Fatal error

Гео и язык канала: Россия, Русский

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Гео и язык канала
Россия, Русский
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We don’t know what happened to him but luckily the ambulance was there

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No snowflakes allowed 😈

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They’re very lucky. one more second and they wouldn’t be alive

the referee accidentally tapped

University wrestling

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Fell in the sewer during a shower 😰

Do not ride without protection please!

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Shooting in a suburb of New York two people died

Ouuucchh 😫

Two girls were hit by a car

Beat him for stealing

Pursuit of a criminal

Instant karma

But I have apologised because I did the wrong thing.

When I bought the yacht, but no license Miami 🇺🇸

Hit in MMA style

When you’re close to the camera 🙄

Fatal error 😨

Woman moment 😒

They threw a firecracker at a homeless man in New York 😳

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