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Security Without Disruption: SUQA

On January 5th, Ethereum Classic (ETC) reportedly suffered a 51% attack on it’s blockchain. The disruption in the chain itself led to a reorganization that included a double spend. This attack did not only affect the value of the Ethereum Classic ecosystem, both from a development standpoint and from an investment standpoint, but disturbed the whole concept in securing the Proof of Work cryptocurrencies.

After realizing there’s an abnormality in the blocks, Ethereum Classic blockchain couldn’t be used for a good while and the transactions either needed much more block conformation, or even unable to complete in some cases. This attack on the ETC blockchain is believed to be the one of the biggest 51% attacks in the cryptocurrency history.

Now while this is a very serious issue, why do we remind our investors that such a devastating thing exists or can happen at anytime? The reason is simple. Any PoW coin can be a target of a dedicated entity that wants to attack and disrupt it’s blockchain because it’s in the nature of this decentralized structures that we put our hard earned money & trust on. However there’s a simple and brilliant solution to all this madness.

Security through nesting
SUQA has partnered up with a very well established and respected cryptocurrency platform KOMODO in order to further secure it’s blockchain to prevent such attacks from happening in the future. While we will not bore you into detail and explain to you what Delayed Proof of Work is (but in fact you should totally check here what SUQA brings to the table with DPoW), it’s similar to a nesting type of function implemented in between multiple blockchains. To explain in simpler terms,

Every ten minutes (Bitcoin average block time) a snapshot is taken of the entire SUQA blockchain. Then this snapshot is written into a block on the Bitcoin blockchain.

So the notary nodes of the KOMODO platform acts as a second layer to periodically backup SUQA’s blockchain status onto Bitcoin blockchain (like matryoshka dolls) and therefore if an attacker with malicious intent tries to disrupt the SUQA blockchain in any way, he also has to fight with the network power of Bitcoin as well.

We, at SUQA believe it is our duty to protect our investors’ money and therefore we put security of our blockchain at the top of our priority. In an ecosystem where an attack can be expected at anytime, it’s best to be well prepared and have a course of action planned even before anything happens.
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К 29 Dec 2018, 21:10

The PixelCharity project team announced the launch of the http://pixelcash.io  test network. At the moment, the network is working in test mode
К 29 Dec 2018, 20:00

We are in discution with many exchanges to listing our token after ICO Once the airdrop Round 5 finish we will begin ICO

Token price is 0.2$8 000 000 WTX Hub must distribut for airdrop

After Airdrop 1 and Airdrop 2 only 6 500 000 WTX Hub will be distribut
К 29 Dec 2018, 18:56

Making crypto easy: the instant ATM demo

К 29 Dec 2018, 17:52

Our General Manager @TolgaOdoglu gives a presentation to our distinguished guests on how #MenaPay plans to replace traditional payment methods.

#together4mena #crypto4mena #cryptocurrency #blockchain #crypto #fintech
К 29 Dec 2018, 16:48

Ronnie Ng, Co-Founder of simplyBrand, talks about rise of cryptocurrencies and ICO as a fundraising


#Crypto #ico #cryptocurrency #business #investing #blockchain #crypto #btc #trading #ethereum #market #usd #xrp #litecoin #news #eth #TokenSale
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К 29 Dec 2018, 15:46

BetInReal is an online casino, based on VR/AR and blockchain technologies. This first-in-the-world solution is made by combining gambling and social gaming to provide players with an exceptional experience the way they want it. 

BetInReal was founded by top talents from gambling, gaming, cryptocurrency and technology fields. We took advantage of different technologies to to make casino games social, interactive, immersive, reliable and fair.Download the BetinReal AR app, scan the surface of the floor and virtually build a whole casino or your favorite slot machine anywhere, anytime.

Telegram: t.me/betinreal
Website: Betinreal.com
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К 29 Dec 2018, 15:32

Investing has never been so simple

CoinBundle is built to match the needs of investors at all levels of expertise.

The simplest and most user friendly interface in the industry

A variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards and individual cryptocurrencies

Free and secure custody of funds in partnership with Kingdom Trust

A range of investment options to choose from according to personal preferences
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К 29 Dec 2018, 14:20

Read more about PeruCoin project here:


#newsbtc #peru #project #cryptocurrencynews #cryptocurrency
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