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"Welcome to the world of Dragon Coin – where everyone becomes part of the legend."
Ceo of project: @kellydroom

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Гео и язык канала
Россия, Русский
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💎 To join our platform early, consider inviting friends and earning coins. Let's enjoy the start of our journey together. 🐉


🐉 Calling all brave knights and talented wizards of the round table! 🐉

🔮 The Dragon Family is seeking new team members! If you're bursting with creativity and dream of crafting magical worlds, you're our treasure!

⛰️ Join us in our mountain lair, where we're searching for:

🎨 Graphic Designers: Bring our ideas to life with your artistic mastery in Photoshop, Illustrator, and more!

🎥 Video Editors: Weave captivating visual tales with your editing skills and cinematic flair!

📈 Marketers: Help us soar on social media and beyond with your advertising prowess!

🌟 Unique Talents: If you have a special skill to offer, we want to hear from you!

💎 Join us to guard treasures, embark on adventures, and conquer worlds together!

✉️ To apply, send your portfolio and introduction to @kellydroom.

📜 Don't miss your chance to join the legendary Dragon Family! 🐲

Shh... something exciting is coming soon. Stay tuned for our upcoming collection. It's going to be amazing! 🤫✨

🐉 Welcome to the exciting realm of dragons! We're thrilled to welcome you to our dragon family. Get ready for an adventure like no other, where you'll make friends with dragons and snag their treasure in the form of coins!

What can you expect in the near future?

Referral rewards program and bonuses for early participants
Website launch
Introduction our roadmap
Extensive marketing campaigns
Minting unique NFTs
Token distribution
Events / Quests
Listing DEX / CEX
and many other surprises that will be revealed later.
Get ready for an exhilarating journey in the world of dragons!

💎 Invite friends and earn coins in the upcoming airdrop in our bot. Join the fun and let's explore together! 🚀

🤖 Link for airdrop bot: @dragoncoinairdropbot

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