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Posting awesome remotes job opportunities in international compamies. Author @pooteeweet. DM for questions and suggestions.
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Remote Ever After 9 Aug, 15:43
Hello, happy people!

Last August I attended one of largest tech events in Russia — Tech Train conference. It was my first large tech conference and I fell in love with conferences. I loved the fact that you can meet industry leaders and peers, ask them questions, attend workshops and coding sessions.

I was putting up a list of tech events to attend after the pandemic is over and ran into Web Summit — the largest tech event in the world held annually in Lisbon, Portugal. Well, you know what I did first thing — checked their careers page. Lol! And surprise surprise — they have got several cool opportunities open at the moment. They also host large tech events in Hong Kong and Toronto.

This year Web Summit is help online for the first time in its history. The super early bird tickets are available now and till Aug 13 at €99 here. Be sure to check it out and have a great day!

Lead Editor

QA Engineer

Senior Android Developer

Senior Backend Engineer

Senior Ruby Engineer

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend
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Remote Ever After 30 Jul, 12:16
Hello, happy people!

Yesterday I had a nice converstation with one of the new subscribers of my channel. The person asked me if it is posible to shift from a FMCG sales role to sales in tech industry and I decided to find some sales positions to feature. Sales people are needed everywhere, especially in IT. Tech industry is not only coders or designers. Engineers need good sales people who will be able to sell the products they are building.

One of the CEOs I have worked with was convinced that if it takes 100 USD to come up with the idea and another 100 USD to develop the product then it costs a minimum 1000 to actually sell it and make people want and buy it. Sales and marketing people rule the world.

Today we're featuring Sourcegraph. They are currently hiring for both tech and non-tech positions and they have got some sales openings too. The team is all-remote type of company and they welcome people from all backgrounds and communities.

Hope you all are having a great day!

Sales Strategy & Operations Analyst / Sales

Account Executive / Sales

Financial Planning & Analysis Analyst

Senior Commercial Counsel

Customer Engineer

Software Engineer – Backend

Software Engineer – Code intelligence

Software Engineer – Distribution

Software Engineer – Frontend

Software Engineer – Security

Developer Advocate

Product Manager
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Remote Ever After 19 Jul, 10:12
Hello, happy people!

I know I've shared Toggl opportunities earlier but they have new remote opportunities and I couldn't help but share them with you. They are a fully remote, very human-friendly team. Let's help them find the best colleagues ever!

Like these opportunities? - Share them with your network and stay tuned for more!

Have a great day!

Backend Developer, Startup Hiring

Chief Revenue Officer, Startup Hiring

Financial Controller

Product Lead, Startup Hiring

Frontend Developer, Startup Hiring
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Remote Ever After 8 Jul, 10:02
Hello, happy people!

Here are job opportunities at Ripl, "the marketing secret weapon for small businesses," as they refer to themselves. They are building a tool for streamlining social media reach for small businesses and they are searching for new partners in this crime.

Share, repost, subscribe, peace!

Job Application for Associate Content Designer (Contract)

Job Application for Content Manager - Photo Research (Contract)
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Remote Ever After 7 Jul, 09:43
Hello, happy folks!

You probably have heard of BibliU start-up that is disrupting the textbook publishing industry. Good news is they have been raising more VC in the past 6 months and they are hiring remotely. See their current open positions below.

Backend Software Engineer - Remote - Node.JS

Dev Intern (UK only)
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Remote Ever After 7 Jul, 09:25
So cool to see more of corporate beasts going remote. Yesterday Japanese Fujitsu announced they are to offer flexibility to their current employees. This mean there will be 80,000 more of happy people.

Earlier Google and Facebook said their staff could work from home until the end of the year. And Twitter decided to stay remote forever. These is going to be in your kids’ history books, guys! This is a new norm! Amen!
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Remote Ever After 6 Jul, 09:12
Hello, happy folks!

Nice to see companies from Middle Eastern countries embracing remote work, not only US or Europe. This brings in diversity and cultural creativity. Meddy is building a catalogue of doctors in Qatar.

If you think these are cool positions, apply or share them with people you know! Cheers!

Operations Manager - Doha/Dubai/Remote

Product Manager - Remote

Backend Engineer (Python) - Remote
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Remote Ever After 5 Jul, 19:07
Hello, happy people!

Thank you everyone who joined most recently and to those who have been with me all this time! 🎉 As promised, I'm sharing a pro approach to finding unique job opportunities to celebrate 300 subscribers. I'm so excited to share it with you.

You will find new jobs as soon as they get indexed by Google Search and get to be one of the earliest applicants for the positions. And btw, check out my new blog I've been working on. It is still work-in-progress but it is already doing its job.

Stay tuned for more job opportunities and more of my tips! Cheers!
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Remote Ever After 5 Jul, 09:25
Hello, happy people!

What do you think about minimalism? Lots of luxury brands produce minimalist products but what ruins the minimalist idea is the huge brand label on them.

