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Heads up: Users are reporting that the Google Messages app won't let them send or receive RCS messages if the OS is rooted or hasn't passed GMS certification (like most custom ROMs).

It seems that Google Messages has implemented Play Integrity API attestation checks, so be aware if you root your device or install a custom ROM, you may lose access to RCS in Google Messages.

More discussion here.

(Video by Reddit user joefuf).

Google prepares 'Satellite SOS' emergency feature for Pixel devices.

The recent update to the 'Adaptive Connectivity Services' app version p.2024.08 makes preparations for the new 'Satellite SOS' emergency feature. It will allow you to messages emergency services and let them know your location when you are unable to connect to a mobile network or Wi-Fi.

The settings page, located at Settings / Safety & Emergency / Satellite SOS, includes a description of how the feature works, the ability to customize the info that will be shared with the emergency services, and a link to purchase Garmin Search & Rescue insurance. The page also has a link to a support page with a list of supported countries, which is not working yet.

While the description clearly refers to "your Pixel", it's unclear which devices will be supported. Additionally, the latest update to Google Messages adds a new SATELLITE_COMMUNICATION permission. Awhile ago Neïl Rahmouni showed a UI for conversations and SOS messages using satellite connection in Google Messages app.

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🎧 Spotify Connect devices are now available in the Android output switcher.

The output switcher in Android already helps you easily switch between devices when playing through YouTube Music — whether it's your phone's speaker, headphones, smart speakers, or TV (with Chromecast protocol).

Spotify Connect devices will now appear in the Android output switcher when playing media through Spotify. The feature will become available within a few weeks. It was first announced a year ago at CES 2023.

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Google Pixel Fold 2 renders have leaked online.

Insider Onleaks (via smartprix) has shared renders with views from all angles of the upcoming Pixel Fold 2. The internal display will be 7.9 inches diagonal (8.1″ with corners). The outer display will be 6.4 inches diagonal (6.6″ with corners).

The approximate dimensions of the device are 155.2 x 150.2 x 5.27 mm when unfolded and 155.2 x 77.1 x 10.54 mm when folded.

The top right corner of the internal display will house the under-display camera setup along with the new sensor. The main camera podium will retain a set of 3 modules arranged in a new layout + unnamed sensors.

Earlier leaks showed the prototype real photo and info about the CPU and RAM.

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Android 15 DP1: New option for developers to "Show HDR/SDR ratio".

Android 13 added support for SDR-dimming — Reducing the brightness of SDR content on the screen while showing HDR content at the same time. That is, when HDR content appears on the screen, the screen brightness is increased to accommodate the luminance range range of the HDR content. At the same time, any SDR content that is also displayed on the screen is smoothly dimmed when the screen brightness is increased, so that the perceived brightness of the SDR content does not change.

In Android 15 DP1, a new "Show HDR/SDR ratio" toggle has been added to the Settings / System / Developers options. When you turn it on, the ratio indicator will appear on the top right, which has a value of 1.00 when there is no HDR content on the screen, 4.99 when viewing UHDR photos in Google Photos or Files, and 7.99 when watching HDR videos in YouTube.

*SDR - Standard Dynamic Range
*HDR - High Dynamic Range


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Android 15 DP1: New 'Notification cooldown' feature

Under Settings / Notifications at the very bottom there is a new item "Notification cooldown". This option will gradually lower the volume when you receive many successive notifications from the same app.

Also, you can choose whether to lower the volume of all notifications or only from conversations, or not to lower the volume at all.

This preparation of this feature was first spotted in Android 14 QPR2 beta by Mishal Rahman on Android Police.


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Android 15 DP1: The brightness slider in Quick Settings got a haptic feedback.

You'll feel a soft vibration as you move the brightness slider, and you'll feel a click at the edges.

🔊 Turn the sound to the max


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List of known issues in Android 15 Developer Preview 1.

❗️❗️❗️ An issue with sideloading the Developer Preview 1 OTA build can sometimes cause the device to show a "Device is corrupted" message after sideloading is completed (the device will not be able to boot into the system). To work around this issue, Google recommend that developers flash a factory image to test devices whenever possible instead of sideloading an OTA system image.

• While adding a face model for Face Unlock, the preview screen appears to be trimmed or cropped.
• When an app window is transitioning to picture-in-picture (PiP) mode, the PiP window disappears if the device is rotated before the PiP transition finishes.
• When a locked SIM card is inserted into an unlocked device, the user is not prompted to enter the PIN to unlock the SIM card. To work around this issue, lock and unlock the device manually.

• The Google Play Store sometimes crashes with a null pointer exception when trying to update apps.
• The Google TV app sometimes fails to initiate video playback and instead displays a "Play Movies & TV is temporarily unavailable" message.

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🤖 Android 15 Developer Preview 1 has been released!

Google opens testing of Android 15 in the first developer preview build. The testing program is split into 2 Developer Preview and at least 4 Beta builds. The first Beta build is scheduled for April this year. And the release will take place after August.

Android 15 testing is available for Pixel 6 and newer devices. The first Developer Preview build is installed manually only. Its installation automatically subscribes you to over-the-air updates. That is, the second DP will already come over the air.

