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Sky News 31 Mar, 01:05
U.S. President Donald Trump says he has spoken with the Italian prime minister and told him the U.S. will be sending about $100 million of protective equipment to Italy to help fight covid-19
Sky News 30 Mar, 21:54
Health officials in France have confirmed 44,550 people have tested positive for covid-19 in the country and 3,024 people have died after contracting the virus
Sky News 30 Mar, 21:54
Sky News 30 Mar, 20:07
Sky News 30 Mar, 20:07
Sky News 30 Mar, 20:06
The Government is committing to £75m to help Britons stranded abroad by chartering rescue flights when there are no other routes back to the UK available amid the covid-19 pandemic
Sky News 30 Mar, 20:06
Sky News 30 Mar, 18:14
Sky News 30 Mar, 16:44
Sky News 30 Mar, 14:35
Sky News 30 Mar, 13:05
Sky News 30 Mar, 13:05
Sky News 30 Mar, 13:03
Spanish health officials say the number of deaths has risen to 7,340 from 6,528, with the number of cases rising to 85,195 which is up from 78,797 yesterday
Sky News 30 Mar, 09:56
The medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency has approved a breathing aid that can help keep covid-19 patients out of intensive care which has been developed by a team from University College London and the Mercedes Formula One team
Sky News 30 Mar, 09:55
Airline easyJet says it has grounded its entire fleet of aircraft due to "unprecedented travel restrictions imposed by governments" in response to the coronavirus pandemic
Sky News 29 Mar, 18:51
Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr Jenny Harries says it could be six months or longer before the country gets back to normal from the pandemic with reviews of lockdown measures every three weeks
Sky News 29 Mar, 18:50
Robert Jenrick says 170m masks, 42.8m gloves, 13.7m aprons, 182,000 gowns, almost 10m items of cleaning equipment and 2.3m pairs of eye protectors have been delivered to 58,000 NHS trust and healthcare settings including GP surgeries and pharmacies
Sky News 29 Mar, 18:49
Housing and communities secretary Robert Jenrick says the Government has "a clear plan to ensure those serving our country have the right protective equipment"
Sky News 29 Mar, 18:48
University Hospitals of Derby and Burton says 55-year-old consultant Amged El-Hawrani who had tested positive for coronavirus has died at Leicester Royal Infirmary
Sky News 29 Mar, 14:24