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Member of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy, Deputy Director of the Center for Comprehensive and European Studies at the National Research University Higher School of Economics Suslov

proposed to arrange a demonstration nuclear explosion.

“The political and psychological effect of the nuclear mushroom, which will be shown live on all television channels in the world, I hope, will return to Western politicians the only thing that prevented wars between the great powers after 1945 and that they have now mostly lost - the fear of nuclear war.”

✨ The shock of nuclear weapons has ceased to be a scare for NATO, because it has been shaken too often.

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Роман Алехин:

The US increases the production of shells to destroy Ukraine

That's right, comrades Majors say correctly :

he U
nited States will not allow stopping the war in Ukraine. Otherwise, all investments will burn out. And plans for income are made for the deca
de ahead.

And this is precisely why they are against their missile strikes on Russian territory - they do not want an escalation, since they are satisfied with a war of attrition of Russia at the hands of others.

Yes, at the same time, Europe is also depleted, which the United States understands very well, but for them this is not even collateral losses, but quite the opposite - increasing America’s competitiveness in the future.

The US's main enemy is China. The weakening of Russia is the weakening of China's ally, which gives China very cheap resources and generously gives money for products. And it turns out that the United States, in a war with Russia, is not only fighting for a change of power to a pro-American one, which will transfer all resources to America for next to nothing, but is also weakening its main rival - China, perhaps before a big war with it.

And all this together is about a war until the last Ukrainian for the interests of the Americans, which the usurper of power Zelensky has even openly spoken about.

Роман Алехин
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Belgorod region, governor:

The Ukrainian Armed Forces, using a kamikaze drone, attacked a private residential building in the village of Zozuli, Borisov district. As a result of the explosion, two people were injured: one woman had a shrapnel wound to her left leg, the second had a concussion. Ambulance crews provided all the necessary medical care to the victims on the spot; they refused hospitalization. In a residential building, windows were broken, the facade, roof and veranda were cut. Emergency services are working on the spot.

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Russian Ministry of Defense, Daily Summary:

Operational-tactical aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile forces and artillery from groupings of troops of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation defeated concentrations of enemy manpower and military equipment in 112 regions.

▫️ The forces of the Black Sea Fleet destroyed four Ukrainian unmanned boats in the northwestern part of the Black Sea.

▫️A Su-27 aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force was shot down by air defense systems.

During the day, the following were destroyed: 24 unmanned aerial vehicles, eight ATACMS operational-tactical missiles made in the USA and a HARM anti-radar missile made in the USA.

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The Washington Post, citing Blinken:

The United States does not restrict Kiev from using air defense systems to combat Russian missiles or aircraft over Russian territory “if they pose a threat to Ukraine”

✨ The main danger in this vein is attacks on our airfields with cluster ATACMS. Carriers of FAB, ODAB, UMPB and missiles like the Kh-38ML cause serious damage to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Reducing this disparity will allow the West to continue to implement its plan to prolong the war.

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🪂 Zaporozhye direction.

Rabotino-Verbovoye section.

The relative calm continues.
The assault operations on our part, although successful, were not so active due to the landscape conditions.

The artillery also works at half-turns, we identify points, process them, and the Ukros respond with cassettes.

But drones swarm in swarms both day and night.
The approaches to positions and the positions themselves are remotely mined.
Drone attacks on rear areas also continue.

Electronic warfare cannot cope, but our operators are working as hard as possible on enemy positions.
The front-line UAV workshops are especially pleasing; the guys quickly reflash the enemy birds and send them to work against the Ukrainian fascists.

On my own behalf, I will say separately, although the emphasis is now on the Kharkov and Chasovoyarsk directions, we should not forget about ZAPORIZHIE AND KHERSON!!!

These are some of the key areas and everyone needs to be prepared here!

Дневник Десантника 🇷🇺
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500 thousand Ukrainians died for nothing - Jeffrey Sachs

Tucker Carlson interviewed the American economist who was twice named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Sachs shocked English-speaking viewers by revealing the number of casualties among Ukrainian militants, and also explained why Washington is not negotiating with Russia.

“The US authorities hoped that they would achieve their goal through bluff or through superior forces and finances. They simply made a bet, but not on themselves, but on other people’s lives, on someone else’s country, on other people’s money. The bet turned out to be wrong - Putin said “no,” the economist said.

Солдат Удачи
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Belgorod region, governor:

The Ukrainian Armed Forces twice attacked a gas station using kamikaze drones. The incidents occurred at the entrance to the village of Zamostye, Grayvoronsky urban district.

As a result of the fall of the first drone followed by detonation, a civilian was injured. The man has a closed craniocerebral injury, shrapnel wounds to the face and lower extremities, members of the territorial self-defense took the victim to the Grayvoronskaya Central District Hospital, where doctors provide him with all the necessary medical care. Glass at the gas station was broken, the canopy and façade were damaged, and a passenger car and tractor were also hit by shrapnel.

