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Sky News 18 Feb, 04:17
The Labour Party has confirmed Paul Flynn who was the MP for Newport West has died at the age of 84
Sky News 17 Feb, 20:05
Cricket West Indies has announced batsman Chris Gayle will retire from One-Day Internationals after this summer's World Cup
Sky News 17 Feb, 16:45
19-year-old Shamima Begum who left east London to join Islamic State four years ago has told Sky News she thinks "people should have sympathy" for her and she "never did anything dangerous, never encouraged people to come to Syria"
Sky News 17 Feb, 16:45
19-year-old Shamima Begum who left east London for Syria four years ago has told Sky News she has no regrets about joining Islamic State and was "attracted by the propaganda videos"
Sky News 17 Feb, 15:03
Update - Sky News has spoken to Shamima Begum hours after she gave birth to a boy in a refugee camp in Syria
Sky News 17 Feb, 15:02
The lawyer for the family of 19-year-old Shamima Begum who left east London to join Islamic State in Syria four years ago say they understand she has had her baby and both are in good health
Sky News 16 Feb, 23:08
East Midlands-based airline British Midland Regional Limited which operates as Flybmi has announced that it has ceased operations and is filing for administration
Sky News 16 Feb, 01:07
Devon and Cornwall Police says Alexander Lewis-Ranwell has been charged with the murder of three elderly men in Exeter
Sky News 15 Feb, 19:40
U.S. President Donald Trump says he will declare a national emergency to get extra funding to build a wall along the border with Mexico
Sky News 15 Feb, 19:39
U.S. President Donald Trump says America and the UK are agreeing to "move forward and preserve our trade agreement"
Sky News 15 Feb, 19:38
Head of MI6 Alex Younger says Britons returning from Syria pose a threat to national security but cannot be stopped if they do choose to come home
Sky News 15 Feb, 13:53
Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez has called a general election in the country for 28 April
Sky News 15 Feb, 12:00
Royal Bank of Scotland reports a bottom-line annual profit of £1.62bn compared with £752m last year and says £977m will go back to the Treasury as part of a dividend payment
Sky News 15 Feb, 11:59
A spokesman for Dubai International Airport says flights have resumed but there are still delays after they were temporarily suspended for half an hour due to suspected drone activity
Sky News 15 Feb, 11:58
Flights are being grounded and delayed at Dubai International Airport after reports of unauthorised drone activity
Sky News 15 Feb, 01:38
The U.S. Senate has voted to avert another partial government shutdown with bipartisan spending legislation that funds new barriers for part of the Mexico-U.S. border but not the $5.7bn that President Donald Trump sought for a wall
Sky News 14 Feb, 23:52
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says U.S. President Donald Trump will sign the government funding bill and declare a national emergency "to ensure we stop the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border"
Sky News 14 Feb, 21:58
A senior EU source has told Sky News "there goes the strong mandate" in response to Prime Minister Theresa May's Commons defeat after MPs voted down her latest Brexit plans by 303 to 258
Sky News 14 Feb, 21:56
A Downing Street spokesman says “Jeremy Corbyn yet again put partisan considerations ahead of the national interest" and by voting against the Government’s motion he is "in effect voting to make no deal more likely"
Sky News 14 Feb, 21:56
MPs have voted against a Government motion by 303-258 reiterating support for the approach to leaving the EU agreed last month and noting the ongoing Irish backstop discussions between the UK and EU