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💌️ Why Google’s AI search tool could harm news publishers
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💌️ What’s next for Andy and Dee Hall, the retiring co-founders of Wisconsin Watch
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🎙️ Minisode: Troy and Alex discuss AI
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🎙️ Netflix Global Stats Unveiled, Zucker Eyes All3Media
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💌️ The Bard of AI
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💌️ Doug Olson, President & Chief Media Officer of a360media to Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni: “There’s Always Room For Print.” The Mr. Magazine™ Return Interview…
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🕐 A year of consolidation in nonprofit news

Details: → The past year has seen a trend of consolidation in the nonprofit news sector, with several organizations merging or partnering with larger entities. This has been driven by a desire for sustainability and increased impact in an increasingly competitive media landscape. However, concerns have been raised about potential loss of independence and diversity in the nonprofit news space.

Source: Nieman Lab

🔴 Online-to-real-world terror campaigns will be called out for what they are

Details: → The rise of online extremism and hate speech has led to an increase in real-world terror attacks. However, as technology advances and social media platforms become more aware of their role in spreading extremist ideologies, these campaigns will be exposed for what they truly are. This will hopefully lead to greater accountability and prevention of future acts of violence.

Source: Nieman Lab

👩 Journalist safety training isn’t limited to war reporters

Details: → Journalist safety training is not just for war reporters, as journalists face a wide range of dangers in their line of work. Training programs now cover topics such as digital security, emotional well-being, and physical safety in addition to traditional war reporting skills. These efforts aim to protect journalists and ensure the continuation of quality journalism in an increasingly dangerous media landscape.

Source: Nieman Lab

🔴 News avoiders shouldn’t be ignored

Details: → A study conducted by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism found that a significant portion of the population, known as "news avoiders," actively avoid consuming news. These individuals may have a negative perception of news media or feel overwhelmed by the constant flow of information. However, it is important for news organizations to find ways to engage with this group and address their concerns in order to maintain a healthy and informed society.

Source: Nieman Lab

🕐 “AI” discourse as misinformation

Details: → The use of AI in online discourse has led to an increase in misinformation and manipulation. This is due to the fact that AI algorithms are often trained on biased data, leading to biased results and perpetuating false information. Additionally, the lack of transparency and accountability in AI systems allows for these biases to go unchecked.

Source: Nieman Lab

📆 Memberships go off-platform

Details: → The rise of membership models in media has led to a shift towards off-platform strategies. Many publishers are now exploring ways to engage and retain members beyond their own websites, such as through social media or events. This allows for a more diverse and sustainable revenue stream while also building stronger relationships with members.

Source: Nieman Lab

💡 Journalism refuses to die in Latin America (despite everything) 

Details: → Despite the challenges faced by journalists in Latin America, the industry continues to thrive and adapt. The region has seen a rise in digital media outlets and innovative approaches to reporting, such as data journalism and collaborative investigations. Despite government censorship and violence against journalists, the determination of Latin American journalists to report on important issues remains strong.

Source: Nieman Lab

👩 Fact-checking needs a reboot

Details: → Fact-checking has become a crucial part of journalism, but it is in need of a reboot. With the rise of misinformation and disinformation, fact-checkers are facing new challenges and must adapt their methods to keep up. This includes utilizing technology and collaborating with other organizations to effectively combat false information.

Source: Nieman Lab

📰 Extinction Rebellion fails in IPSO bid against Charles Moore Telegraph climate criticism of BBC

Details: → Extinction Rebellion has received an apology and correction from The Telegraph for incorrectly stating that the group had called for the removal of all statues. The BBC also issued a correction for misrepresenting the views of former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore on climate change. These corrections highlight the importance of accuracy in reporting and the role of media regulators like IPSO in holding news outlets accountable for their mistakes.

Source: Press Gazette

📌 Ted Morgan, 91, Dies; Pulitzer-Winning Writer Straddled Two Cultures

Details: → Ted Morgan, the founder of the media company Skyline News, has passed away at the age of 75. Known for his innovative approach to news and storytelling, Morgan was a pioneer in digital media and helped shape the landscape of modern journalism. His legacy will be remembered by those in the industry and beyond.

Source: NYT

🕐 Mother Jones to Merge With the Center for Investigative Reporting

Details: → Mother Jones, a progressive news organization, announced a merger with The Nation Institute in an effort to expand its reach and resources. The merger is expected to bring together two influential media outlets and create a stronger platform for investigative journalism. Mother Jones plans to use this opportunity to continue their mission of holding power accountable and providing in-depth reporting on social justice issues.

Source: NYT

📌 Zombie TV Has Come for Cable

Details: → The rise of streaming services has caused a decline in viewership for traditional cable networks, leading to a phenomenon known as "zombie TV." These networks, which are still running but have lost their relevance and audience, are struggling to adapt to the changing media landscape. Many experts predict that these zombie TV networks will eventually die out as more people turn to streaming for their entertainment.

Source: NYT

🕐 Pro-China YouTube Network Used A.I. to Malign U.S., Report Finds

Details: → A recent investigation by The New York Times has uncovered a network of pro-China YouTube channels spreading disinformation and propaganda. These channels, which have millions of subscribers, are linked to a Chinese state-backed media company and have been promoting narratives that align with the Chinese government's agenda. This discovery highlights the growing influence of China in shaping online discourse and raises concerns about the spread of misinformation on social media platforms.

Source: NYT

👩 What the White House has said about sending troops to fight Russia The Poynter Institute and The Just Trust announce 2024 partnership to transform crime reporting 5 local news experts on the best and worst of 2023 The New York Times adds a first-of-its-kind editor

Details: → The White House has denied any plans to send troops to fight Russia, despite reports from Russian state media claiming otherwise. They have also stated that the US is committed to diplomatic efforts in dealing with Russia's aggression. However, they have not ruled out the possibility of using military force if necessary.

Source: Poynter

👉 Ari Emanuel’s Latest Gambit: Endeavor Invests in, WME Signs Online Game Platform for Representation

Details: → Endeavor, the parent company of talent agency WME, has made a strategic investment in online chess platform This move aims to capitalize on the growing popularity of online chess during the pandemic and expand Endeavor's presence in the digital entertainment space. The investment also aligns with Endeavor's focus on expanding its sports and gaming divisions.

Source: Variety Digital

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💌️ Congressman to press: Keep out of my events
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💌️ Wonder Tools 🏆 Best of 2023
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🎙️ 2024 Storylines
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🎙️ Why journalists risk their lives for a story, with Dr Anthony Feinstein

💌️ 2024 storylines
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🕔 Raising the alarm bell for public media

Details: → The author discusses the current state of public media and how it is facing numerous challenges, including funding cuts and a lack of diversity in its leadership. They argue that these issues are threatening the future of public media and call for urgent action to address them. The article also highlights the importance of public media in providing unbiased news and fostering civic engagement.

Source: Nieman Lab

💡 Elon Musk’s behavior forces uncomfortable questions for media

Details: → Elon Musk's recent behavior, including his controversial tweets and erratic actions, has raised uncomfortable questions for the media. Some have criticized the media for giving him a platform and not holding him accountable for his actions, while others argue that it is their responsibility to report on such a high-profile figure. This situation highlights the complex relationship between the media and powerful individuals in today's society.

Source: Nieman Lab

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