Well, no more. Italic partners up with manufactures to offer unbranded luxury goods from the same manufacturers as your favorite brands but with no logos, no markups. They are currently hiring for these positions. You will get to work with people from Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Manila.

Graphic Designer


Video Editor

Product Designer
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Remote Ever After 4 Jul, 13:20
Hello, happy people!

I was doing some research for my article on Independent Contractor terms and run into a very rare perk that some companies offer — corporate credit card for corporate spendings by individual team members. This allows paying for co-working spaces, coffee shops and other things you'd normally cover out of your own pocket and have to bill to the company providing receipts etc.

There are companies that provide this kind of credit cards as a service and Pleo is one of these companies. I have never used this myself but I like it as an idea for teams which have tons of corporate spendings and paperwork. Today I'm happy to share job opportunities at Pleo where you can actually try using their product while working for them. All remote, American and European time zones are preferred.

Quality Engineering Lead

Senior Software Engineer - Data

Account Executive - Partnerships (German market)

Product manager

Sales manager (Danish market)
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Remote Ever After 24 Jun, 09:25
Hey, happy people!

Today I brought to you Slite — a collaboration tool for remote teams built by a remote team. They are welcoming people located in UTC-6 to UTC+3 time zones mostly. Hurry up to apply or share these opportunities with your network. Have a great day!

Senior Product Designer UTC-6 to UTC+3

SEO & Outreach Manager (any time zone)

Visual Designer UTC-5 to UTC+3
Slite - Senior Product Designer
Why work for Slite? Create a new world of work Our goal is to bring clarity to the currently distracted and chaotic world of work. Chaos is a necessary part of any creative process, but inconsiderate and noisy tools have let it run wild. We believe a new breed of software can make people calmer, more autonomous and effective at work. We need an incredible designer to join us in building the solutions, systems, and messaging that will make that dream a reality. Your job will be to raise the design standard, drive strategy for new features, and refine the interaction details to make our customers' experience world-class. Get the exact set up you need Our core philosophy for both our product and company is to enable people to work calmly and effectively. Wherever you work, in a co-working space or at home, in an ergonomic chair or a hammock—We'll pay for the set-up and tools you need to do the best work of your career. What do I need to bring to the table? Must-haves -Outstanding pr
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Remote Ever After 23 Jun, 09:25
Hello, happy people!

Today is for Intricately. They are mostly hiring engineers in Brazil and I haven't found any mentioning of other locations or time zones. I would encourage you to apply if you are based in Brazil or other South American countries or share it with your friends who live there.

Hurry up to apply or share them with people you know!
Have a nice day!

Backend Engineer

Sr. Front-End Engineer

Sr. Ruby/Rails Developer

Senior Content Marketing Manager

Senior Product Manager
Intricately - Backend Engineer
About Intricately Intricately is the only product of its kind that captures global cloud usage, spend, and engagement by collecting real-time data from across the public Internet. Companies across the cloud and infrastructure ecosystem rely on Intricately's market insight to get visibility into a rapidly expanding market, map and plan territories, and much more. Engineering at Intricately Many companies talk about Big Data- we're living it. How would you model cloud/infrastructure spend for the Fortune 500? How would you collect this data? How would you track variations in this dataset? What's noise vs signal? What's the most efficient way to query 30mm+ Internet Gateways? How do you create a front-end to surface insights for customers so they can get the information they need and get on with their day? Intricately engineering is focused on solving these challenges every day. Got strong opinions on the topic? We'd love to hear them. We are looking for a talented Ruby developer res
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Remote Ever After 22 Jun, 08:21
Hello, happy folks!

Today we're featuring Moovweb. Are very international and fully remote. Although, I don't really resonate with their culture of "hiring 10x-ers i.e. those who can accomplish ten times what the average person can».

To this kind of statements, I always ask "Will you pay me 10x what you would pay to that other person?". But I still like their opportunities for digital nomads that they have open.

Hurry up to apply or share it with people who need them.
Have a nice day!

Director of Solutions Engineering

Senior Solutions Engineer

Senior Enterprise Sales Executive

Technical Recruiter

Customer Product Manager

How Moovweb Makes Remote Work Work
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Remote Ever After 17 Jun, 12:00
Breaking news for nomads: Estonia creates digital nomad visa that is to allow location independent workers to spend up to a year in the country while working with clients outside the country!

Wow! Here comes the new era! 🎉 What are you planning to do when the lockdown is over? I’m surely planning to apply for this kind of visa and spend more time traveling.
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Remote Ever After 11 Jun, 09:25
Hey, happy folks!

Today I'm excited to share some fully remote opportunities at Twilio. Instead of me telling you what a great team they are, just watch them do it and also learn how to draw and owl 😉

Below are all the currently opens jobs at Twilio. Some of them are strictly US-based and some are Worldwide opportunities. There are more US-based opportunities on their careers page that didn't make it on this list.

Hurry up and apply or share it with people who could be the best fit for Twilio! Have a wonderful day!

