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​​ 🥇 TrustVerse (TVS) from Singapore became the winner of the accelerator ICO Futurama Summit 🏆

TrustVerse - the first winner of the accelerator Futurama Summit - will receive a listing on:
2. Coinsbank
3. Bitinka
4. Hanbitco
5. Cobinhood
6. Bitsonic
7. Tradebits Exchange

In addition, the winner will receive an investment from Futurama Global Blockchain Innovations Fund.

TrustVerse (TVS) is a blockchain based wealth management platform and a digital asset distribution protocol. TrustVerse's asset management platform is powered by a state-of-the-art AI deep neural technology and a multi-data financial portfolio optimization engine.

Another 11 participants of the Global Pipeline Program-accelerator ICO Futurama Summit will receive a three-year support program. The best teams will have access to the help of regional representatives in N. America, MENA&S. Asia, Europe and E. Asia. Also ICOs will receive mentorship, media coverage, significant exposure to investors, and a lifetime cohort membership.

The first set of ICO in the accelerator will be 12 start-ups. Rules of entry into the Global Pipeline Program published on the website FUTURAMA-PIPELINE.COM project.
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​​Seungmin Jasmine Jung, Partner&Sr. Foreign Attorney JIPYONG LLC: one of the foremost experts on cryptocurrency, blockchain and cybersecurity

Ms. Seungmin Jasmine Jung represents clients in the finance, fintech, energy, real estate and technology sector and has extensive experience in structured finance, derivatives, acquisition finance, project finance, private equity funds and M&A transactions. She is also considered one of the foremost experts on cloud computing, cryptocurrency, blockchain, data privacy, and cybersecurity.

Prior to joining JIPYONG LLC, Ms. Jung was the Head of Legal at Amazon Web Services Korea where she specialized in cloud computing and data privacy. Ms. Jung started her legal career as an associate at the NY office of Hughes, Hubbard & Reed and subsequently worked at Shin & Kim and Franklin Templeton Investments in Seoul, Korea.

Currently, Ms. Jung regularly advises clients on cryptocurrency and blockchain while frequently lecturing at conferences, and contributing articles, on legal issues surrounding the 4th Industrial Revolution. Ms. Jung also teaches technology law at Yonsei University, her alma mater.

Her advices can be invaluable to your ICO. Don't miss your chance to meet her to the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Ibiza! FUTURAMASUMMIT.COM
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​​Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit launches Global Pipeline Program – a Tokenization Accelerator.

The Global Pipeline Program will house only the projects that have went through a strict analysis and selection process put forth and constantly updated by advisors, leading-thinkers, and experts from Futurama ecosystem. According to Joshua Hong, the founder of the Summit, Futurama will be the gold standard gathering for top tokenized companies.

For each participating company in the Global Pipeline Program, a multi-year support program will be developed. The best teams will have access to the help of regional representatives in North America, Middle East and North Africa, South East Asia, Europe and East Asia. Also each participating company (a.k.a. ICOs or STOs) will receive mentorship, media coverage, significant exposure to investors, and a lifetime cohort membership. The winner of the first Global Pipeline Program will receive a listing on 3 top exchanges.

In addition, the Global Stage Winner will receive an investment from Futurama Community Fund and select institutional investment partners. The Innovations Fund will create a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for each event in order to collect a pool of capital that will be used to purchase tokens from the Global Stage Winner at a pre-negotiated discount rate. The decision on the allocation of investments is made by the Investment Committee, which includes Institutional nvestment Funds and private investors from steadily growing Futurama ecosystem.

The first cohort of participating companies in the accelerator will be limited to 12 start-ups maximum. Rules for entry into the Global Pipeline Program can be found on the programs website, FUTURAMA-PIPELINE.COM
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​​Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit - the most representative forum this fall

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit, the second edition of world event, for the first time it will have the format of crypto G20 analogue, since it will bring together world exchanges, world regulators, bankers, who will oppose and debate.

For the first time in the history the summit participants didn't fear to raise the topics that have never been raised before – exchanges hacks, complicated and very expensive listing process, exchanges challenges, regulations insights. Among those who expressed their interest to take part in such discussions:
CoinsBank (Europe) (Global)
Bitinka (S.America)
EverCoin (Global)
Golix (Africa)
EXMO (E. Europe)
Bithumb Global (Korea)
OKEX (Malta/Japan)
BTCC (Korea)

One of the summit participants said:
Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit and CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise are unique in the sea of crypto events, in that they both focus on networking. It assumes that the best answers to the problems in our industry can be found through proactive sharing of each other's stories in highly personable ways."
These expectations will come true!
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​​Sergey Zhdanov, CEO of EXMO: centralized and decentralized exchanges - it will be a very interesting discussion at the Futurama

Sergey Zhdanov, CEO of EXMO, will take part in the panel discussion at Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit and will raise the hot topic of the competition between decentralised and centralised exchanges.

I'm sure it will be a very interesting discussion, Zhdanov beleives:
"Now many people talk about the advantages of decentralized exchanges, but do not think about the fact that they also have limitations related not only to the cost and complexity of development. For example, there is a problem of blockchain scalability or low liquidity, a lack of possibility to create fiat money and much more."

Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit, the second edition of world event, will be held in 11-13 September in Ibiza. This time Futurama and CoinsBank Blockchain Cruise will be held the format of crypto G20 analogue, since it will bring together world exchanges (Bithumb, Coinsbank, Bitinka, Evercoin, EXMO, etc), world regulators (Malta and Jersey state officials and lawyers), bankers, who will oppose and debate.
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​​The panel discussions at Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit for the first time will raise the hot topic of the increasingly controversial role of crypto exchanges and their impact. For the first time in the crypto space, the unique networking-focused event decided to bring heads of major exchanges, emerging crypto-friendly jurisdictions, leading regulators, crypto banks, and Blockchain entrepreneurs together to debate some of the most paradoxically existential issues regarding the role of centralized exchanges in the world of decentralized brave new world. Joshua Hong, Co-Founder of Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit added:

"Personally speaking, the reason the market has not taking the news of new regulations or hacking incidents is because market participants do not know what to expect or how to cope. In fact, I have not seen or heard truly honest and direct conversations between the regulators and the leading exchanges on how to shape the future of cryptocurrency market through collaboration and education. I would also argue that the same lack of direct and honest conversation about how to self-regulate token listing between the exchanges and the crypto ecosystem continuously fueled by new ICOs. So, we've decided to devote our second iteration of Futurama in Ibiza to that end."

Futurama Blockchaim Innovators Summit
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​​Chris Miess is the Founder & CEO of the leading ICO consulting company in Asia and adviser in Blockchain to the Austrian government

Chris Miess was the interim CFO of TenX conducting a 80m USD ICO. This ICO was the largest in Asia and has set the standard for many ICOs to come. Before his tenure at TenX, Chris worked 3 years in investment banking at Goldman Sachs in London. He advised FinTech companies on capital markets and M&A transactions. Amongst his clients were FinTechs, banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions.

Chris is also the founder and CEO of ICONIC Capital, the leading ICO consulting and investment company in Asia. Most recently, ICONIC was integral in completing highly successful projects such as GIFTO, Appcoins, Aidcoin, Datum and Quantstamp. In total ICONIC has raised more than half a billion dollars for its clients.

Chris has recently been appointed as the official advisor in Blockchain and FinTech matters to the Austrian government. You have to meet him at the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Spain, Ibiza! FUTURAMA.COM
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​​Miguel Francis-Santiago: decentralized media has no limits

Miguel has an extensive career in the media industry from filmmaking to radio. He began his journey in the crypto-world by spearheading blockchain media on in an exciting show called 'Cryptolium' that traveled the world and exposed the latest happenings in the world of Blockchain. Bringing along his 10 year filmmaking experience as a seasoned documentarist and a UCLA Film School graduate, his aim in the blockchain media space is to facilitate cinematic emotion and feeling to create a powerful connection with the viewer and take blockchain into the masses.

Centralized media has limits and that is why Miguel created 'The Future is Now' - a decentralized documentary film series covering the progress of blockchain technology and the crypto-industry around the world.

He is currently the CMO of Futurama Blockchain Innovators Media, an arm of the Futurama eco-system that aims to be a powerful player in the crypto-media creating new avenues for blockchain implementation into socio-economic growth of the industry. Don't miss your chance to speak to a media guru who is an absolute image maker in the space! Come to Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Spain, Ibiza!
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​​Christopher Obereder - 26-year-old that helped raise over $120 million for ICOs and was a Facebook's Latest Rival

Christopher Obereder is a 26-year-old serial entrepreneur, who is part of the Forbes 30 under 30. During his career Christopher has built himself a diverse business portfolio ranging from games to communication and social media platforms. Additionally, he has built a user base for his apps and games exceeding 300 million users around the globe.

Christopher is the founder of the social media platform Inlope, which was described as ""Facebook's Latest Rival"" by the Financial Times. Christopher has worked with over 500 of the leading social media celebrities including Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, Skrillex, Kingbach, Paul Logan and many more. Previously he launched various wordwide gaming hits and sold his gaming company to Genera Games, the company behind Disney's mobile games.

Christopher is also the CMO of Tellonym, which is one of the leading feedback tools with over 10 million active users.

Christopher has been leading the marketing efforts at and is helping Naga Group and Savedroid with their marketing. Combined they raised over $120 million. Currently he is the CMO of TV-TWO, a TV stream which is based on the blockchain.

How could he do so many cool projects - ask him at the Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit in Spain, Ibiza! FUTURAMA.COM
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💎Crystal Token: New Proof of Stake paradigm or risky venture?

Crystal Token is a cryptocurrency token in the field of smart investments with the concept of Virtual Staking and different investment plans to satisfy the needs of all investors who desire a solid and constant passive income source.

✅ Crystal token is an ERC20 token that works on the Crystal Lending platform, a short-term crypto lending program. The platform combines traditional lending program with a virtual staking program, which creates a hybrid ecosystem for the users to lend, trade or exchange the Crystal Coin (CYL). Trading as a service feature will allow investors to perform multi-currency automated trading exploiting an AI driven trading bot.

