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Sky News 9 Jun 2020, 07:28
Lawyers of Prince Andrew say the Duke of York has offered to assist the U.S. department of justice "on at least three occasions this year" in its investigation into Jeffrey Epstein
Sky News 9 Jun 2020, 07:27
Sky News 8 Jun 2020, 03:15
Metropolitan Police says a dispersal order has been authorised within the city of Westminster until 6am tomorrow after "scenes of violence and disorder at today's demonstration"
Sky News 8 Jun 2020, 03:14
Sky News 8 Jun 2020, 03:14
Police have recovered a firearm during a public safety search in an area of Ballymagroarty in Northern Ireland which will be forensically tested to see if it was the one used in the murder of Lyra McKee
Sky News 8 Jun 2020, 03:12
Health Secretary Matt Hancock tells Sky News the UK is one of the "most open, tolerant societies in the world but there is always more to be done" in response to the Black Lives Matter protests in London
Sky News 7 Jun 2020, 02:40
BREAKING: Protesters have clashed with police in central London during a demonstration over the death of George Floyd.

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Sky News 7 Jun 2020, 02:39
Two police officers in Buffalo in the U.S. Have been charged with assault after a video showed them shoving a 75-year-old man who was protesting following the death of George Floyd
Sky News 7 Jun 2020, 02:38
Sky News 5 Jun 2020, 21:51
Sky News 5 Jun 2020, 21:51
The British Transport Police says the Crown Prosecution Service has been asked to review evidence into the coronavirus-related death of railway worker Belly Mujinga in "recognition of wider public interest" but adds that the case is not being reopened
Sky News 5 Jun 2020, 21:49
Sky News 5 Jun 2020, 21:48
Sky News 5 Jun 2020, 21:47
Downing Street says prime minister Boris Johnson met business secretary Alok Sharma, who is self-isolating, in person yesterday for 45 minutes during a meeting with chancellor Rishi Sunak and adds that the meeting was socially distanced
Sky News 5 Jun 2020, 21:47
Sky News 4 Jun 2020, 00:28
Business Secretary Alok Sharma is self-isolating at home and will be tested for coronavirus after feeling unwell while he was in the parliamentary chamber this afternoon
Sky News 4 Jun 2020, 00:27
The police officer charged with killing George Floyd in Minneapolis will have his charge upgraded to second-degree murder while the three other officers involved in the case will be charged with aiding and abetting murder
Sky News 3 Jun 2020, 22:47
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says U.S. president Donald Trump will, if needed, invoke the Insurrection Act which allows him to deploy the military and National Guard in the states
Sky News 3 Jun 2020, 22:46
Sky News 3 Jun 2020, 13:21
U.S media: the Hennepin County medical examiner in Minnesota has officially declared the death of George Floyd who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck as a homicide