Senior Technical Accounting Manager

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Technical Account Manager - Dev

PHP Developer for Technical Content (Contractor)

Senior Software Engineer - Messaging Channels

Site Reliability Engineer

Staff Software Engineer - Platform Engineering, Orchestration Runtime

Fraud Operations Specialist

Senior Manager, Consumer Trust Operations

Consulting Operations Manager

ISV Healthcare Enterprise Account Executive

Partner Solutions Architect - Remote US

Talent Acquisition Partner (Contractor)

Talent Acquisition Partner, GTM (Contract)

Salesforce Product Support Specialist Contract
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Remote Ever After 3 Jun, 10:01
Hello, happy people!

I've been experimenting with different platforms for publishing my blog posts for quite some time now and I think yesterday I found the one that fits me best. It is the Ghost CMS. It is open-source and can be self-hosted which means I can install it on my own server.

The Ghost team happens to be fully remote and they have a couple of open positions at this moment. Be sure to check them out and share them with the people who could be the best fit for them the same way Ghost CMS is for me! I'm so excited about moving my blog there.

Have a wonderful day, y'all!

Visual Designer

Infrastructure Engineer
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Remote Ever After 2 Jun, 09:12
Hello, happy people!

Today we are featuring SMART Apartment Data that provides easy-to-use analytics and reports for the real estate market in the US. It helps brokers, real estate investors, and real estate vendors. They havea 4.5 score on Glassdoor with 23 total reviews and they are open to literaly any location!

Like these opportunities? Hurry up to apply or share it with somebody who is a great fit!

Sr. .NET Developer / Backend

Sr. Front End Web Developer

Software Project Manager (Scrum)
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Remote Ever After 1 Jun, 09:23
Hello, happy people!

Today I brought to you Goodwall — a new LinkedIn for millennials. They are looking for a community manager to join their fully remote team. They have been featured by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, TEDx, CNN and more.

I'm amazed at how they are open to any education and experience and instead focus on the skills needed to do the job right and the personal interests of a candidate and that's why I decided to share it with you guys.

The position is open to applicants from anywhere in Europe, so I'm inviting people based in EU, Ukraine, and Western locations in Russia to apply.

Community Manager
Goodwall - Community Manager
Intro Goodwall is the next generation community for Gen Z and millennials to become better together. Goodwall is for students and professionals who want to become the best versions of themselves: seize opportunities, build better habits, achieve bolder goals and connect with incredible people. Our positive supportive community has grown to more than 1.5 million members in 150+ countries! Our social enterprise has been featured by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, TEDx, CNN and more. Want to join our global 50+ person team on our mission to help the next generation maximize their potential and impact society positively? Keep reading! The Role We’re looking for an exceptional passionate individual to take our community to the next level. Are you passionate about building communities and connecting with amazing people? Do you care about creating impact? Are you creative? Are you a social media ninja? Do you love telling stories? Are you obsessively organised and detail orien
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Remote Ever After 17 May, 09:12
Hello, happy people!

One of my favorite ways to find job opportunities is to look at the tools I’m using, google their hiring pages and there you go — you’ve got several openings to apply for. Today is this kind of story.

A couple of days ago, I installed Loom on my Mac because I got pissed with the terrible Quick Time Player for recording screencasts for my colleagues. I liked how the product feels and thought that the people who build it must be really talented.

And then I decided to check their website out to see who works there. They turned out to have several job opportunities and there you go I’m sharing them with you today thanks to the terrible Quick Time Player. Enjoy!

Android Engineer

Fullstack Engineer

Infrastructure Security Engineer

IOS Engineer

Senior Engineering Manager - Infrastructure

Senior Fullstack Engineer - Desktop

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

Product Data Science

Sales Account Executive
Loom - Android Engineer (SF or Remote)
About Loom: Loom is on a mission to empower everyone at work to communicate more effectively, wherever they are. We are already trusted by over 3M users across 70k+ companies. Our customers are global and use Loom at work at world-class companies including HubSpot, Square, Uber, GrubHub, and LinkedIn. Founded in 2016, Loom has raised $45 million from top-tier investors including Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, the Slack Fund, and the founders of Instagram, Figma, and Front. The Role: Loom makes it simple to create HD video content and have it instantly available to share with anyone in the world. Because of this simplicity, multiple years' worth of video content is created on Loom every week from people in almost every country around the world, and the usage has been rapidly increasing. As our second Android Engineer, you will work closely with Product and Go-To-Market teams to architect, ideate, and iterate Loom's Android application. This role comes with a high degree of autonom
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Remote Ever After 16 May, 09:12
Hello, happy people!

You ask me a lot about gaining experience in remote work. Where do you get it if you have never worked remotely? It is clear that currently many of you have got the chance of trying it out due to COVID-19.

One of the best ways of getting the experience you need is by volunteering or participating in non-profit projects. Today I’d like to share 2 resources where you can find these kind of projects.

Sounds interesting? — Hurry up to check them out and share them with your friends!

The first one is a repository of tons of virtual volunteering opportunities

The second is a project to find ways to fight COVID-19

Have a great day!
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