📌 ICO informatio

Crowd-sale start and end date:
April 26th – June 30th
Price per token (Main sale): 0.001 ETH
Price per token (pre-sale): $0.50
Hard Cap: 7.000.000 tokens
Soft Cap: 5.000.000 tokens
Total supply: 28.000.000 tokens
For sale: 7.000.000 tokens

✅ What CYL can be used for

CYL token- as the primary token, CYL is used as a part of Virtual Staking contracts.
VCYL token- stands from “Virtual Crystal Token” and it will pay the daily interests and referral bonuses.

📊 Read the token analysis and interview with CEO of Crystal Token here:

Official websi
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Calendar of important events📆

📌 April 9th 2018
✅ UTRUST (UTK): Platform Testing
✅ IOStoken (IOST): Github Open-Source
✅ Enjin Coin (ENJ): New Exchange Listing
✅ Lisk (LSK): Core 1.0 Beta
✅ OriginTrail (TRAC): Ranger Release
✅ Internet of People (IOP): Hydra Tokens Last Airdrop
✅ Bitcore (BTX): 8% Airdrop
✅ Paycentos (PYN): Coin Burn
✅ Authorship (ATS): Beta v2.0 (Rescheduled)
✅ Akroma (AKA): Masternode Launch
✅ Presearch (PRE): Open Beta Release
✅ Komodo (KMD): BlocNATION Airdrop
✅ Block Array (ARY): Web Portal Beta

📌 April
10thl 2018
✅ I/O Coin (IOC): AMA & Development Update
✅ launches their decentralized ICO on the Komodo platform
✅Komodo Platform’s first decentralized ICO, BlocNATION is hosting an airdrop for all KMD holders.

cApril 11th 2018
✅The European Blockchain Summit 2018 will take place in Slovenia
✅I/O coin development update and AMA with founder Joel Bosh.

c April 12th 2018
✅ Cappasity (CAPP): Bonus Airdrop
✅ Ripple (XRP): Airdrop for LST Holder
✅ Block Array (ARY): Test Network V2
✅ Matrix AI Network (MAN): Strategic Partnership
✅ BLUE (BLUE): Whitepaper/Roadmap Update

📌 13 April 2018
✅ SunContract (SNC): Platform Launch Event
✅ Oyster (PRL): Shell Airdrop
✅ Aion (AION): TRS Token Release #5
✅ Litecoin (LTC): Smart Contracts
✅ Solaris (XLR): Zerocoin Activation
✅ Bitcoin Private (BTCP): Merchant Plattfrom Beta
✅ BitBay (BAY): Fiat/Bay Purchasing

📌 14 April 2018
✅ Lisk (LSK): Lisk Core 1.0 Beta
✅ Voise (VOISE): IOS APP Release
✅ NEO Council will be holding the NEO.Amsterdam Summit at the DeLaMar Theater in collaboration with Distributed.Foundation.

📌 15 April 2018
✅ EOS (EOS): eosDAC Airdrop To EOS
✅ Callisto (CLO): Mainnet Launch
✅ High Performance Blockchain (HPB): ETH Wallet Addresses
✅ Vsync (VSX): Wallet Release
✅ CarTaxi Token (CTX): Monthly Bonuses + Burn
✅ Trinity Network Credit (TNC): Token Lock-up/Reward
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​​Predicting Bitcoin’s Price? Roll A Dice!

Looking up ‘Bitcoin Price’ in Google search produces a plethora of price predicting articles which apply various methods to forecast Bitcoin price. Some would say cryptocurrency price prediction is akin to gambling and that some prognosticators guide by gut while others follow the divining rod of technical analysis to find their way. Coalescence of BTC price prediction articles produces a range of sometimes contradictory and confusing opinions on the direction of BTC price.

Here are 3 price prediction scenarios for the 2nd quarter growth of BTC.
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Calendar of important events📆

📌 2nd, April
✅ Qvolta: Platform Launch, release date: 2 APRIL 2018
✅ VOISE: Private Beta Launch
✅ Network Token: White paper release.
✅ LUXCoin LUX: Wallet and Web Wallet Release

📌 3rd, Ap
✅ Ravencoin RVN: Roadmap and accompanying paper will be published
✅ Bitcoin (BTC): First trade of Bitcoin futures contract for April 2018.

📌 4th,
✅ SportyCo SPF: Investment Module of Beta Platform Launch
✅ Quantum Resistant Ledger QRL: Token Migration

📌 5th
, April
✅ Stox STX: Ledger Nano S Giveaway End. We're giving away 3 to lucky #STX HOLDr's who deposit 200 STX or more between March 5th and April 8th!
✅ Cardano ADA: Roadmap Update
✅ Tierion TNT: Masternode Registration

6th, April
✅ ParkByte PKB: Delisting from Bittrex
✅ Gas GAS: Listing on COBINHOOD
✅ Internxt INXT: X Cloud & X Core Alpha Prototypes Launch
✅ CoinFi COFI: Public Beta Launch
✅ Oyster PRL: SHL Airdrop to PRL Holders
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