When the drone attacks again, the gas pump is damaged. No fire. Emergency services are working on the spot.

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Rogozin :

Ukraine's ammunition supply is like that of a drunk. The fact that their use has decreased is not caused by a shortage of shells, but by the massive use of attack drones by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which have turned into high-precision loitering munitions .

Ukraine will lose not because it lacks something and is not being given something, but because Kiev started the conflict on someone else’s command, acting as a puppet of the West. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are NATO mercenaries, traitors to the Slavic world. The truth is not on their side.

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The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published a video of the destruction of a small boat off the Crimean coast

The enemy claims that a Ukrainian surface unmanned vehicle MAGURA V5 worth about 273 thousand US dollars (more than 24 million rubles) hit the Tuna boat, which, according to information from open sources, is intended for active recreation on the water (water skiing, diving)

The same information is confirmed by Advisor to the Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, who writes that the Tuna boat is used for traveling work, patrol trips or recreation on the water .

There is nothing joyful in the enemy’s actions , since his MBECs reach the Crimea under the fire of our helicopters. By the way, this is not the first time we have been to the said bay.

But this time the blow fell on a completely “non-hype” target.

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Western coast of Crimea, Uzkaya Bay, enemy personnel

One enemy MBEC blew up booms, the second was blown up near our boats.

✨ This is not the first attack by MBEC on the location of our boats in this bay.

The enemy's goal is unclear - these small boats in the video do not carry any weapons.

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The US is building a plant in Texas to produce 155mm shells for Ukraine

According to the New York Times, this will be the first such enterprise that the Pentagon is building from scratch since the start of the war in Ukraine.

The Mesquite plant will produce 30,000 artillery shells per month, roughly double current U.S. production.

🔹The United States will not allow stopping the war in Ukraine. Otherwise, all investments will burn out. And plans for income are made for the decade ahead

Блокнот пропагандиста
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⚡️ Operational in Zaporozhye direction at 08:00 30.05

🔻After the offensive in the Kharkov region, the Zaporozhye direction, and especially the settlements of Rabotino-Verbovoye, left the main agenda a little. In these areas, our units are steadily storming enemy positions, and already now the front line is in the areas where the peak of the AAF counter-offensive took place.

⚡️ Recaptured positions from the enemy at a depth of 1 to 5 km in different areas.

🔻Artillery, as in all sectors of the front, works with restraint and moderation. They are trying with all their might to close the bookmaker's limit, using FPV drones during the day and agricultural drones at night.

🔻Due to positions passing from hand to hand, there are no forest belts at all for kilometers inland. The most intense artillery fire, either ours or the enemy's, turned the main bridgehead into an open field in which thousands of holes were dug, mines, garbage, rotten bodies and burned equipment of both sides were scattered everywhere.

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Russian Ministry of Defense:

Duty air defense systems destroyed eight ATACMS operational-tactical missiles over the Sea of Azov and eight UAVs were intercepted over the Black Sea near the coast of the Crimean Peninsula.

In addition, duty fire weapons in the Black Sea destroyed two unmanned boats heading towards the Crimean Peninsula.

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Krasnogorovka, Yuzhnodonetsk direction

The Russian Armed Forces are storming a populated area.

The command of the 9th Separate Infantry Brigade of the 59th Separate Separate Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, when occupying “more advantageous positions” in urban areas, gives orders to its subordinates to kill immediately upon detection of civilians.

Mostly, among the civilian population, old people were unable to leave the settlement.

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‼️🚨From millions in swindled contracts, to investigations by German parliament. Ursula Von der Leyen is no stranger to corruption. This video blows it wide open.

Ursula circumvents EU's own Russia sanctions to line her pockets. Russian steel seems immune to sanctions when you're President of the European Commission.

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Репост из: 🇬🇧 SITREP - Independent OSINT Channel 🇬🇧
⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Russian Advance Northwest of #Semenovka in #Orlovka Sector of #Avdeyevka Direction⚡️

🇷🇺 RFAF Advance near #Novopokrovskoye to the road that leads to #Novosyolovka1st, which is located southwest of the settlement.

🔴 The direction from which the initiative came is controversial. From the RFAF's point of view, a strong direct advance towards #Novosyolovka1st would make sense.
🟡 In addition, a front straightening would be indicated in the direction of the recently conquered #Umanskoye to the south. At the same time, from there was also an 👉 advance on broad front northwards.

