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​​​​​​​​​​​​Семь криптовалютных трендов, которые нужно ожидать в 2019 году.

Наступает новый год, с новым оптимизмом и вновь обретенной решимостью сделать 2019 годом владычества криптовалют. После провальных прогнозов на 2018 год так называемые эксперты не рискуют делать бычьи...
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​​​​​​​​​​​Сеть Tron зарегистрировала более 1 млн. адресов • Happy Coin Club.

Согласно данным обозревателя блокчейна Tron, за прошедшие 6 месяцев работы, в сети создано более 1 000 000 адресов. Сравнивая с эфириумом которому понадобилось для достижения подобных результатов…
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​​​​​​​​​​​Bitcoin Privat «сожжет» излишки криптовалюты в ходе нового хардфорка.

Разработчики криптовалюты Bitcoin Privatе признали факт незаконной эмиссии 2,03 млн единиц цифровой валюты сверх максимальной фиксированной суммы до 321 Разработчики криптовалюты Bitcoin Privatе признали факт незаконной эмиссии 2,03 млн токенов сверх максимальной фиксированной суммы до 321 млн
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​​​​​​​​​​​Самые популярные песни о биткоине • Happy Coin Club.

После бума на криптовалюты в 2017 году вышло несколько песен, посвященных биткоину. Но не все помнят, что и в предыдущие годы были песни и клипы посвященные эталонной криптовалюте.
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​​​​​​​​​​​Глава Bankex: ICO уже убито.

Основатель компании Bankex Игорь Хмель считает, что именно технология блокчейн должна стать центральным элементом цифровой экономики, а ICO уже не Основатель компании Bankex Игорь Хмель считает, что именно технология блокчейн должна стать центральным элементом цифровой экономики, а ICO уже...
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What is Project DELTA?

The Project DELTA Blockchain Protocol presents a game-changing framework different from other protocols. It is a protocol designed with groundbreaking structure and rules which suggest a new paradigm of the blockchain for the 4th Industrial Revolution era.

Our Solutions

The DELTA Blockchain protocol offers an optimal convergence solution with data-driven technologies to lead the fourth industrial revolution.

VOTA (Verification of Transcendence Spatial Autocorrelation):

VOTA significantly reduces block time and achieves the real-time transaction by applying a unique algorithm and eliminating coin-based compensations.

DAPP As A Node (DAAN):

Being itself a node, DAPP is incentivized by business-driven benefits instead of coin compensations to confirm transactions and generate blocks.

CRDE (Cross-Referral DAPP Ecosystem):

DELTA allows anybody to create DAPPS by using the widgets (essential DAPPS provided by Project DELTA). Cross reference between DAPPS allows a dynamic DAPP ecosystem.

Pain Points

By 2025 big data is expected to increase to 163 ZB worldwide,which is 10 times the total amount of data generated in 2016.

The current blockchain protocols are unable to manage the amounts of data generated at an unprecedented scale due to the waiting time for nodes to receive the coin reward.

Limitations in the existing blockchain protocols ultimately hamper the creation of an active DAPP ecosystem.


Bundles let you invest in dozens of the right cryptocurrencies with one click

Each bundle is carefully crafted by experts to match your investment needs and preferences, whether its your risk profile or your beliefs.


Short Term Objective:Acquire a factory with the necessary capacity to house 2000 cryptocurrency mining machines. #Peru #PeruCoin #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #factory


Industry-standard #BestPractices will be instituted at every level operation, and additional measures will be implemented as countermeasures against potential downtime, which may result from security threats

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Why should you invest with CoinBundle?

Buying bundles is the easiest way for people to build their portfolios and invest in cryptocurrencies responsibly. With CoinBundle you can purchase hand-crafted and vetted bundles of cryptocurrencies that match your investment style in a single click.


Get Actual Results
Boltt does not just track your data , but converts it into actionable feedback using Artificial Intelligence.Now access detailed insights on your health and fitness, and learn how to improve.

 A message from Crypto Circle X (CCX) to our dedicated community and investors.

