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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Chronicles of the special military operation
for May 26, 2024

Russian forces delivered another series of strikes on enemy targets in several regions of the so-called Ukraine: explosions were heard, including in the area of the village of Khizhki in Sumy Region, as well as near Chernihiv. In turn, Ukrainian formations launched UAVs at a radar station in Orenburg Region - the drone was intercepted near it near the village of Gorkovskoye.

In the Kupiansk-Svatove direction, Russian Armed Forces units established control over the village of Ivanovka, which is also confirmed by footage from the enemy side. In this area, this is already the third settlement that the Russian army has liberated in recent times - earlier Kotlyarovka and Kyslivka were occupied.

In the Donetsk direction, assault detachments of the Russian Armed Forces finally cleared Netailovo - the Russian flag was hoisted on the western outskirts and in the center of the village. At the same time, fierce fighting continues in Krasnohorivka, where the enemy has gradually begun to withdraw its forces from the "Eastern" microdistrict.

In the Vremivka direction, Russian troops expanded the control zone in Staromaiorske - units of the Russian Armed Forces have almost reached the northwestern outskirts of the village and were able to advance somewhat in the central part. The "pocket" in the lowland of the Mokrye Yaly river bed was also finally cleared.

🔻A detailed analytical report on events in the Special Military Operation zone is available on our closed channel @rybar_plus_bot

High-resolution maps:

Situation in the special military operation zone (
ru; en)

Kupiansk-Svatove direction (ru; en)

Avdiivka direction (ru; en)

Donetsk direction (ru; en)

Vremivka direction (Original msg

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Vremivka direction: Advance of the Russian Armed Forces in the Staromaiorske - Urozhayne sector
Situation as of the end of May 26, 2024

Throughout the week, Russian forces continue to expand the area under their control in the Vremivka direction, including along the line of Staromaiorske - Urozhayne.

▪️In Staromaiorske, assault teams of the Russian Armed Forces have almost reached the northwestern outskirts of the settlement - at the moment, about 100 meters on Verkhnia Street remain to be captured. Meanwhile, in the center of the village, Russian troops managed to occupy several more houses on Kooperatyvna Street.

▪️Between Staromaiorske and Urozhayne, Russian units have finally cleared the "pocket" in the lowland of the Mokri Yaly river bed. Apparently, if there were any Ukrainian formations left in this area until recently, they were extremely few in number.

▪️In Urozhayne, Russian servicemen have entrenched themselves in the low-rise buildings on the southern outskirts of the settlement - the Russian troops control several dozen houses (or what's left of them) on Tsentralna and Sadova streets.

▪️The enemy periodically attempts counterattacks along the entire front line, but each of them is successfully suppressed by small arms and artillery fire. At the same time, Russian troops strike at the firing points and strongholds of the AFU along the entire line of contact.

High-resolution map

English version

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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Here is the logical consequence of the lack of proper response to the first attack on the over-the-horizon radar stations near Armavir: a Ukrainian drone fell near the village of Gorkovskoye next to Orsk in the Orenburg Region.

In this area, there is a radar station that is part of the missile attack warning system. A couple of days ago, the enemy struck one of such radars in Armavir.

Reflecting on this incident, we noted that inaction will have a much greater impact on the ongoing events, as it will embolden the AFU and their curators. And that is what we are now witnessing.

❗️If everything is left unanswered, the use of Western missile weapons by Ukrainian formations against old Russian territories, including strategic facilities, will be just a matter of time.
#Orenburg #Russia #Ukraine

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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Kupiansk-Svatove Direction: Liberation of Ivanovka
Situation as of the end of May 26, 2024

🔻After the liberation of Kotlyarovka and Kyslivka, the logical continuation of the offensive operation by the Russian Armed Forces units was the capture of Ivanovka.

First, the Russian troops worked with artillery on the settlement, after which they managed to advance and establish control over it. It is noteworthy that information about the capture of Ivanovka appeared several days ago, but until now there were no unambiguous confirming footage.

Only a video with servicemen of the 26th Tank Regiment and a flag they had deployed was published online, which was difficult to definitively link to the events in Ivanovka. This is largely due to the fact that the settlement is quite small in size, not to mention its poorly developed infrastructure.

❗️The final confirmation of the liberation of Ivanovka came from the opponent, on whose resources footage of strikes on the positions of the Russian Armed Forces within the settlement's boundaries appeared. At the same time, this is the third settlement captured in this area, which indicates an intensification of hostilities in the Kupiansk direction.