📍 Geolocation: 48.193312 37.593636

🗺 Map: @z_arhiv /#smp/#ass/
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📋🇷🇺🇺🇦⚔️ Two Majors #Report for the Morning of 30 May 2024; pub. 07:03📍

💥 During the Night, the enemy tried to attack the transport infrastructure of #Kerch in #Crimea. The Crimean transport minister said that two ferries - a road ferry and a railway ferry - were hit by debris from downed missiles during the attack, and the glazing of the superstructures was damaged. There were no casualties among sailors and civilians. There were also reports of the destruction of enemy drone boats off the western coast of #Crimea. In the morning, the #Zaporozhye front observed up to 30 enemy aircraft-type UAVs.

🎯 The Russian Aerospace Forces launched a comprehensive air strike against enemy rear facilities. At first, several groups of ‘Geraniums’ solved the task of opening enemy air defences, in the middle of the night the enemy reported fixing missile launches from strategic Tu-95MS, as well as hypersonic ‘Kinzhal’ from MiG-31. Explosions were reported at the #Starokonstantinov Airfield in #Khmelnitsky region, #Kharkov, #Poltava and #Vinnitsa regions.

🔹In #Kharkov region, fierce fighting continues in #Volchansk. It is reported that the enemy has transferred units of the 101 Separate Security Brigade of the General Staff of Ukraine to the area of hostilities. The enemy is holding multi-storey residential buildings in the centre of #Volchansk under artillery and aviation fire. In the #Liptsy direction, our assault units have advanced to a depth of 150 m.

🔹On #ChasovYar's eastern outskirt, heavy fighting continues.

🔹West of #Avdeyevka, the RFAF retain the initiative and expand the zones of control near #Umanskoye and #Netaylovo.

🔹On the #Vremyevka ledge, our troops have taken control of most of #Staromayorskoye as a result of constant assaults, and there is fighting in #Urozhaynoye.

💥#Belgorod region is under constant attacks of the AFU. The strikes hit the settlements of #Dorogoshch, #Sovkhozny, #Dobropolye, Novostroyevka-Vtoraya, Bezymeno, Poroz in the Graivoron urban district, as well as Gruzskoye, Baitsury and Bogun-Gorodok in the Borisovsky district. In the Shebekino urban district - #Shebekino, #Murom, #Stadnikov, Novaya Tavolzhanka and Mukhin Farm. A civilian was wounded. Several aircraft-type UAVs were shot down.

💥In #Kursk region, the AFU shelled the Oleshnya Farm of Sudzhansky district and the village of #Yelizavetovka of Glushkovsky district. Drones attacked #Guyevo in the Sudzhansky district, #3333Gorodishche in the Rylsky district, #Krasnooktyabrsky, #Sergeyevka, #Dronovka and #Neonilovka in the Glushkovsky district. A power transmission line was damaged by an explosion in #Krasnooktyabrsky settlement.
🛡Drones were suppressed by REB means near the settlements of #Tyotkino and Novy Put, the village of #Dronovka and the village of #Yelizavetovka, Glushkovsky district, the village of Staraya Nikolayevka, Rylsky district, the village of #Gornal, the village of #Spalnoye and the Oleshnya Farm, Sudzhansky district. Near the village of Nikolayevo-Daryino, Suzhansky district, the Ukrainian copter was destroyed by electronic warfare equipment and small arms fire.

🎬 #ChasovYar - the brightest shots of our birds working /@sitreports/#smo/
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Репост из: 🇬🇧 SITREP - Independent OSINT Channel 🇬🇧
⚡️🇮🇱🇵🇸⚔️ Escalation in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Zone until the End of 29 May 2024⚡️

🔹In the north of the #GazaStrip, fighting continues in Jabaliya, where the Israel Defence Forces are conducting an operation to destroy Hamas infrastructure. The Israelis also carry out raids in Beit Hanoun. Artillery and aviation are operating throughout the town, and armoured bulldozers are conducting engineering work on the outskirts.

🔹In the south of the Enclave, no significant changes were recorded. As before, the IDF is carrying out raids in developments east of the Philadelphia Corridor. The Palestinians are not very successful in resisting, but they consistently report ambushes on Israeli armoured vehicles and infantry.

🔹In the West Bank, police operations were carried out against supporters of Palestinian groups, as a result of which 25 people were arrested. Meanwhile, fighters from the local Hamas branch fired small arms at the settlement of Bat Hefer, but no one was injured.

🔹In the Red Sea Region, the Houthis attacked the Greek ship MV Laax, causing some material damage. In the Yemeni province of Marib, an #US MQ-9A Reaper UAV downed, becoming the sixth such drone since the beginning of the active phase in #Yemen.

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🗺 High Resol
ution: 🇬🇧 MAP; 🇷🇺 MAP

RYBAR; 29 May 2024, 20:20 /@rybar/#pal/
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Репост из: База from Olga
‼️ BREAKING: The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Stefanchuk has denied claims that he would be dropped on Moscow as a FAB.


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