Build number: AP31.240119.016

🔗 Factory images

🔗 OTA images — can be installed without data reset and bootloader unlocking

🔗 Android 15 Program Overview


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Google has started rolling out updated weather icons in the At a Glance and Weather widgets.

Ever since Google released the updated Weather page, the last non-updated element has been the icons in the weather and "At a Glance" widgets, even though the new Weather page UI used new icons. Thankfully, it looks like that's about to change.

Some users (thanks @Sari1Rahman) have started seeing updated weather icons in their widgets. It is unknown at this time if this is global or if Google will roll out this change gradually over the next few months.

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🤖 The first developer preview of Android 15 may be released this Thursday.

In a comment on the Android Open Source Project, a Google employee explicitly named the scheduled release date for the first Developer Preview of Android 15, calling it "Android V" ("Vanilla Ice Cream"):

Maybe makes sense to wait until Android V will be available? Its first Developer preview is scheduled for Feb 15

If that's indeed the case, those interested should get their devices ready to install Android 15 DP1 as early as this Thursday. It's worth remembering that Developer Preview builds ❗️are not recommended for everyday use❗️, as they can be extremely unstable (even worse than Beta).

These builds are primarily recommended for developers to try out new APIs and test their apps on the new Android version.

🔗 via 9to5Google

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Google rolling out new "Android Safe Browsing" settings.

Under Settings / Security & Privacy / More security & privacy, Google added a new page 'Android Safe Browsing', whose description reads "Get alerts about threats from dangerous websites". When the feature is turned off or you try to turn it off, you will be warned that you will be protected by 'an older version of Safe browsing'.

This feature requires Google Play Protect to be enabled. It also has a list of "Supported Apps". Most likely these supported apps are those that use the SafetyNet Safe Browsing API.

I first discovered this page in October in 🦾Google Play services app v. 23.41.13, and now it's being rolled out to users via server-side.

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Репост из: Mishaal's Android News Feed
Android's Photo Picker is finally getting Google Photos integration! This lets you share images or videos from your Google Photos libraries with apps that invoke the system Photo Picker.

This is rolling out with the February 2024 Google System Update and is available on Android 12+ (ie. the GMS backported Photo Picker doesn't support cloud content).

Other apps can integrate with the Photo Picker by utilizing Android's CloudMediaProvider API. However, the Photo Picker currently utilizes an allowlist, and only apps "nominated by OEMs" are currently eligible to participate in the "pilot program" that allows them to become a cloud media provider.

[1] My post from December showing off this feature

[2] Google's blog post announcing the rollout

[3] Developer docs for creating a cloud media provider.

Here's the Google Play Services 'Call Cast' feature settings page.

Cross-device services have been in development since last August. And at the time when this page was first discovered as Link your devices, it had a single 'Call transfer' toggle on it. And later, it got Internet Sharing on it as well.

In the latest beta version of Google Play Services, the company has added a separate settings page renaming the 'Call transfer' to 'Call Cast'. This feature will allow you to move calls between your nearby devices, that logged in to your Google Account. This feature might be using the Telecom Jetpack library.

The Cross-device services is still not enabled, but judging by the way Google is ramping up the pace of finalization, the feature is expected to start working very soon.

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Gemini app is now live on play store!

🔗 Play store link

*available only in US on english

Requires Android 12+ device with at least 4Gb of RAM

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Google One has added a new Google One AI Premium plan with Gemini Advanced for $19.99.

The Google One AI Premium plan offers 2TB of storage and all the benefits of regular Premium, but in addition you get access to Gemini Ultra 1.0, Google's most powerful AI model yet.

Gemini Ultra processes queries more efficiently, follows instructions, programs, gets creative, and reasons. This model can analyze and explain information, as well as write high quality code in many programming languages.

And Gemini will soon be available in other Google services, such as Gmail and Docs. Writing and finalizing text, generating unique images, and improving video quality in Meet through noise reduction, sharpening, and light correction in the frame.

The Google One AI Premium plan costs $19.99 for US, €21.99 for EU and £18,99 for UK per month, with the first 2 months free trial for all.

🔗 Google One AI Premium plan

Redditor u/pxp121kr on r/singularity was first to spot this.

The Gemini chatbot will be available at: . For now, the link is not working. But, if you open you will see "Bard Advanced".

UPD: looks like the link is starting to work.

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Google has released the first beta version of Android 14 QPR3 (June release).

The company has opened beta testing for the system image, which will be released in June this year. The beta program is available for devices starting with Pixel 5a and newer. The 14 QPR2 testing program appears to have come to an end and the next update for it will be the March stable release.

List of fixes:

• Fixed an issue where Circle to Search wasn't available to Beta users. This feature was unintentionally released only to non-Beta users.

❗️If you're currently on Android 14 QPR2 Beta 3.1 planned to upgrade to a stable system image without data loss next month, don't upgrade to Android 14 QPR3 or the next window of opportunity won't appear until June.

Build number: AP21.240119.009
Security Patch: February 2024

🔗 OTAs
🔗 Factory Images
🔗 Beta program opt-in

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