At the same time, it remains unclear whether the Russian Armed Forces advanced along the railway between Kyslivka and Ivanovka. On the one hand, this would be quite logical, on the other hand, the AFU have most likely built strongholds in the wide forest belts on both sides of the highway.

🔻Also, today the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the liberation of Berestove. However, so far only footage has appeared online showing only partial control. Nevertheless, judging by it, the Russian troops have occupied at least half of the village, and Berestove is a rather small settlement, so its liberation cannot be ruled out.

High-resolution map
English version
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a #Ukraine

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🇮🇱🇵🇸 Escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Zone
Chronicle of events for May 26, 2024

In the north of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli forces continue the operation in Jabalia. Meanwhile, a representative of the military wing of Hamas, Abu Ubaida, announced the capture of IDF soldiers who fell into an ambush in one of the tunnels.

In the south of the enclave, the Israelis were able to slightly expand the control zone in the area of the Salah ad-Din checkpoint and began fighting on the outskirts of the Yabna refugee camp. And Hamas militants carried out rocket launches towards central Israel for the first time since late January.

In the West Bank, IDF units conducted another series of raids, detaining at least 20 people - all of them were accused of aiding Hamas. A large-scale operation also took place again in Jenin, where there were clashes with local militants.

Along the Lebanese-Israeli border, the parties exchanged fire in their usual manner. The Israeli forces worked almost throughout southern Lebanon, while Hezbollah fighters reported hitting IDF targets.

🔻A detailed analytical report on the events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict zone is available on our closed channel @rybar_plus_bot

High-resolution map

English version

#digest #map #Israel #Palestine #report

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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Donetsk direction: capture of Netailovo, fighting in Krasnohorivka
situation as of 7:00 pm on May 25, 2024

In the Donetsk direction, Russian forces are fighting in Krasnohorivka and have completed the clearing of Netailovo.

🔻The appearance of videos on the internet with flags in the center and on the western outskirts of Netailovo indicates the completion of the clearing of the previously occupied part of the village's buildings. The first frames of objective control, indicating the exit to the outskirts of the settlement, appeared as early as May 15-16 from the side of the opponent.

▪️Now, it seems that the Russian assault troops have managed to clean up the buildings on Naberezhna and Kolkhozna streets, as well as at least part of the forest on the outskirts of the village to the south of the eastern part of the Karlovo reservoir.

▪️However, there is no information yet about the capture of the strongholds west of the C051801 highway and north of the Vodiana river. The presence of the opponent may well be preserved there. South of Netailovo there is a complex of farms north of the Domakha gully, where the presence of Ukrainian formations may also remain. In the first third of May, Russian assault troops at least tried to advance south, but the result is unknown.

❗️It is not worth assuming that the opponent will retreat. The AFU rely on the Domakha gully in the defense of the heights in the area of Nevelskoye, where the presence of enemy forces also remains. This section is important for as long as possible holding of Krasnohorivka, since it provides an overview of the northern outskirts of the city.

🔻In Krasnohorivka itself, heavy fighting continues. According to some reports, the opponent began to withdraw from the Vostochny microdistrict and the neighboring high-rise buildings near School No. 1, but there are no confirming footage yet. At the same time, at least part of the buildings of the microdistrict along Tsentralna street is already under the control of the Russian Armed Forces.

▪️In addition, a few days ago, the Russian flag was raised in the complex of buildings of Secondary School No. 2, which also indicates a gradual breakthrough of the opponent's defense in the area of buildings to the southeast of the Shevchenko Central Park.

▪️In the northeastern outskirts, no advances of Russian assault troops have been observed so far, at least in open sources. After the capture of the fortified area east of the Kaminsky garden, further advancement to the west is fraught with high losses due to the opponent's control of the heights to the north, and the terrain to the west of the Borisovka pond and north of 1 Maya street is a difficult-to-pass lowland.

High-resolution map
< Original msg

🇰🇿🇰🇬🇺🇦🌐Who continues to destabilize the situation in Central Asian countries

Recently, journalists from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan responded to the call of the president of the so-called Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, and arrived in Kharkiv. The press conference was held in a building from which the bodies of seven dead people had been removed just a day earlier. The venue was additionally equipped for the event: pallets were thrown over the remaining puddles from the fire extinguishing, and lighting was set up.

▪️Such behavior of journalists from countries whose leaders declare partnership and cooperation with Russia with one hand, while at the same time signing documents on strategic partnership with representatives of Western countries with the other, is not so surprising.

