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Гео и язык канала
Россия, Английский
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Valid only for 4 users

DarkMatter Private Channel LifeTime Access 90% Offer ( Special offer ) Valid only 10 users

Price - 95 GBP Only (join fast)

VirusTotal Enterprise Access (our own platform)

Private Databases with Vuln (Daily Update)

Fresh Stealer TXT Logs (Daily Update)

UrlScan Pro Data (297GB+)

Private YARA and Sigma Rules (14k+)

Some bit shared tools

Invicti Enterprise latest
BurpSuite Enterprise (lic)
Metasploit pro
Nessus Professional
Slingshot v2 C2
Core Impact 21.5
Shellter Pro Plus with GUI
ExploitPack 18
ControlPack (beta)
CobaltStrike 4.9.1 with all kits (not cracked shit)
Sn1per Pro 10.04
Thor APT scanner (lic)
D2 Elite WE framework
Immunity Innuendo
Immunity Canvas 7.31
Nighthawk C2 0.2.4
Brute Ratel C4 v1.9.2 (eclipse)
Nexpose Enterprise (lic)
MacroPack Pro v2.6.2 + GUI
ShellcodePack v1.3.0
Nessus Expert (lic)
IDA Pro 8.4 SP1 + Lumina
PeStudio Pro 9.56
Binary Ninja Enterprise 3.4
Vex Scanner
Oxygen Forensic Detective
UFED (all products)
XRY Forensic

EV Certificates (261+) + EXE packer + Crypter ( our own panel

etc.. & Many more

contact us for buy - @zerosuppbot

We close all offers after this

#darkmatter #pentest #darkside #tools


DarkPulse is a shellcode packer written in Go. It is used to generate various shellcode loaders.


#avbypass #fuckAV #packer

Vulnerability that leads to an effective AMSI BYPASS

Info - https://www.offsec.com/offsec/amsi-write-raid-0day-vulnerability/

POC - https://github.com/V-i-x-x/AMSI-BYPASS

#0day #amsi #bypass

Copyright issue - dcma@zerodaylab.us

Burp Suite Professional v2024.3.1.2 + BurpBounty_Pro 2.8.0 + JDK 22

NOTE - Run this version With Java SE JDK 22

Released Monday, 15 April 2024

@zer0daylab #pentest #security

#pentest #AD #windows


obfus.h is a macro-only library for compile-time obfuscating C applications, designed specifically for the Tiny C (tcc). It is tailored for Windows x86 and x64 platforms and supports all versions of the compiler.

• Function Call Obfuscation: Confuse function calls to make code less readable to unauthorized eyes.
• Anti-Debugging Techniques: Built-in mechanisms to prevent code analysis during runtime.
• Control Flow Code Mutation: Turns code into spaghetti, making it difficult to parse conditions and loops

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