After our last board meeting, the decision was made that Crypto Circle X (CCX) - @CryptoCircleX_Official will make a strategic change in the direction of our ICO marketing strategy. Therefore, we will be extending the Pre-ICO project time for 30 days starting September 17th.

We will ensure that our ICO will reach its full potential and our cryptocurrency exchange will be around for many years to come. During this time, we have decided to extend the Pre-ICO period to focus on increasing the Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand awareness by furthering our social media presence. We will be focusing on the following areas: Reddit, Medium, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube. While we are doing this, it will be business as usual and all aspects will continue as normal.

The white paper will detail use cases, which will enhance and go into more details about specific sections and be more explanatory. Everyone can understand each section with easy to understand wording, of what our product and features will have to offer.

During this time, we will be focusing on Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand awareness. Brand awareness is the level of consumer consciousness of a company. It measures a customer's ability to not only recognize a brand image, but to also associate it with a certain company's product or service. Our telegram chat has increased to over 40k users over the past few weeks and due to the overwhelming support from social media. We have started to implement 2 different programs that will benefit everyone who supports the Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand.

1. Our Daily Trivia quizzes, that occur at random times, that allow members to participate in questions pertaining to Crypto Circle X (CCX) with a chance to win CCX tokens for answering 5 questions correctly.

2. A Meme making contest that will be judged by our moderators and the person who has the winning Meme will be awarded CCX tokens.We will be implementing other ways to interact with our audience in the future. So be sure to check these out and there will be more ways to win as well in the future. Please don’t hesitate to leave us feedback info@cryptocirclex.com for any suggestions or concerns.

The increase in time to the Pre-ICO period will affect the Road Map. So we will have to adjust some of the time frames, with the CCX Token as well as the Crypto Circle Exchange. This will only change some of the details on the Road Map and not impact the vision of Crypto Circle X (CCX)

We have been actively looking to increase the number of partnerships, Public and Private, and will be continuing to do the same, moving forward. Also, we will be pitching the Crypto Circle X (CCX) brand to prospective venture capitalists and private investors to increase our capital for investment back into the ICO project.

Crypto Circle X (CCX) will begin hosting AMA’s written and video sessions, on many different platforms, twitter, medium, youtube, and other social media forums, where our team will be answering any and all your questions regarding the Crypto Circle Exchange and CCX project..

We would like to extend a big heartfelt thank you for your support! With the all the community growth Crypto Circle X (CCX) is seeing and the marketing/advertising strategies we will be implementing. The success of the ICO will easily be achieved with the help of our great core team and leading cryptocurrency advisors, Crypto Circle X (CCX) is on its way to bring the most advanced Crypto Exchange on the Blockchain!




Electrominer is a self-powered Mining Platform where users rent hashing capacity to mine various coins/algorithms. Our mining facilities will be powered by our own solar energy station.


Electrominer Cloud Mining Platform is a Web Portal where users can rent Hashing Power for various algorithms, track status of mining process and get support from Electrominer team. The platform is simple for new users and efficient for experienced ones.


Electrominer Mobile Data center units are housed in shipping containers, allowing high mobility for easy transportation.


Electrominer is building its own solar energy station to minimize electricity expenses and reduce negative environmental impact of cryptomining.

#electrominer #electrominerito #blockchain #mining


Get $5 for your first investment of $100 on #coinbundle.

Sign up using this link: http://bit.ly/100bundle5


BetInReal is an online casino, based on VR/AR and blockchain technologies. This first-in-the-world solution is made by combining gambling and social gaming to provide players with an exceptional experience the way they want it. 

BetInReal was founded by top talents from gambling, gaming, cryptocurrency and technology fields. We took advantage of different technologies to to make casino games social, interactive, immersive, reliable and fair.Download the BetinReal AR app, scan the surface of the floor and virtually build a whole casino or your favorite slot machine anywhere, anytime.

Telegram: t.me/betinreal
Website: Betinreal.com


How scammers in China manipulate Amazon? WSJ video explains how sellers are using fake reviews, artificial sales and even bribes to deceive online consumers.


#ecommerce #amazon #China


In the second of a three-part series on #stablecoins, @BrianDColwell gives a look at the various collateralization types, helping give a better understanding of the differences between them:

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