▪️Even less surprising are the media that covered the events: "Radio Ozodi" (Tajikistan), "Radio Azattyk" (Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan), "Radio Ozodlik" (Uzbekistan), "Radio Azatlyk" (Turkmenistan) and ORDA (Kazakhstan). All the "Radios" are offspring of the "Radio Liberty" nest, an international non-profit broadcasting organization funded by the US government through the Agency for Global Media.

▪️As for the personalities, it is reported that five people came to Kharkiv: two journalists from Kazakhstan, two from Kyrgyzstan and one from Uzbekistan. For an even count, the sixth to arrive was Andrey Sharogradskyy, a native of Ryazan living abroad, who has no relation to the Central Asian countries, but hosts a podcast on "Radio Liberty".

🔻It is known about the personal presence of the editor-in-chief of the online publication ORDA, Gulzhat Bazhkenova. She is a former employee of "Radio Azattyk", who at some point opened her own "independent" media.

🔻The author of the photo of Zelenskyy on all the "Radio Liberty" resources is Aibek Biibosunov, a Kyrgyz journalist who has been featured on the CABAR resource, whose connection with the Soros Foundation we have already reported, and also received the Ulanbek Egizbaev Prize from the Investigative Journalism Foundation together with the Soros-Kyrgyzstan Foundation and Internews.

▪️In short, at the expense of the American president, the event was attended by representatives of resources engaged in "good deeds" in the countries of Central Asia - from blackening the power apparatus of the state to organizing "passionate groups" (like the Almaty cell of "Tablighi Jamaat" that participated in the riots of January 2022 in Kazakhstan).

❗️We have repeatedly asked ourselves why the governments of these countries (for example, Kazakhstan) do not show any concern at all about the subversive activities of foreign NGOs. There is still no answer, and the activities of Western-sponsored organizations, as we can see, continue.
#Kazakhstan #Ukraine #globalism

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🇬🇪🇷🇺 Regarding the alleged pro-Russian position of the Georgian government led by Prime Minister Irakli Kobakhidze: on Georgia's Independence Day, he stated that by 2030 the country expects to regain Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as join the EU.

As they say, "dreaming is not harmful." All these statements are just for public consumption, having nothing to do with the real situation. To implement such a plan, they would need to commit genocide against Abkhazians, Ossetians, and Russians as well, which no one will allow them to do.

Of course, the Georgian authorities are far from the Napoleonic plans of the Ukrainian leadership. They still believe they can return to the 1991 borders. At least they have stopped talking about a dash to Moscow.

In general, what Kobakhidze said does not oblige him to anything. He played to the sentiments, showed his anti-Russian position - that's it. By 2030, his party may lose power again, and the European Union itself may well collapse given the policies being pursued.
#Georgia #Russia

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🇮🇱🇵🇸 Palestinian factions from the vicinity of Rafah conducted rocket launches towards Tel Aviv and nearby settlements for the first time in four months.

Air defense systems intercepted most of the improvised projectiles, but some fell within the city limits.

As a result of the Hamas shelling, two women were injured - they sustained injuries from falling while running to bomb shelters.
#Israel #Palestine

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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Avdiivka direction: fighting in the Ocheretyne - Solovyovo sector, advance of the Russian Armed Forces towards Yasnobrodivka
situation as of 2:00 pm on May 25, 2024

In the Avdiivka direction, despite the "shift of attention" to the Kharkiv region, the fighting and assault operations of the Russian Armed Forces have not stopped.

🔻Northwest of Ocheretyne, there was a new attempt to storm Novoaleksandrivka. An armored group reached the outskirts of the settlement, but came under artillery and UAV strikes. The footage of objective control does not make it clear whether they managed to gain a foothold in the built-up area, but the very fact of the attack confirms the absence of the enemy in the forest belts southeast of the village.

▪️West of Ocheretyne, assault groups are advancing through wide forest belts on both sides along the railway, with heavy fighting ongoing. The situation east of Sokil also remains difficult. The enemy from the 47th Motorized Brigade is actively defending, not stopping counterattacks.

According to footage that has appeared online, including the evacuation of the enemy, the forest belt south of the railway line came under the control of Russian troops some time ago. An M2A2 ODS-SA Bradley of the enemy also moved there, apparently to land troops or just strike the plantation, but was destroyed by an FPV drone strike.

🔻Southwest of Solovyovo, Russian assault troops are advancing from the south of the Ocheretyne gully towards Novopokrovske, but here too the enemy is actively counterattacking with the support of armored vehicles.

