern Consensus

💪 Supermajor oil stock BP (formerly known as British Petroleum) defended its dividend against the collapse in crude prices.
via ccn
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Crypto_Net 26 Apr, 14:19
#notreal #fake #crypto #blockchain
(translation from Chinese)
‼️ top secret
official report
of 04.25.2020

The leader of North Korea - elimination
According to intelligence agencies of South and North Korea:

- the plan of creation of the uniform state is transferred to a realization stage
- from possible options it is chosen - elimination (isolation) of the leader and ruling party
- are documented - existence of 2,5 million Bitcoin under control of intelligence agencies of North Korea
- until the end of 2020 borders between the states of South and North Korea will be removed
- the large mining a pool in Northern Korea (#BTC and #ETH) is confirmed
- testings and transition to single digital currency of #CBDC are confirmed
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Crypto_Net 26 Apr, 14:15
✅ Happens: in only 30 minutes the price of bitcoin rose higher than $7 700 and fell back to $7 500 😇

News of Saturday:

🔸 media: The partner of the Kraken exchange of the Etana Custody platform had a leakage of personal data, means of clients in safety

🔸 Crisis: the tourist branch will lose $500 billion, and the international money transfers will be reduced by 20%

🔸 the Producer of the equipment for a mining of Ebang submitted the application to SEC of the USA for carrying out the IPO and intends to attract $100 million 🤑

🔸 Cryptoexchanges: BitMEX starts futures of ETHUSD with a shoulder of the 50th, and Poloniex removed trade couple of GRIN/BTC

Rate of the main currencies:

Bitcoin of $7587 (↑0.07%)
Ethereum of $196 (↑0.25%)
Ripple of $0.1949 (↓0.49%)
Bitcoin Cash of $241 (↓0.38%)
Litecoin of $45 (↓0.63%)
Binance Coin of $16 (↓0.11%)
EOS of $2.72 (↓0.42%)

Capitalization of all cryptocurrencies: $219 billion

The course is updated: On April 26
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Crypto_Net 24 Apr, 00:04
Crypto_Net 24 Apr, 00:04
Crypto_Net 24 Apr, 00:03
Crypto_Net 24 Apr, 00:03