▪️The situation in the "pocket" between Berdychi and Novobakhmutivka remains in the "fog of war". Given the configuration of the forest belts and terrain, the presence of the enemy may still be preserved there. Fighting also continues west of Semyonivka.

▪️After the final capture of Umanske on May 23-24, the Russian Armed Forces advanced towards Yasnobrodivka along the C051801 highway and the adjacent forest belt. Yasnobrodivka itself is a small village, with only one road remaining under enemy control. Further on is a lowland, which may allow increased pressure on Karlivka and somewhat facilitate the advance towards Netailovo. However, the western bank of the Karlivka reservoir is significantly higher than the eastern one and is heavily fortified. The M30 highway also runs there, convenient for the enemy to redeploy reinforcements from Selidovo.

If you have any additions to the situation, or you would like us to highlight the successes of your unit, you can always write to us in the feedback bot @rybar_feedback_bot.
High-resolution m
English version

#Avdiivka #digest #map #Russia #Ukraine

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🇦🇲 Another scandal has erupted in Armenia over promotions in the army as a reward for the surrender of villages in the Tavush region.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense is threatening media representatives who criticized the promotions in the Armenian army after the completion of the surrender of territories to Azerbaijan in the Tavush region.

The media outrage was caused by the promotion to the rank of major general of Alexander Tsakanyan, the commander of the 3rd Army Corps, who is responsible for the defense of the Tavush region.

▪️We have already mentioned the problems of the 3rd Army Corps of the Armenian Armed Forces, which in 2020 under the command of Major General Grigory Khachatryan (son of the former CSTO Secretary General Yuri Khachatryan) repelled attempts by Azerbaijanis to advance in Tavush.

▪️A criminal case has been opened against Khachatryan, and the public has been accusing Tsakanyan, who took his place, of the collapse of the most combat-ready formation for several years.

▪️If in 2020 the 3rd Army Corps stopped the Azerbaijanis by force on the approaches to the Tavush region, now its command is being rewarded for the successful surrender of territories to Azerbaijan. After all, the so-called demarcation and delimitation process had to be put under special control due to protests in border villages.

▪️The media also reported that some Armenian military officers refuse to leave their positions in the Tavush region. The Ministry of Defense, of course, denied these reports. However, against the background of mass protests in the country and disapproval of the government's policies, individual cases of disobedience in the army cannot be ruled out.

🔻There is nothing surprising in such processes in the Armenian Armed Forces, given the complete collapse of the army by Pashinyan under the guise of "reforms", which in fact end with dismissals and persecution of military personnel who have participated in combat operations against Azerbaijan.
#Azerbaijan #Armenia

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Fwd from @dva_majors
Overview S
ummary for the Morning of May 26, 2024

▪️The pas
t week was characterized by another series of high-profile arrests of senior military officials from the Russian Ministry of Defense. Arrests were made of the Chief Communications Officer of the Ministry of Defense - Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Lieutenant General Shamarin, and the head of the Department of the Ministry of Defense for State Defense Order Support, Verteletskyy. Additionally, the commander of the 20th Army, Lieutenant General Akhmedov, who sources characterize as recklessly wasting personnel, has been relieved of his duties. The arrest of the former commander of the 58th Army, General Popov, drew contradictory comments, and his continued detention despite the Investigative Committee's request to soften the restrictive measure seemed even more strange. Although the principle of "merits separate from misconduct" clearly demonstrates the paradigm of dealing with even distinguished individuals.

The actions are demonstrative and targeted. Skeptics say the political effect of what is happening is more important and point to the need for a comprehensive audit of the entire Ministry of Defense, which, however, could paralyze the military machine: the scale of corruption was intuitively clear even before the arrests.

▪️On the front lines, the Russian Army continues to hold the initiative. On the Kharkiv direction, the fighting is transitioning closer to positional warfare: the enemy has pulled reinforcements from other sectors of the front, which opens up new promising directions for the Russian Armed Forces.

▪️On the Svatove-Kupiansk direction, the offensive actions of our troops have been intensified. The village of Ivanovka north of Kyslivka has been liberated, and fighting is ongoing near Berestove and Stelmakhivka.

▪️In the battle for Chasiv Yar, our troops are storming the eastern outskirts of the city, squeezing the pincers from the north and south, the nature reserve has been captured, and fighting is ongoing near Kalinivka. To the south, the Russian Armed Forces have occupied the ruins of Klishchiyivka and Andriyivka.

▪️On the Pokrovsk direction, Arkhanhel'ske on the Ocheretyne salient has been liberated, and further south - Umanske and Netailove. On the South Donetsk direction, there is fighting in Krasnohorivka and Paraskoviyivka. On the Vremivka salient - in Staromaiorse and Urozhayne. Gradually, with heavy fighting, the "Robotyne wedge" on the Zaporizhia front is being eliminated. The Kherson direction is characterized by the enemy's statements about "withdrawing from Krynky" and actions on the islands in the Dnieper floodplain.

▪️At the same time, the enemy actively uses NATO weapons against Crimea, carries out terrorist strikes on the Belgorod and Kursk regions. It uses many long-range UAVs, reaching as far as Tatarstan. In the Black Sea, the use of MLRS-guided missiles from the Kinburn Spit was recorded, which creates new security threats for the Russian Black Sea coast.

▪️Thus, despite heavy personnel losses and some problems with weapons and equipment (greatly exaggerated in the media), the AFU are conducting an organized defense, capable of striking our rear areas, an Original msg

🇷🇺🇺🇦 It's actually what was expected: Ukrainian forces have begun using the R-360 "Neptune" anti-ship missiles on other parts of the front, not just in Crimea.

Neptune production was ramped up by the end of last year, and they had been stockpiling them without intensive use (in Crimea, the 31st Division adapted to them, and their effectiveness was low).

There's no need to be surprised by their use for strikes on ground targets as they have long been modernized for these needs, just like the S-200 air defense missiles. Since they've been spotted near Belgorod, we'll be seeing them mentioned in reports more often.
#Belgorod #Russia #Ukraine

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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Chronicles of the special military operation
for May 25, 2024

Russian forces delivered a series of strikes on targets in Kharkiv, including hitting a GUR (Main Intelligence Directorate) unit's warehouse in one of the shopping centers. In turn, the AFU attempted to attack objects in Krasnodar Krai with a drone.

In the Slobozhansky direction, heavy fighting continues in Volchansk and north of Lyptsi. The enemy continues to redeploy reserves to this sector from other directions and rear areas.

In the Kupiansk-Svatove direction, Russian forces are expanding their control zone in Berestove, advancing within the village boundaries.

In the Donetsk direction, in Krasnohorivka, the Russian Armed Forces have occupied the area around school No. 2, with clashes ongoing west of the refractory plant and on the eastern outskirts of the city.

In the Vremivka direction, in Staromaiorskoye, Russian assault groups are developing the success of previous days, advancing along the western outskirts. They are also attacking in the southern part of Urozhayne.

🔻A detailed analytical report on the events in the Special Military Operation zone is available on our closed channel @rybar_plus_bot

High-resolution maps:

Situation in the special military operation zone (
ru; en)

Slobozhansky direction (
ru; en)

Vremivka direction (
ru; en)

#Belgorod #Volchansk #Vremivka #digest #report #Donetsk #map #Krasnodar #Russia #Ukraine #Kharkiv

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🇮🇱🇵🇸 Escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Zone
Chronicle of events for May 25, 2024

In the north and south of the Gaza Strip, the IDF is conducting local operations. The Israelis report the discovery of weapons and the destruction of Hamas infrastructure, while the Palestinians report heavy fighting, traditionally reporting on the defeat of IDF personnel and armored vehicles.

On the border with Lebanon, there is an exchange of strikes between Hezbollah and the IDF. One of the Israeli shellings hit the vicinity of a UN observation post south of Kafr Kila, but there were no casualties among the peacekeepers.

In the West Bank, raids continue to search for and detain Palestinians linked to Hamas. As before, they are accompanied by shootouts and clashes.

Pro-Iranian formations once again reported the launch of a UAV towards Eilat, but it did not reach its target. At the same time, in Syria, Israeli UAVs attacked two targets near El-Qusayr, and in the Al-Mezzeh area of Damascus, a car of an officer associated with Iranian structures was blown up by unknown persons.

🔻A detailed analytical report on events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict zone is available on our closed channel @rybar_plus_bot

High-resolution map

English version

#digest #map #Israel #Palestine #report

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🇺🇸🛰️ We recently reported on the use of the DtC function in the new Starlink satellites, which allows a mobile phone to directly connect to the spacecraft and "get Internet". And the other day, SpaceX reported on the first video call made using this technology.

As mentioned earlier, such developments have huge potential for use in the military sphere. And it's not just about organizing communication - now instead of bulky terminals, regular smartphones can be installed on the same USVs and drones, providing a stable control channel.

Naturally, in the near future this technology will clearly be "tested" in combat conditions. And since the West has the perfect testing ground called "Ukraine", it is possible that our troops on the front lines will have to face it very soon.
#space #USA

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🇷🇺🇺🇦☢ On the Prospects of a Ukrainian Attack on Russia's Nuclear Infrastructure

Let's join the discussion that has unfolded online regarding a possible Ukrainian attack on the radar station that is part of the missile attack warning system near Armavir.

🔻If the attack attempt is confirmed, then we are faced with a very obvious question: what will be the response to this provocative step, the purpose of which is to test the reaction of the Russian leadership.

▪️In any other situation, it would be logical to deliver a massive strike on the place from which the launch was carried out, as well as the production of these drones. However, in the so-called Ukraine, assembly is taking place at several points (including underground), and the launch is carried out from different regions.

In this case, such a response can hardly be called proportionate, which brings us closer to more serious measures leading to total escalation in the form of limited use of weapons of mass destruction, such as tactical nuclear (TNW).

❗️At the same time, it is not necessary to deliver a strike. It would be enough to conduct a practical exercise of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) with a demonstration of a TNW attack on some training ground near the so-called Ukraine.

As a rule, the training of these forces generally implies this, but in the past exercises we did not see this. And most likely, the rehearsal of the actions of the nuclear component without the actual use of special ammunition did not have the proper impact.

▪️Another response option can be called an asymmetric strike. It is not always necessary to respond similarly to the enemy. You can strike at some sector of industry or the economy to have an even greater impact on the enemy in the medium term.

But here, as in the case with other options, there are some nuances. The Ukrainian economy has long ceased to be something holistic, and it is artificially supported by monetary tranches from outside.

The same can be said about the industry, which is focused only on the military sector, and again only thanks to subsidies from the West, which will sooner or later run out. It is not difficult to guess what will happen to the economic and industrial sector of the country when the supplies end.

🔻The situation itself is not simple. Essentially, a strike has been carried out that automatically falls under the provisions of Russia's military doctrine, which puts the leadership in a position where a response is obligatory.

Inaction will put the state in an even more dangerous position, where attacks will become more frequent, and in the future, ATACMS or Storm Shadow/SCALP missiles may be used. Not to mention the domestic audience, which is already asking a lot of questions.

And the difficulty is that the reaction must be tough. Red-white lines or protest notes will not bring anything good, but will only create a new reason for discussion and, in fact, this will become an Overton window, in which attacks on nuclear infrastructure will become as commonplace as raids on Tatarstan.

The enemy in the face of the West, with the hands of the AFU, has made its move. Now the ball is in our court, and the opponents are waiting to see what we will come up with. And the further steps of the West on Russian territories depend on this.
#Russia #Ukraine

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🇷🇺🇺🇦 Ukrainian formations continue to shell settlements in the Belgorod Region on a daily basis.

At the moment, an air raid alert is in effect across the entire region, and air defense forces are repelling a missile attack on Belgorod.

Currently, there are reports of at least ten explosions, and the consequences on the ground are being clarified.
#Belgorod #Russia #Ukraine

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🇷🇺🇺🇸🇺🇦 The Washington Post published a major article about the declining effectiveness of some expensive high-precision American weapons in the SMO zone due to the impact of Russian electronic warfare.

▪️In particular, the authors mention the steep drop in accuracy of the 155mm Excalibur guided artillery rounds over the past year. As a result, Ukrainian forces essentially stopped using these rounds.

▪️Journalists also noted similar problems with HIMARS rocket rounds and air-dropped bombs, although the situation varies. For example, GBU-39 bombs demonstrated a high hit rate, while their ground-launched variant GLSDB turned out to be unsuccessful.

Overall, the WP article does not contain anything fundamentally new, and some information had previously even leaked into the public domain. As early as the fall of 2023, the media reported on the problems with Excalibur and HIMARS missiles due to the impact of the Pole-21 system, and recently U.S. officials reported on the low effectiveness of GLSDB.

📌 Why did this happen? On the one hand, many Western weapon systems were developed to fight an opponent without modern countermeasures. At the same time, the Russian Armed Forces constantly adapted to threats and took organizational, technical and other measures.

This is another vivid example of the continuous "arms race" as well as a demonstration that there is no such thing as "wonder weapons." This is true for all parties to the conflict.
#Russia #USA #Ukraine

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